Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pre-GRL plans and “TO DO” list.

Hi. It seems that loads of people are already in Atlanta or on their way or packed etc. NOT ME. I am thinking about it, but I have no time. As in a previous blog post I outlined all the things I normally do. My son has soccer games 3 nights a week. My daughter is in gymnastics 3 nights and the other daughter has Irish Step Dancing the remaining night. NO NIGHTS FREE!  So between now, and my 11:30 flight out of Baltimore on Thursday, I have to prepare for not being here until Sunday night. Why does it matter? Well, no one functions without me. There is a soccer banquet on Monday. My contribution is plates. (Lucky me.) But I need to get them. I COULD get them Monday afternoon, but I fear forgetting. My children will be camping over the weekend. I need to pack their stuff today or tomorrow. WHY? Because no one seems to know where anything is except me and if I leave it to my husband he will end up yelling at them. I don’t like yelling. While camping, they will need food. I am therefore going to make white chicken chili and freeze it for them. I am also going to pack up the snacks and utensils needed to go camping. (My husband can take care of the tent etc) I need to balance the checkbook, pay the mortgage, and take out money for the weekend. (I want to have money in case I get a tattoo. :P ) I am getting a manicure today. (Very important.) I need to pack. I have outfits picked out, but I need to make sure everything fits in a suitcase. I thought (last minute) of something I want to buy for a friend at GRL so I might look for it. IDK. I want to make candied pecans to snack on the plane etc. (I have priorities.) I do not own a purple shirt so I’m going to see if I can find one to buy for Thursday.

I have heard that the Melina has iffy wi-fi so I may not be blogging until next Monday. I will try. I may hook up my phone to facebook and post pictures or something. IDK. Or on Twitter. (Follow me.) I plan to write the last chapter of NAMES today. I want to be able to do revisions in the next 2 weeks. One other cool thing is happening but I can’t mention it until is is “official” so stay tuned. :)

I guess that is all for now. I am looking forward to hugging LOTS of people starting Thursday and into Sunday. Yesterday I almost cried because I was so excited. (I cry easily, and sometimes it is over excessive joy.) Anyway. I look forward to seeing many of you in Atlanta! Kaderade, look out for a tackle hug! ;)



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