Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My To-Do’s and Can’t-Do’s

            I’ve been busy as usual but NOT busy writing! Irks me to no end that I have no time sometimes! “Life” gets in the way, I guess they say, but writing IS life for me. I get blah when I don’t write and I get blah when I do and ideas aren’t forming well. But either way, it is writing that flows through my veins and keeps me going. Some doctor type might say it is blood in my veins that does that job but that’s only because the words bleed from me. (Can I sound more cheesy? Lol)

            >Still no word from DSP about the editing stage of My Roommate’s a Jock? Well Crap! Also nada about the cover or anything else. Things are slow around here, which doesn’t help my mood. You know I’m a praise junkie. When nothing is going on to pump up my ego, I start doubting myself and worry that my stuff is boring and uninteresting and even worse—crap! See, in my head I KNOW I have more books coming out soon and people will get the chance to bash another book besides When Love Is Not Enough. That thought scares me. On the one hand I may get more praise, but with that praise are the people that will hate it, the people that will trash it, and the people that will make me doubt myself ANEW. Gosh writing is a tough profession!! It is hard on my stress level! And emotions etc…

            >The to-do list from before…
Everything costs money and some of that I just don’t have! A friend (as well as my accountant) recommended talking to a lawyer for “legal” matters to make sure things were done the correct way etc. BUT, I heard back from a lawyer and the going rate is $200/ hour for consultation and it takes about 2 hours to talk over stuff for a “business”!! So yeah, I don’t got $200! I mean, I do, but I need to buy other things. Domain name, ISBN#’s, cover art, editing, etc… Costs add up! (Kinda why I would have rather had an established publisher tackle The Cost of Loving, but life goes on.) But no matter what, I’m in this! The book WILL come out!

            >It was also suggested I blog-hop for advertisement purposes. You know, shout-out around town about the book I’m self-publishing. So, question, what are some of your favorite blogs? I know some, I AM on facebook etc, but I want to know what you out there read! Where do the fans & readers go to catch up on the latest? Or to find out what is coming out soon? Comment below and tell me! I plan to contact these blog sites and ask about guest blogging about my book. I guess I’ll get on that soon even if I don’t have a publication date yet.

            >Not much else to say. I was hoping to write yesterday and got no chance to do it. I’ve been rattling around with some ideas for Names Can Never Hurt Me but so far I don’t have a clear outline of the plot. Just scenes. And I can’t settle on a name for the MC. Maybe that’s what is getting to me. I just can’t hear his voice. The other guy, RC, I so have him! I can see his mannerisms, I can see his eyes and the looks he gives and expressions he has. And I hear his voice. I like it. But the MAIN main guy, nope. It was Nick, and now it’s Troy, but I’m toying with Zach. Which name says “gorgeous ladies man?” I would release the “blurb” but I’m not sure that what I wrote over the weekend is what the book is going to be about. 14k isn’t enough to know. And I’m not sold on my POV. You all know how I like shifting POV’s!!! When Love is Not Enough (WLINE) has POV shifts. And so does The Cost of Loving (TCOL) and My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! (MRJWC) And I did each of those differently than in WLINE. I’m TRYING to improve my writing to make it more clear but I’m still attempting to retain my unique flare. I want the books to be me, not necessarily what is popular and the accepted norm. But WLINE is 3rd person, and MRJWC is in 1st. (Although I think Cole’s voice will be a smash hit!) It’s THE CURRENT WIP that has me grrrr’ed! (I just used a sound as an adjective, is that okay?)

I don’t know if I like Nick/Troy/Zach’s voice when I type. Maybe it is indeed this conundrum that has me feeling blah? This MC better speak his mind soon or I’ll stress myself into a knot!

Enough of my ranting. I’ll be fine. Just talking to y’all so you don’t think I disappeared. I’m around. Trying to get business done!! Once I get a flow going and this first hurdle of “self-pub” out of the way I think it will go much smoother! *fingers crossed*


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  1. Hey Wade. I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. Breathe...it'll all work out in the end, you'll see. You are great at what you do so forget the haters and keep on working on your stuff.

    I follow blogs (you have some of them on your weebly 'Links'page)and I think the tour hop/interview is a great idea. I would also recommend self-promotion in Twitter (I know, it takes a lot of time, but I have bought A LOT of my books based on some of the author's tweets!!!) and some of your fellow authors have blogs that offer author interviews/guest posts which is another option.

    Good luck with everything Wade. I'm rooting for ya!