Sunday, June 1, 2014

Habitat for Humanity

Hey there. Sorry it has been a week, I didn't realize that much time went by. I'm not sure what I've been doing…. LOL…. I am always busy. I have been writing, although not as fast as I would like. I never write as fast as I think things up. I wrote a blog post on FB earlier this week that said:

Hardest part about starting a new book: Naming characters!
I wouldn't bother right away except that some of the back story of the characters in book 3 is in book 2 - the sequel to NAMES. I might just blog about this so that you may refer to the blog post when things I comment about get confusing. The SE series (Self Esteem series) includes:

1. Names Can Never Hurt Me - due out in Julyish. No date yet, but I should have one soon. Nick is the main character. It's about labels and bullying and how "names" can indeed hurt, but in the Wade Kelly style it is in the sub context. Romance is the driving force in the book.
2. Only Skin Deep - I've written about 1/4 - 1/3 of it. I have an idea about how the plot runs, but I lack outlining and research as yet. Things I need to get on! Corey is the main character. This one is on beauty, inside and out.
3. First Comes Love - I JUST started it last night. 857 words, LOL. I am trying to think of a "theme" besides romance. Sometimes figuring out the plot isn't always easy. I might have to let the characters write it for me and just go with writing them as I am inspired.
4. Teach an Old Dog. (The title is subject to change.) The characters are older in this book. Well, one is.

But now that I have 4 books planned in a series I need to make sure the info that crosses between the books stays accurate.time lines etc. Lots going on in my head! PLUS, I have the ones that need to be finished this year too. i.e. Misplaced Affection, and Darian's Story from the Unconditional Love trilogy. (I have a cover for it I can not let go to waste!)

So back to the naming of characters… I think I have the ones I need for now, except ONE. My side-character couples are:
Marc and Drew, Carlos and Rick, Wes (older guy) and _______ ??? young guy, but not too young. Maybe throw some names at me. This character is for book 4, but I will probably have him in book 2 or 3. He is in his 30's. He is nice, fun, friendly, and manages a restaurant.

Last but not least… LAST NAMES! I have to figure out last names of characters. I think that is harder than first names. Can I use some of yours?

Larissa suggested "Evan" and I think I will go with that. I have the general outline of books in my head, but they are far from and outline that tells me every plot point to write. I still need to think of those. I basically thought of characters and how they meet and the relationships that they have.

It makes me a little nervous because much of this hinges on you all actually LIKING the first book in the series. Names Can Never Hurt Me. I hope you do. I have that thing going on in my head that often happens when I write where I think no one will like it. On the surface I know that is not true. Tina loved it. and Jeff loved it. (The version they read was not the exact final version but very close) SO at least TWO people I know in the world did think the book was good. I have to hold onto their opinion and trust them. So scary.

But after that…. I have lots of ideas to continue the characters and make a series. Nick and RC will probably appear in other books. and Corey will too!! Corey is the MC in Only Skin Deep. Is this a spoiler? Would you not want to know that? The cover says NICK and RC, so I would hope that you'd know it is not about COREY. Right? Ok. But who Corey ends up with I'll keep to myself until I get the second book finished. What I can say is that Paul, another character in NAMES, knows Marc and Drew, and Carlos and Rick. They are couples he met in his past while living in California. (Ways I am tying things together) I am excited for this series, so I hope I can pull it off!

Other news is that on Saturday I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. And now I am VERY VERY tired. Oh my gosh! I lifted boards, I hammered, I even used a sawzaw! lol Basically the group I went with build a wall in a house that is to be given to a single mom and her handicapped child. It is a nice little house and I am happy for them. It felt good to be a part of something for someone else. AND I will probably do this again.

Lastly…. I LOVE reading the blog 2 Boys in Love. Have you read their posts? The funny posts and well and the hard, heart-wrenching posts are so good. Sam is delightful and todays post is how happy he is to be moving out on his own. So proud of him! and Matt's recent post, even though I cried so much, shows how deeply insightful and wise I think he is. Matt and Brad are very dear to me even if I have never met them in person. I learn from them. I never knew about ADHD like I have from reading Matt's thoughts, as well as some of the things Brad has posted. I think they have great things to contribute to the public. They are very smart and I hope the very best things for them.

Anyway… I need to eat breakfast and get on my merry way. Things to do, people to hug!

I'll post again in a couple days.


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  1. Cool post. I never would have guessed that naming the characters could be so difficult!

    I've helped on some non-construction stuff for Habitat. It's a great organization! They are building an entire subdivision near here. That should be pretty awesome.

    I, too, love Matt and Brad and Sam. Those three ought to be in the NY Times as a three times a week column!

    Peace <3