Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jeff Adams

So, I posted that I was reading Hat Trick and Jeff told me it meant a lot given that I don't read much. That made me think (I did not have to think long), and yes, it is true. Why? Um, because I have so little time to myself that when I have a moment I like to write.

I have three children and a husband and 2014 has been the very best year as far as balancing both my "real life" and my author life. (Which is also my real life and becoming more so as I grow more confident.) There have been years when I felt like I was on a pendulum or a ball on Newton's Cradle, swinging between extremes.

But, as I said, 2014 has been a great year for balancing my life and I look forward to 2015 being even better! New Year's always brings with it the age old "New Year's Resolution." What is mine? I would like to read more! HAHAHHA. I checked on Goodreads and as far as I can tell I READ three books, and listened to four books, and RElistened to one. Again I laugh out loud because that is so sad. Eight books in all and one I had already listened to. Oh man! So the goal is definitely to read MORE this year! Another goal/resolution is to write more on a consistent basis and write more in general! I have high hopes for this year so I need to get a move on and take writing more seriously. This is my job, my passion, my career, not just a little side hobby. This is the year to prove it!

On the reading front, I opened up Hat Trick yesterday because I had to take my son to physical therapy for his knee and I had an hour to kill while waiting. I thought, "Perfect! I can read!" So I read 40 pages last night. I am so impressed with his writing! Jeff is a very good writer, let me tell you. Sucked me in right away and this morning I read 16 more pages while I waited AGAIN at physical therapy. I am sick with a head cold and I plan to go back to bed and I will probably end up reading a little before I fall asleep. What I like when I read, since I do so little of it, is to be drawn in and have an interest in the characters right away. Hat Trick provided that! I am not done so I can't write up a review yet, but so far I really really like it! This is a plus since Jeff is one of my most favorite people. :D

He didn't ask me to read it. I think he knows better. I use to say yes all the time and then disappoint people because I never made time for reading. I am truly sorry for any of you out there that I have promised a read to. I am simply terrible at it.  I bought a zillion books this year from different conferences and I know I will probably never read them. I was caught up in the thrill of getting paperbacks so I could have them signed by the authors I know, or as a way to meet new authors when I had them sign a book. It was fun, and now I have a shelf full. Only recently have I started telling people "No, I will not promise to read your book." What I try to say is that if I have the link I will TRY to read it, or buy it, or glance at it etc. I am trying to be honest. I just don't read that much! I know I need to because Stephen King said an author should always be reading! I just never have been that kind of person. I like movies. Movies, however, kill the reading. This is my problem! In order to read I need to ignore my desire to watch a movie instead.

I am starting today! (Well, yesterday.) I am counting Hat Trick as the first read of 2015 because I know I will not finish it until the new year rolls in. Then I plan to hit Hat Trick 2 so I can get the back-to-back experience. Jeff has Hat Trick Overtime: Summer Camp coming out on January 11, 2015 and I plan to have Jeff on my blog to talk about his books. This will give me a chance to possibly interview him as he has done with me. Wouldn't that be cool?

So, if you have Hat Trick and haven't read it, YOU SHOULD!

Simon Roberts’ plan for his senior year is simple — help his high school hockey team win the state championship and earn a college scholarship so he can get away from his dysfunctional family, especially his belligerent father and obnoxious older brother.
When the Central High Falcons open their season with an away game, Simon is forced to deal with the problem he’s struggled with for months — his crush on teammate Alex Miller. After the game that night, Alex makes an unexpected announcement — he’s gay, and in love with Simon.
Simon’s elated but scared to openly acknowledge that he’s gay, especially with so much at stake in their senior year. Now that they’re out to each other they have to decide what to do next. Should they date? Should they keep things between them secret? What about the team? Can Simon and Alex hide that they’re more than friends from the guys they spend so much time with?
Then a simple kiss is witnessed and their secret is out. The team fractures, and Simon’s family explodes as news about the gay hockey players quickly spreads. The guys must figure out how to move forward with everyone watching. Being the center of attention was in no way part of Simon’s plan for the year.
Can Simon juggle school, commitments to the team, his new relationship, and an unexpected tragedy all before the end of the hockey season?

In closing, I just want to mention I am over on Jeff's Blog today talking about Misplaced Affection. Release Day is tomorrow!

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