Sunday, June 30, 2013

My life gets in the way sometimes.

Have you ever felt like everything just gets in the way of the things you really want to do, but can't because of responsibilities? I feel like that right now. Oh, to be irresponsible sometimes! But alas, I can't. I got things I gotta do regardless of what I WANT to do. Well, except now. I AM squeezing in time to write a blog. Mainly it is so people do not think I died, or that I don't care. I do! I do care! Sometimes I simply run out of things to say because nothing all that interesting "writing wise" is going on. So time slips by and then I think, "Shit! I haven't blogged since....?" And then I feel bad. I know there are at least 20 people that read my blog! I like those 20 people :)

So in the interest of saying hello so you don't think I died, HELLO! I'm here. I'm freakin' busy and I might have to step outside and scream, but I am here!

I DID get the MS for TCOL and the 3rd round of edits. This is good! There are basically 3 stages of edits, unless it is really really bad, but then I bet it would have been rejected if my MS needed that much work. Ya know? It WAS rejected several times in fact. It needed loads of work and now I think the product is almost finished and it looks fabulous! I think the galley proof is the next step. I have only to go over the MS one more time before I e-mail it back and then stage 3 is complete. It has been really good. Three sets of professional eyes have caught lots of things. Some very minor but that make a difference to make the final just that much better. And it is, it IS better!

It is amazing to me that a sentence or two for clarification can go as far as they do. The details in this book are so scrutinized. I LOVE IT!!!!! And I seriously hope you do to. When I have a date, I will let you all know. It has to be soon. Probably a couple weeks to do a galley proof. Maybe get a date sometime in July for an August release. My best guess anyway.

Any ideas of how YOU the reader would like to see promo? (You my 20 fans and followers.) What grabs your attention most for a new release? An interview about the book? A review by your favorite reviewer? A shout out by the author? A "give-away" of a signed paperback? What? How can I best serve you?

Snake update: Another one died. I have him to the vet for a necropsy to see if he has the parasite that is highly contagious. If he has it, they all might die which will be extremely depressing. I've had a couple of them for years. We'll see. I get the results later this week sometime.

Writing... Well, in order to be an writer I guess I should be doing some actual writing. LOL. I laugh because that seems like a joke. No time! All I do is drive, drive, drive, go, go, go! I am writing in my head and I hope to put some thoughts to "paper" this week. Book 3 needs to get written, right?

As I said, my life got in the way. I have children. Basically I am a taxi driver. (One that doesn't get paid per mile.) School has been out for 2 1/2 weeks and I am exhausted! The stupid MITES started the downhill slide into exhaustion. That was a LOT of work. And, those mites started the issues with everything else. I think the one that died had an infection from the mites that just hit him hard and he couldn't bounce back. He was fairly young and not strong enough. I am sad, but I'll get over it. If he has the parasite, then I will be more upset mostly for the other snakes. But since School let out, I've been driving kids all over creation! No time to write because they always want something: a drink, food, lunch, a friend over who needs to be picked up. Swimming lessons, gymnastics, soccer, ear infections, chipped teeth, ENT appointments, and dental appointments, blah blah blah... I can hardly keep up and that is only in the last two and a half weeks! Some days I don't think I'll make it. And this doesn't include some other things my children have been dealing with. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my children! LOOOOVE THEM! But they are very tiring at times. How mothers raise children and have day jobs I do not know. It astounds me. My "day job" is supposed to be my writing. But if I had to live on it, we would all starve. hahaha.

Anyway....... Stay tuned. I'll find some time to write. Writing keeps me sane. Writing is my release. Writing is my therapy. Everything else HAS to be done because it is my life of chaos, but it is the life I have. Children take time. And because I love them, I sacrifice my time for theirs.

More books will be written, I promise!

over and out,



  1. Well, since I love your work and I write reviews for The Novel Approach review site, I would love an interview and a give-away! Preferably on our site!

    1. oooh, sounds good. We can do that!

  2. Life gets in the way of most things :0)

    The knack is to prioritise - and children ALWAYS come first!! (be they snake (ugh) or human) - so, it's probably a learned skill to let go of your writing (unless Editors pester for things) and try to lead a 'normal' existance.

    Readers (and followers) will invariably accept most things - they, too, are subject to "life" - and probably know EXACTLY what you're going though!

    Do NOT worry; do NOT wonder; WE (readers and followers) WILL be here, whatever :)

    {{{{Hugs}}}} as always!