Friday, November 15, 2013

Insert clever title here*

I have noticed that some posts get LOADS of attention and page views while others sit virtually untouched. My theory is that the ones with clever or catchy titles get clicked on faster. What do you think? What do you click on? These are the most popular posts:

I’m just a girl… a girl named Wade. 84 pages views
Epic failure  119 page views
Emotional Realism, and Grammatical Failure   102 page views
Holy Crap! I've gone viral.   131 page views
and a monumentally popular post Fully exposed, except with my clothes on.   w/ 150 page views
Freedom to be myself   124 page views
Facebook needs a serious kick in the a** holy crap, really? 588 page views!
and XXX rated material with 269 page views
WEIGHTLESS in 2013 has 100 pages views
No One Pays Attention Anyway  has 142 page views

And the post with the LEAST page views: Writer's Block? with 4. yes, 4. But it WAS in the very beginning of my blogging experience so oh well.

BTW, the blogger home pages says:  14412 pageviews-143 posts, last published on Nov 13, 201 -46 followers I may not have too many "followers" but someone is viewing the pages.

I am always curious as to what makes you check out a blog. How can I improve? What can I do more of, or less of? Is blogging on a more consistent basis better? Are you more likely to read during the week, as apposed to the weekend? Morning vs Night? What do you think? Do you want me to ask your opinion, or do you like me to talk without engaging the audience? I ponder these things all the time….

AND I also ponder marketing. HOW do I get people to read my stuff???? Or, do I just shut up and write. YES, there are loads of ways to market. I'm not really asking HOW to do it. My issue mainly is time and money. I barely have time to write, I am not spending it marketing just yet. I think I have stated this before, I AM RELYING ON GOD to inspire people to read my books. When I published My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! I had no idea that it would take off like it did! on Goodreads it has 1024 ratings. (  5 stars (183)  |  4 stars (333)  |  3 stars (196)  |  2 stars (63)  |  1 star (15))    I have sold more than I ever thought possible, but I didn't DO anything. I didn't spend money on advertising. I didn't go around yelling HEY READ MY BOOK! It just happened. So, being a religious type person, I blamed God and thanked GOD for the success. JOCK has gotten people to check out my other books, become my "fans", and message me and encourage me throughout this entire year. One little funny book. So how do I do that again? It was by accident.

I guess I will concentrate on writing. I am currently waiting to here about Names Can Never Hurt Me. Submitted 11/3/13, it can tai dup to 8 weeks to get an answer. I will let you know. From that date it might take up to 6 months to publish. This is WHY I need to constantly write. Just finishing one is not good enough. I have to have a flow of writing, submissions, and publications. I am trying. Please help me be successful by sharing your joy with your friends, if you liked my books. Read others, if you have only read one. If you didn't like the one you read, e-mail me. Tell me why. I like feedback, even negative feedback because it helps me improve. If you like comedy and not suicide / drama, read JOCK, if you like other genres well I got that covered too. Sculpting Clay is an earlier publication that has laughter, angst, and a FAIRIE!

And if you like paranormal stuff, keep going with my older works (under a previous pen name) and read All I Want For Christmas. This is a vampire tale that has a sequel in the works. A dark, horror romance. Angsty. I will also tell you, I have loads of sic-fi/ fantasy material begging to be rewritten and expanded into probably a LONG series. Lots of characters. Shapeshifters included. I do it all! Don't give up on me. I have loads in store for the fans. 2013 was the jump-start year for my career in writing. Help me keep it going.

Thank you for hanging around and reading my stuff.

Laterz ya'll.



  1. When you post, I always try to read it because I am a huge fan! I sometimes don't have time. The title isn't what draws me in, it's your work. :)

    1. oh wow. That's a high compliment. Thanks Tina. Good to know. is twice a week good?