Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Road Trip To LA

LA as in Louisiana, not Los Angeles…. lol

I made it. I do not recommend it. I thick the cost is higher all the way around than flying even if I have three checked bags and would have to get a cab from the airport. I liked the "road trip" experience and it will go in my book about the group of friends who follow a band around the country. I thin kit will be fun to include my experiences.

The last two hours or so was the worst. I was very tired. I started out late yesterday as the car was making a weird noise so I drove back and switched cars. Turned out the locking mechanism would not lock so it kept trying to lock every twenty feet as I drove. I got switched out into an upgraded car and they removed a day from the rental, but I lost 1.5 hours drive time. That put me in Chattanooga, TN later than expected so that is where I stopped. Then I couldn't sleep. I think it was the excitement of seeing everyone. IDK.

I listened to Aaron by J.P. Barnaby for about 8 hours ish of the trip (I forget how long it is.) It was amazing. She did an incredible job of painting a character with stress disorder (To put it mildly.) I thought it was brilliantly done. I didn't cry as much as I thought  I would. I teared up a couple times, but nothing major. I can not wait to read Spencer. (book 2)

Right now I am taking a little time to blog before the first "party". Damon Suede is hosting a movie night. I'm in my PJ's :D

I am very tired. I am getting hungry.

Short but sweet.

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  1. I love road trips...sometimes...IF everything goes right! I too, love audio books. Glad you made it in one piece.

    Enjoy the parties!

    Peace <3

  2. I always see all these movies about road trips... and I don't understand the point. I hate cars, drive cars, be a copilot car... I become a brat in a car u.u
    Besides, I live in a small country, and our holidays trips by car take about 3 or 4 hours, and believe, nobody get out the car more quikly than me!

    1. well, I'm not driving for 17 hours after I return home. It is too long!