Sunday, September 30, 2012


So, I’m plodding away at my Work In Progress, wondering why it is so difficult, when the thought occurs to me to CHANGE the POV. Hmmm. Is this going to help? Is this going to change anything? It doesn’t change the story just how it’s told. I redid the prologue. To me it sounded WAY better. I did however get a second opinion and she also agreed. Meanwhile (as I waited to hear from said person on their opinion,) I redid chapter 1. Let me tell you, it is flowing way better!!

I’ve been working on this story for a while now. A month or so on and off. I liked my ideas for plot and I strongly held to the characters but when I go to write it, it comes out flat. Like I see all this great stuff in my head but on paper (ie. Computer screen) it feels blah. It has no flavor. I want flavor! I want excitement and pizzazz. I know I’m not an articulate genius and I have little experience but I would LIKE to deliver pizzazz. It’s a goal of mine. Names Can Never Hurt Me sounds good in my head. But I wasn’t achieving the story I desired – until now!

1st Person POV is the way I’m going with it! My other stuff is 3rd person. I like 3rd person, it’s comfortable. BUT!!! But, you haven’t read my newest release yet! (Mostly because it’s not out.) My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! is written in 1st person and it ROCKS! I love Cole Reid’s voice! In my no-so-humble opinion Cole is very distinct and I wanted to keep him that way. (No word from DSP as to the release date yet.) So when I started writing Names Can Never Hurt Me I shied away from 1st person because I feared it sounding the same. I had JUST finished writing MRJWC so I was convinced I’d overlap the character nuisances. So I wrote in 3rd person. I wrote 15,688 words and that’s when I just couldn’t get it going. I walked away and came back but it still didn’t flow. It was hard to get scenes to pull together.

So, yesterday I undertook the task of rewriting it in 1st person. Basically, I cut and pasted it into another document chapter by chapter and redid the sentences by changing the his and he and names, to  me, my  and I. The I went back over it and added internal dialogue. I added character impressions and musings. And I will continue to do this as I go over the sections many more times. (I have a tendency to ADD words when I edit. Hardly ever do I subtract them!)

So far I’ve done 5510 words. I redid the prologue and chapter 1. I added bits and I feel much more confident about this story. It seems more interesting telling it from Nick’s POV. Yes, I am settling on the name Nick Jenkins for the MC. It’s a good strong name!

Items of the week:
I meet with my editor Tuesday. I hope she make short order of editing The Cost of Loving so I can give it to my Graphic Designer for final touches to the file.
I am working on Copyrights for images and manuscripts.
I am still unclear on business names and legal crap! I can’t afford a lawyer so I am trying to decipher the law from the taxation website. Not easy.

I’ll be back later this week with updates!


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