Monday, January 5, 2015

Reviews of MA

In case some of you missed the "buzz" about Misplaced Affection, I thought I'd list a few reviews. :)

Since its release on January 1, 2015  have had several 5 STAR reviews and a couple 4's.

The first (5 STAR) review was from fellow author  Jeff Adams who said, "I love a book that takes me on an emotional roller coaster ride… I went back and forth between being delighted, angry, sad, and back again. … The story's multiple threads all wrap up nicely at the end and make for an extremely satisfying read." (Read the rest of the review on Jeff's Blog.)

Then Dan over at Love Bytes Reviews gave it 5 STARS & said, "Not surprisingly, another great book by Wade Kelly…. The characters in the book ran the gamut of emotions with me… I really liked this book and recommend it to all… You will love this book. Go one-click it right now while you are thinking about it." (Read the entire review on Love Bytes.)

Taryn Plendl, a fellow author of M/F romance, gave Misplaced Affection 5 STARS and posted on Amazon that it was "Another adventurous ride through the angst, pain, tears, struggles, and ultimately joy that Wade Kelly is known for… Wade has brought to the surface topics that will make you think and ultimately feel raw after reading, but she ties it up perfectly with an ending you'll love." (Read more on Amazon.)

Jason at Joyfully Jay Reviews probably gave the longest review I've ever had on one of my books that I can remember to date. He gave MA 5 STARS and dug deep into every thought it stirred up in him. He said, "Kelly doesn't pull any punches, that's for sure. Misplaced Affection is a complex look at coming out, God and religion, life, death, and moving forward with life. … I have been noticing annoying and flawed characters more often lately… and absolutely love it when the reason comes to light and shows how deep and complex the character ends up being… No one can say that Kelly goes for the easy stuff, nope, not at all. Worth reading? Absolutely! …" (full review at Joyfully Jay.)

The Multitasking Momma got her head "out of the oven" long enough to give Misplaced Affection 5 STARS and a "Recommended Read" badge. :) She said, "The best thing about this particular read is that even if the drama could twist and turn the reader's emotions up as could be expected from Ms. Wade herself, it can also be quite amusing and frustrating and hilarious, just like JOCK was…. Over all, this was not what I expected and must highly recommend it to all…" (Complete review here.) And though the review was very nice, I think the bit she added at the end about me was extra special and extremely kind :) "(Note from multitaskingmomma: I learned to read and love M/M books as written by the creative mind of W.K. and soon became a huge fan of both author and woman. What I love about her works is her ability to dig deep into the psyche of young men and women and through that, create characters who are very real and so can be terrifying to accept because of that 'realness'. Misplaced Affection is a surprise read for although it does come from the same writer, it is different from the rest of her works. Yes the writer is the same, but the style is different and so the impact is different as well.) "

Misplaced Affection has gotten 10 ratings on Goodreads so far:

I like where it says 100% of people liked it!

With the 2 4-STAR ratings coming from Jodi and Gwendolyn. I haven't seen Jodi's review, but it should be up soon on Smoocher's Voice as I am scheduled for a stop there today on my Blog Tour!

But Gwendolyn doesn't give out the stars easily, so a 4 from here is HUGE! She said, "I spend most of the book wanting to smack Flynn, but you redeemed him rather well. Really good story." Thank you so much!! :)

Also, Simone, whoever you are, THANK YOU for the 5 stars :)

I know I can't hang my hat on Goodreads reviews and ratings as they are generally listed by less than 10% of the people who buy the book. But I am grateful for those who take the time to list reviews online. Goodreads, AMAZON, Dreamspinner (if the case may be), AReBooks, etc. THANK YOU!

I have even found that I can find Amazon reviews on the UK site. I didn't know that before. I found a wonderful 5 STAR review over there from a lovely reader in London! She said, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe how amazing this book is… Every emotion felt so real, I can't describe it. Best I've read for a while, Wade Kelly is defo a force to be watched! Amazing author." (Read it all here!) Thank you sweet girl :)

And I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for a review from my sweet Aussie fan JezebelSpike who affectionately calls me "possum". :) (I love that!) She doesn't do Facebook, only Twitter, but I have found her reviews of WLINE and TCOL on the Aussie Amazon, which right now has Misplaced Affection on a best seller list. LOL… at #878  hahahha.

JezebelSpike's thoughts on my other books can be found here: When Love is Not Enough, The Cost of Loving. Where she says, "If you like your heart being pushed and pulled and being made to simply FEEL, then give Wade Kelly's (books) a go!"

That is all I have time for today. I will update you all if anything noteworthy goes on. I am on Smoocher's Voice some time today with an interview. Keep checking out the other stops on the blog tour!


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