Saturday, May 24, 2014

Back to the Old Grind

So I get back from NOLA and the first thing I have to do is take my youngest to the doctor's office at 8:30 the next morning. Wow. Talk about jumping right back into "life." Going to New Orleans was sort of like a vacation because I had no responsibilities other than to have fun, interact with people, talk about books, and eat. Then I come back and everything is there waiting. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving my kids all over creation, and planning for a birthday party for my son. I set up a Paintball party for today that I do not think he knows about. (And it will suck if he stalks me online and sees this post before the party. LOL)

LIFE though, doesn't lend itself often to TIME. I lack time to do many things including write. I know I need to structure myself and that is a goal of mine. I also started a diet, so this will help my structure. It is basically cutting out carbs and fat and sugar. (Taste, really.) And I am going to give it a go for 30 days and see. My niece lost 30 pounds so that is motivation for me!

Writing causes another concern. I worry that I use the same premiss as my catalyst for trauma in too many stories, so I need to mix things up. Characters can't go through emotional stress just because they are gay. Yes, that happens, but I don't want to sound repetitive and worn out. I need new thoughts in my books. So, this current WIP needs a tweak. Jack is from a "religious family" and being gay was an issue for Flynn (The best friend)… But I'm thinking I need a different focus. So I am working on it. The overly religious family has also been done, but maybe I can focus on other things. I don't know. I don't want to bore readers, but I also have a certain idea of where the story needs to go.

Fear of coming out to a friend based on assumptions linked with religious belief is valid, but have I already done this enough? And what about when I write about Rob and Russell in the next installment of JOCK. Rob is religious. Are readers going to get bored reading the topic AGAIN????? These are my concerns.

Luckily NAMES doesn't have religious themes, so at least one book in my mix doesn't touch on that topic. Not that I mind talking about religion, more specifically Christianity, but I don't want to bore all of you! What are your thoughts?

Anyway… I am writing, and rewriting, and trying to structure myself enough to WRITE everyday! I need to be focused on my career. I am a writer, therefore I must write!!

Love you all.

Off to plan the Paintball event for my soon to be MAN child. (EIGHTEEN next week, OMGosh!)




  1. Ok, SECOND TRY...
    I think that many writers have their own trademark, their own personal style. We can recognize them by their themes or their main characters. Well, I don't know why religion can't be your own trademark.
    And, personally, I always have had a thing with a man than doesn't know he's gay until he meets the love of his life (and it's an he, and not a she, hahaha). His fight with his feelings and his new life is so interesting for me!
    Luck with your son's birthday!

    1. (Second try cause google, that deleted my first post, oh, that one was wonderful and plenty of brilliant ideas writen in a very good english, hahaha)

    2. I thought I already had a trademark of pain, angst, POV shifts, and time jumps. HAHHA. The Wade Kelly Special as it were. But I guess I can add religious debate and conflict into that mix.

      And my son had a marvelous time!

  2. I agree with marisan that writers tend to have a "style". That's OK. Variety in plotlines and story arcs is good, but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong in having a style that defines you.

    Oh my! An eighteen year old around the house! Is he a senior? Or a rising senior? Before too long, you'll be wondering how he got away so quickly! And think of all the time you'll have NOT washing his clothes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Peace <3

    1. I want to bring variety but I feel like the characters drive the style most of the time. :p

      My son will actually wash his own clothes and help out. It is the 9 yr old girl that wears way too many clothes in one day.