Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates on ME for those interested :p

I thought I'd stop by AGAIN and fill you in on the latest. I also wanted to point out different places to "find" me incase you only stop by here. I am on Goodreads. I'd say "often" but that would depend on your definition of often. My blog DOES transfer from Blogspot to goodreads so you will find the same blog entries in both places. ALSO, on my WEBSITE there is a blog link.

Speaking of the website... Are you aware of the section titled "current news"? This is a spot where I have jotted down little tid-bits of what is going on. Currently it says:

Note there is a picture from goodreads with a link to the "worst mothers" list where I was in first place for thirty seconds ;)

In addition to this "informational" blog entry, I wish to express apologies to those who are new and can't follow my acronyms. I'm sorry. I forget that on occasion, a new person my stop by and actually read my blog. :p (mind-boggling to me.)

WLINE (When Love is Not Enough)
TCOL is the sequel to WLINE- The Cost of Loving. This one is with a publisher but they are taking forever to accept/reject it. Almost 17 weeks now. I have one other option in the works but I'm thinking self-pub at this point. No date yet as to when that will be out. 

MRJWC- My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! This one is with Dreamspinner press with a projected publication in december. I have no word yet on specifics :( This is a comedy and VERY different from WLINE!!

I also have a WIP (Work in Progress) but it lacks a name. Most of it is in a notebook so I don't have a word count. I will find time soon to bang it out!!

I am also working on the third book in that trilogy. I have 13k written. The third one deals with Darian which is the most difficult by far. I hope to get it completed and submitted somewhere next year. It is difficult for me to write, and exhausting, so please be patient for this one.

I can also be found on facebook, and a website called ALL MALE ROMANCE. Feel free to "like" my writer page on facebook.

I think I have it all covered. Comment if I missed anything. Or just comment :p

Gotta jet. More to write!


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