Monday, June 16, 2014

GERMAN "Sportler" coming your way TOMORROW!!!!

Yes….  JOCK…. aka "Sportler" is coming out in German on June 17th! I am excited, are you?

The German blurb is as follows:


Es ist leicht, zynisch zu werden, wenn alles im Leben schiefläuft. 

Cole Reid ist seit seinem fünfzehnten Lebensjahr Außenseiter, nachdem er unbeabsichtigt von seinem Mittelstufen-Baseballteam geoutet wurde. Seitdem haben seine obsessiven Zwänge und seine sarkastische Art die meisten Menschen auf Abstand gehalten, außerdem hasst ihn jeder, weil er schwul ist. Seiner Ansicht nach ist er dazu verdammt, jeden potentiellen Freund automatisch zu vergraulen, platonisch oder romantisch, wieso sollte er sich also bemühen? 

Als er zu studieren beginnt, entwickelt er sich endgültig zum pedantischen Einzelgänger—kein Problem, zumindest bis sein vertrauter Mitbewohner auszieht und ihm Ellis Montgomery zugeteilt wird. Ellis ist unordentlich, hübsch, hetero, und zu allem Überfluss Sportler! 

Während eines Semesters voller Verbindungskumpels, Campingausflügen und überengagierten Eltern, entwickeln Ellis und Cole eine Freundschaft, die Coles pessimistische Weltsicht auf den Kopf stellt. Ellis muss mehr sein als ein amüsierwütiger Sportler—und vielleicht kann Coles wiedererwachende Libido seine Hoffnung auf mehr als Kameradschaft in die Realität umsetzen.

Many of you have already read this. If you love it and have German speaking friends, please help spread the word of its release. I don't speak German and I can't get on twitter and start tweeting in German. LOL. I NEED my loyal and loving fans to support and help me out. You can pre order it HERE. Buying from Dreamspinner is always the best way to support me. (Direct from publishers is ALWAYS best for ever author!)

One of my favorite lines is:

“I don’t think sin is as black and white as people want it to be. I think sin comes in an array of colors, and one of them is so bright that it blinds us to our ability to love. And if I don’t think I can love you just because you’re gay, then Satan wins; because without love, the only color left is hate.”
I'm thinking of getting a T-shirt with this on the back and "Wade Brigade" on the front. Would you buy it? I'm going to look into it for GRL. I love the idea.

Other news…. As disappointing as it will be to hear this, NAMES will not be out until August. I'm sorry. I can't do anything about it. My contract says July / August 2014. It's just that the way edits were going I thought it looked good compared to other books I've have done. But here I sit and wait for the next phase, (galley) and I sit and wait and sit and wait. It is what it is.

Question…. If I self published one, for a shorter time frame, would you still buy it? I would hire and editor and get a cover done by my graphic designer, but waiting 10 months after I finish Misplaced Affection does not fill me with excitement. IDK. I'm kicking it around. I'm a tiny little fish in a pool of fast swimming colorful fish who outshine me. I guess I get depressed sometimes because it takes me so very long to get anything done.

My husband calls me a hurricane, but there are times, like now, when I feel like a little puff of breath coming out of an asthmatic 85 yr old man. You have to hold me up out there when it seems like my wind is failing me. My fans have to shout louder than I do.

Help make JOCK … aka SPORTLER… HUGE!!!! for me. and then Names Can Never Hurt Me after that! Make a statement. Tell friends. Pre-order. Tweet. I don't know. Whatever you can think of to help me sell books. As an author, I think I really suck at marketing.

I love you all. Hang in there. I'm trying to!

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