Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reading Reviews

Yes, I do read reviews, although not as often as I used to. When I was first published, I trolled the Goodreads pages and Amazon for the newest comments about my book. I loved the good ones and the bad ones made me feel really really down. Since then, I have a different attitude toward reviews and I am simply glad for those who take the time to write any at all.

Writing reviews is hard. Especially if you write more than "I liked that book." Some of them obviously show great thought in what they wanted to say or convey a deep passion about the book they read. I am not so articulate and I often can't think of what I want to say about a book. AND, as an author, I tend to write short thoughts about the books I like, and I say nothing at all about the books I dislike. If I dislike something, I do no think I qualify as a critic to say "You suck at writing" when I am NOT selling New York Times Best Sellers. I have no space to talk when other people might like that particular book.

That said, Reviews are for readers, not authors. Yes, they make us feel better. Good reviews validate why we wrote the book… sometimes. Good reviews make us feel like it was worth while when someone "gets" our meaning or intent. But reviews are for all those thousands of readers out there who are looking for the next book to read. What I think is an awesome review, another reader might think "those are precisely the elements in a book that I loathe." And the converse is true as well. What one reader might rake me over the coals for and tell me how awful a writer I am, another might jump at the chance to read because they LOVE that very same stuff the other hated. (Note: I have met people who said these very same things.) So reviews, good and bad, are wonderful to get. Reviews sometimes catch readers attention, where NO reviews makes a reader suspect of it being uninteresting. Seeing reviews can cause other readers to think "Oh wow, there was something so moving about this book that someone took the TIME to write a review!" Good and Bad emotions are both GOOD.

I have also learned over time NOT to interact with people about reviews. Especially on Goodreads. Goodreads os a scary place sometimes. I often "like" a review, or I say "thank you" to nice reviews, but I do comment on bad ones. I do not expound on "liking" something, I read it, thank the reader for it, and move on. Why? Author etiquette. It is better to come off as quiet or shy or unengaging than to come off as a jerk. I don't want to be known as a jerk, would you?

There are also the people who take the time to write me personally via e-mail. I love those. I've spoken to some very nice people. Sometimes I wonder where they go when they stop messaging me. But again, etiquette, when do I respond or not respond and when do I leave it be? Sometimes I am unsure. I have to remember, for the most part, I am not friends with readers. You have picked up a book, liked it, and e-mailed me. Beyond that I have no idea who you are. So engaging people as though we are "buddies" is odd. I am not apposed to building friendships online. I have done this many times. Facebook is one social media that has brought many good people into my life. And if you want to get to know me, start there. If you're a FAN, join the Wade Brigade. If you like to TWEET, follow me on Twitter. Subscribe to my blog posts, OR "fan" me on Goodreads. And hey, if you are not linked to all these social media places and want to feel included, let me know. Some of you ONLY do e-mail. OR ONLY do Goodreads. Or ONLY do Twitter. I can link you up myself to the subscribe section of my blog and then my posts come directly to your e-mail, no internet surfing needed. All it takes is a shout out.

Here is the spot on my BLOG PAGE to type your e-mail address. To the right, and it looks like this >>

So, speaking about reviews. I love this one:

Terry's review Oct 21, 2013 
5 of 5 stars 
Read from October 20 to 21 2013

I started crying from the beginning and did not stop till 30 minutes after I finished.. What... An... Amazing... Author... I miss Jamie even now. I wish that Matt had figured out that it was really he that Jamie really loved. It was Darien that was Matt's first and last love (yeah I believe in forever) while Dare loved Jamie it was Matt that really showed Dare what true love really is. What a mess huh! Yet through it all and in the end you understand Love is not free, it cost you everything but you don't care because in loving and being loved by the same person it's worth everything you have to give and more. I miss Jamie. I hope they don't forget him. In a way he is the one responsible for them being together.. WHAT... AN... AMAZING... AUTHOR... I hate crying over a book, I want to hate her, but I can not the book is just too damn good. And besides She. Gets. Love!
Thanks Terry. 

And this one was on AMAZON June 8th:
5.0 out of 5 stars awesome read, June 8, 2014
By Jasmine -
This review is from: When Love Is Not Enough (Unconditional Love Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I have never left a review before but I feel that I should this time. I was the female version of darian and Matt and related to everything they were going through. Darian the sad broken romantic and matt the complete relationship commitment reject. Jamie was like my best friend in so many ways it was almost likethis book was about my best friend and I. The three way confusion for poor jamie must have been horrific like it was for my "jamie" .sadly my "jamie" didn't cope with the pressure of being gay either. This book has given me more answers than years of therapy has ever given me. Thank you wade xxxxx

And this one was kind of cute about JOCK:
5.0 out of 5 stars My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap!, June 10, 2014
By Jere Adams - 

This review is from: My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! (Kindle Edition)
Very interesting subject - a gay guy having to room with a jock, and feeling quite miserable for a good while. The story concerns how they were able to come to terms with their sexuality. One has to feel a certain amount of empathy for both guys. I highly recommend the story to any reader who has an interest in the life of gay guys who aren't always accepted.

JOCK, btw, comes out in GERMAN on June 17, 2014. If you speak German and read it, and you know readers who do NOT speak English, I am relying on you to spread the word. I don't speak German. The readers in Germany will not know about my book unless you help and and TELL them. :D Just saying'.

On the writing front, I have been busy. Misplaced Affection is coming along well. I wrote 9884 words last week and have done 6708 already this week. I have researched a few topics and I have rearranged scenes. I have thought about plot points. I am moving ahead. When ail I have more excerpts? When I have a complete story, I think. Too much too soon only aggravates ME and YOU.

Also, I have not heard anything about Names Can Never Hurt Me. As soon as I do, I will announce the date!! I can not wait.

i guess that is all for now. I need to get to writing. I am getting a new tattoo tonight if all goes well. It should be fun! Laterz.


and PS: For those who have e-mailed, and then just "stopped", I do miss you. I do think about you. I do worry that I offended you in some way. I hope not. And to that one person who I haven't spoken to in almost two years, I hope you are okay. I miss you "M" ;)

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