Saturday, September 8, 2012

Have a GREAT weekend for me :)

Sometimes when nothing is going on I have a hard time remembering that other people out there are not in my head and have no idea what (if anything) is happening in my life. Some of them wonder. So this blog is just to say HI!

The cover for The Cost of Loving is almost decided on. I have two versions but I’m waiting on my editor to make a final decision. When he’s done reading TCOL he’ll give me his opinion on which cover suits the characters best. I’m really excited about it! I love what my designer has done! I hope to hear from him by next week as to which cover he likes best and the status on how bad my editing is to begin with :p

So right now I’m in a lull. I asked the graphic designer to think about the cover for #3 in the mean time. Why not? I want to finish Love, Trust, and Learning to Live Again by early next year and possibly have a spring release. Darian is a difficult character to write and I want to remain true to his personality and his past to create a book that is believable, gripping, and dare I say better than the other two! J This may, or may not be possible but it’s a goal to shoot for!

I’m not writing Darian right now though, I’m writing Names Can Never Hurt Me. WHY? Because I think this could be easier to write and finish in a timely manner. I’d LOVE to submit it to Dreamspinner by the end of the year. I’m shooting for November. (Gotta have goals!) If I can, then I’ll have a novel sitting with them while I write the conclusion of my trilogy about Jamie, Matt and Darian. Does that sound good?

Today I was hoping to write but I seem to lack the time. My family decided to “purge” the house of crap. Yay! *non-excited voice* This means that my day of writing became a day of cleaning out crap. (I have a lot of crap.) Not just me, but everyone. I guess it is good to get things done (like a spring cleaning) but I really wanted to write all day, not go through my stuff and decide what I can get rid of. So not fun! I cleaned out and swept one room so that gave me an excuse to sit and at least write a blog post!

I’ll let you all know how things are going with my writing, my self-publishing, etc as events occur. J

For now, have a great weekend!

Wade Kelly

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And any time you want to remember my college friend it is much appreciated!!!

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