Sunday, July 29, 2012


I always seem to get distracted at the most inconvenient times. I need to be writing!!! Seriously, I DO! But this whole thing that is going on with my friend has just taken over my thoughts. I hate what is and has happened to him and if I were a famous author with loads of cash, he’d never have to worry again. BUT, I’m not. The best I can do is help with a fundraiser and ASK people to help. Please help!

Other than that…. I DO seem to get distracted when writing. WHY? Maybe because part of me KNOWS I need to write and that devilish wicked part whispers, “no you don’t. Just take a break. Ten minutes, what can it hurt?” And then I’m off doing some other project and my writing suffers. Sometimes though, it is deliberate distractions. I think, “No I don’t have time to write because I need to do laundry! I can only wear this same shirt so many times!” Eating, showering, sleeping etc are all valid things that a person needs to do and often I see them as the easy way to skip what seems daunting.

Writing 100,000 words can be daunting!

I was writing Darian’s tale and it is draining. But I can’t use that as an excuse not to write it. It is also difficult and multi layered and overlaps with other information so I can’t get the events, dates, and scenes wrong! It takes a lot of thinking. So sometimes I just don’t feel like thinking. Ya know?

Then… recently… I keep thinking of this other book I started. (Started in my head, not on paper.) I’ve taken notes on it. I have a general idea of how the two MCs meet and where. Jobs for both etc… And then this morning I woke up thinking about one pivotal scene near the end to tie up the “traumatic” part of the story. I have not decided on a HEA yet. Although I know you all want one! I don’t know the name of the story and I can’t make my mind up on serious or comedy. I can visualize the two MCs, I see then together. I see what makes them click. Names though…. Argh! Stuck on names.

I am seriously thinking of Nick for one. Nick is the perfect name for the guy but I know a “Nick” so I was leaning against it because I try to steer clear of using names of friends and family. Sometimes people get weird and think you are writing about THEM and not creating a character. Odd, but it happens. My dilemma comes with the other dude. Elliot keeps jumping in! It irritates me. He IS an Elliot! When I write in my head I call him Elliot. BUT my comedy (My Roommate’s a Jock…) has a lead MC named Ellis Montgomery. Ellis… Elliot… WAY TOO SIMILAR! Don’t you think?

Although the description of the two characters is totally different. In my mind I DO NOT get them confused. But will readers? This is my question to YOU OUT THERE! Does that bother you? If I picked a name similar to another character of mine would that confuse you as a reader? Or does the fact that the stories are so different separate the characters for you?

I have read a number of books where the lead guy is named Jake. I keep them separate. BUT I didn’t write then AND they are by different authors. Is it the fact that these characters would BOTH be by ME. IF I had a character named Ellis in a college kid comedy and later wrote one with a guy named Elliot, would you readers get confused, upset, or bewildered?

AND if I need a new name, what is a good replacement for Elliot? I’m asking. I want comments!

So, this is what is on my mind today. Hope you all had a grand weekend!!

Wade Kelly

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  1. I'd only get confused if you had another Darian. His character is 'set in stone' in my brain, but something like Ellis or Elliot is fine. Sometimes characters tell you their names and are relentless. LOL Go with what they tell you.