Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Necrolectric … a new web series coming this summer!

An electrically charged romantic paranormal web series, debuting summer 2014. 

New body. Same spark.

A woman struggling with her mysterious need to constantly die and come back to life begins to unravel the truth of who she really is when she teams up with a young woman who relives others' deaths, a young man who talks to ghosts, a cursed immortal, and his electrically charged brother to solve a series of supernatural murders.

Love. Death. Electricity. Necrolectric.

I met Zach and Eric at RT in New Orleans. They were a great couple of guys. And Rina Slayter (another Necrolectic associate) was a treat to talk to as well. They told me about the series and I was thinking… COOL, interesting. Actually, my first reaction to the description above was "That sounds fun!" I plan on watching and I am trying to spread the word for you all to watch as well. Ever series has to start somewhere, with people who give it a chance and tell their friends to do the same. 

Maybe Eric Carpenter will be the next Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale)… One never knows. He sure has a deep, sultry voice ;)

All I know, is that I liked them as people. Zach had a nice smile and that's really all it took. I am swayed so easily. And just when I thought watching Zach in the new series was enough, I watched the trailer and thought, "Holy moly! Whose that other hot guy?" Cole Shoemaker is quite nice to look at. 

So this will be something else to distract me from writing this summer. Teen Wolf starts June 23rd! Can't wait! I LOVE me some Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey… Yum.

But now there are some new boys in town… (I guess  the series has girls in it too.) Eric, Zach, and Cole will have to show viewers what they got! Can we comment? Can we visit the YouTube page and tell them what we think? Actors need fans and reviews just like authors! Check them out and tell them what you think!!

Thank you all for stopping by!


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