Friday, November 7, 2014

Goodreads Choice Awards Nominations


Yes, I am up for some CHOICE AWARDS ON GOODREADS. I'm very happy and excited about that. There is STEEP competition, but at least my little book Names Can Never Hurt Me was read by someone! haha.

I am rather proud of this book. I attempted to talk about "labeling" people and the harm that comes from it. I think most readers got that. Sammy at Joyfully Jay even saw Nick as ADHD.

"...Nick Jones is obviously conceited, self-involved, sex-driven, and shallow. Except. He is also scrupulously honest, caring and loyal almost to a fault, and I believe written as a character that suffers from ADHD. His scattered thoughts, his inability to focus on one task for long, and his aimless drifting through life would indicate that he is an adult in need of meds to help him stay on track. So, now this almost typical male version of a “dumb blonde” becomes so much more. His shallowness turns into a naïveté that tugs at your heartstrings and when he is finally able to actually see his behavior as destructive and hurtful, he is able to slowly bring about change in his life, but only because his love for RC grounds and focuses him"

So that was cool. I'm glad she could see so deeply into Nick.

As far as nominations, I'm up for:
~Best Long Story (250 pages or 100K words) 
~Best Hurt/Comfort 
~Theme ~Best Friends to Lovers 
~Profession ~Best Blue Collar
~Genre ~Best Contemporary/Mainstream
~Best Gay/Out For You   *Thomas, I know you like that category ;) 


And OMG! All-Time ~ Favorite All-Time M/M Author 

Plus: All-Time ~Favorite All-Time M/M Romance for When Love is Not Enough!



I look forward to voting. I have many friends in other categories as well as in my own!


  1. Congratulations for all the nominations Wade! So deserved! Keeping everything crossed for your multiple successes! Write On ... cause I Voted On!

  2. This is awesomeness! Congratulations. I must go vote for you.

  3. Let's try this again google.

    Wade, I'm so excited for you I could burst!