Monday, March 11, 2013

GayRomLit Retreat

So, what is the GayRomLit Retreat? I don't know, I've never been. I think there was a retreat in Albuquerque, NM last year, not sure, but I didn't attend that one, I only heard some things about it. I've been to the Rainbow book fair in NY before. That was fun. In NY I wasn't walking around waving a sign that said "Wade Kelly over here" so you would not have known I was there poking around. hahaha. For this one, in Atlanta, I am registered! I will have a badge that says Wade Kelly. I will also blog again about this event when it gets closer to it. Right now, it is March! The retreat is in OCTOBER!!! October, people, way too far ahead for me to think about it, but I did put my mind into it enough to register. Which was a good thing since there are limited people allowed to go. Like 400 or something. When I signed on it said 55 spots left. I think they are going fast. If you are planing on attending, I suggest you register.

There is also a lot of talk on FB about this retreat. Good, bad, ugly??? IDK. I try not to pay attention to anything. FB bugs the ____ out of me half the time. People are always messing with other people and I don't like it. I log on, I poke around any messages I might have that are for moi, I post stuff about moi, and then I bugger off. WHY? I don't like getting caught up in crap. There is no point. I will be at this retreat. That said... there is a note on the GRL website:

I am a rule-follower. I might sign a book if you have one, and I might have a card to hand you (or a pen) but I am not signed up as a "featured author" therefore I will not have a table, and I will not be handing out promo-stuff. I might just wear my "Protons have Pride" T-shirt and be done with it. IDK. Or I could get one printed that says Wade Kelly Rocks! (hahaha) As for now, I do not plan on taking anything but me. (And a friend) If you know you are going, leave a comment. Let me know. As I said, I will blog about this later on when it is nearer to October. But as of right now, I have a room, and I have registered as a general attendee. (me and a friend, even though I do not know which friend I am taking.)

Between now and then, I NEED TO PUBLISH MORE BOOKS!!! Good golly I do! Not having many out is frustrating when I have fans screaming for more! LOL Funny that that would be a problem. It isn't, I just feel bad that things take so darn long! I'm sorry!

I haven't listed very many reviews. I should. I need people to think about reading my stuff if they haven't yet. I think people like my writing. These are listed on All Romance eBooks:

Reader Reviews (5)
Submitted By: mommakat49 on Mar 7, 2013
A great story!
Submitted By: laney on Jan 29, 2013
The title draws you in. The characters are fantatic, I loved Cole and his difficult personality and Ellis with his patience. But the secondary characters were just as strong. I really hope there is a sequel.
Submitted By: Starry Eyed on Jan 10, 2013
This is a fun book, I loved Cole and all his insecurities and sarcasm and was happy that Ellis came into his life. It was a good mesh and Ellis' innocent and his dealing with his feelings was sweet. But here was plenty of hotness between the two. I also wonder if their two straight friends Rob and Russ are hiding some secret feelings...I can only hope for a sequel.
Submitted By: Vampire66 on Jan 5, 2013
I loved this book!!! Cole is so funny, the little side comments he makes give this story just the right amount of humor. The way the author takes the sterotypical jock and gives him not Only a personality but a brain as well is refreshing . This is a must read it teaches you that sometimes you really don't know who your friends are and aren't. Good book.

If you haven't listed a review there, can I encourage you to? IDK. Do people read them? I do sometimes. I am more apt to read reviews on Amazon, or GR.

I'm off again.... gotta write more!!!! Never enough!




  1. Im going! Hope to catch up with you there so I can fangirl you! LOL I went to the one in Albuquerque last year and had a blast! Its nice to have everyone around you interested in the same thing. Freeing for most of us. They keep you active too with some GREAT parties!

  2. Oh gosh! fangirl-haha. Oh my. I have to gear myself up for this! and Parties, okay! Cool!

  3. Can't wait to meet you and I probably will ask you to sign something for me... As Karen said, they will keep you busy!

  4. I like to play by the rules, and I don't see it listed that fans can't ask me to sign something. Right? It's not my fault they brought a book to sign, right? I just can't bring stuff and pass out stuff and solicit readers there. But if they come to me, I can't help that! I'll be glad to meet people! And talk. I like to talk, generally.

    1. Last year people brought those autograph books and they searched for all of the authors (even those not registered as authors). They should have no problems with you signing books or other things (maybe not body parts).

      When I saw that you had registered I had to squee a little. WLINE is one of my favorite books ever and I can't wait for TCOL!

    2. Thank you! I loved WLINE. TCOL is pretty awesome too. (If I may say.) It has a different feel. For one, no one dies.

  5. I'm going for the first time this year too. I think you should wear a t-shirt that says My Roommates a Jock? on the front and Well Crap! on the back. Then we can all fangirl you for sure!

    1. Zany... Great idea! LOL. I just might do that! ;)

  6. Awesome! So glad I'll get to meet you. BTW, I was pimping your books at our m/m romance author/reader book club thingy yesterday (in the DC area, hosted by Joyfully Jay). You have fans already! Oh, I vote for the Proton shirt like Cole's. So. Perfect.

  7. You pimp away!!! Thank you! I can use all the fans I can get!