Saturday, July 21, 2012

Updates and what I’m READING

This is just an update type of blog because I’m in between thoughts and can’t write a full one yet. BUT some people worry if I disappear and don’t blog like I normally do so that is the purpose of a short one.

As you can see on my “currently reading” shelf I’m under going the task of reading several VERY DIFFERENT books. The “writing” books are more like when I get a chance and are on my nightstand and next to my computer and I WILL finish them eventually. Wicked is difficult and odd and although I WANT to finish it, I’m in no hurry.

The other two...

I was reading No Fear because I got in a “Rocker” mood and wanted to revisit some great characters written by SJ Frost. I started it (and yes it’s good) but then I got distracted. My friend lent me 50 Shades of Grey some time ago and told me I should read it. I am seeing her again soon and wanted to return the book so I thought I’d pick it up for a quick read and get it over with. NOT SO MUCH WHAT HAPPENED. I don’t want to go too in depth with my feelings on the book because I have only read half and it is not fair to give a “review” without reading the entire thing. (Unless it is one of those books I can’t stand to finish and then I may not even review it.) A LOT of thoughts going on in my head with this one.

I will have to refer you to the blog I posted several weeks ago talking about 50 Shades of Grey and my thoughts on it being shelved in Walmart. ( Click HERE )  There are loads of comments at the bottom and it seemed to spark some good conversation. On point brought up by a reader was that where she lives 50 Shades was listed in a local porn shop with a huge sign out front. She mentioned the disturbing factor that a book advertized so prominently in a porn shop should not be a title you can also by at Walmart! That is just weird. And sick. Go read the comments! There are more about a woman and her 6 year old.

So far, what I can comment is that this is much more than erotica. I have read erotica. Maybe not so much Het erotica as M/M but still… This is more than that. Even though I am only half way through, this is looking like BDSM to me. Another subject I have not read many books with. So far, I am thinking, “This is what women want? Holy shit!” It is an interesting prospect to say the least. I’m not going to talk more about the book until I’m done.

What I DO want to do is finish reading No Fear and then another title. The “other title” I would like some recommendations on. What I want is M/M BDSM. Why? For comparison. I already have some great thoughts on a blog about “sexual characters” involving Christian Grey and Evan Arden (Possibly Johnnie Heaven) and what I feel is a strong (and great) example of a walking sexual predator that can make you c*** with a glance. ;)  *note: I do not think Mr. Grey would fit that description* Anyway… Recommend some books to me! I can go to the “lists” on Goodreads and find what everyone rated as the top m/m BDSM book, but I’d rather hear from readers/fans/followers! I want this so I can compare a m/m book of the same genre to 50 shades before I blog about it.

Extra info… I’m not writing. Sorry. I was sick for a little while. Then I was reading. Now I am thinking of how this “famous” book was written and why it is so damn popular?? Lots of thoughts in my head!

Talk laterz J


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