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#1 Best Selling Gay Fiction on Amazon

Can I say "Holy Shit!" one more time? I am stunned. I've been hoping it would creep up to #1 on Amazon, but that shifter book was #1 for a WHILE and I didn't think mine could bump it. So, I'm shouting out to all of you in the great wide world who bought My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! I appreciate your support SO MUCH!! I was told I'm #2 in Germany!! AND #2 in the UK! And I found out I hit #1 on Amazon in the USA by two fans. How cool is that! I got people watching over me and bringing my success to my attention when I wasn't aware of what was going on. THANK YOU Brad and Cy!! You two are awesome!

I know fame is fleeting. This rise will not last and I have to cash in on it! I need to write MORE. I need to deliver better quality reads! I promise I'm working on it! My first priority is to finish working on The Cost of Loving. This book has been in the works SO LONG that it is painful! Three rejections, two beta readers, and a professional editor later, and I am working through FIXING the MS. (Manuscript.) One of the coolest things about this manuscript is that, it isn't published and yet it appears on WHY? Because an anonymous fan added it! That alone is very flattering. I owe it to my readers, especially the one who added the book, to finish it and publish it. I have a cover. I have a person willing to help me format it for self-publishing upload. Life would just be that much easier if it was with Dreamspinner.  But since it is not, things take longer. Bear with me, please.

I've also thought about some snags that will delay things. Not really snags, just more work I cause myself. I use cross-over characters. You didn't know that. (Maybe.) I liked when TV shows did that and so I kind of did it myself. But it complicates matters. I have to make sure dates and ages match up! Now I find I need to make a chart and stuff with years and character names to keep things straight. One reader brought up that she noticed Matt and Darian mentioned and took a second to realize it was "THE Matt and Darian." Made them sound famous! LOL Well, "Jock" was intended to be out after The Cost of Loving. .... And then it wasn't. It came out first. Because of that I changed things. Darian was originally IN "Jock" but I removed those parts and wrote in Lori. (Darian's best friend.) Lori has a larger role in The Cost of Loving. But you must remember, TCOL comes chronologically before "Jock". Not that it matters, I'm just putting out information. I'm working on edits today! Seriously, I am!

But while I work on EDITS, I have to work on promotion of my current stuff. I don't promote well. I have no money. And I have little time. This is NOT my day job, no matter how much I wish it was!! I need help from all of YOU!! My readers, my fans, my followers. Tell people what you thought of my book! Buy my T-shirts. OR, better yet, visit local LGBT friendly bookstores you know and request the book, and the T-shirts! hahhaha. Visit Cafe Press. I know they are expensive, but I don't set the price. Not really. I make like $1.44 for every T-shirt that is sold. I just tried it, and if you search "My Protons Have Pride" my T-shirt comes up!
There are loads of other products besides the T-shirt, like mugs and stuff. I bought a shirt from both Cafe Press and Zazzle and I think Cafe Press has better quality. Although I have to say, don't go too dark if you pick a different style shirt. I think the design gets lost. I also did TWO OTHER SHIRTS! One that reads "If it isn't snide or contemptuous, it isn't worth the time to say it." This shirt is hard to read online. I ordered it, and as soon as I get it in I will take a picture to upload. If I can't read it, I will redesign it! (The link is: )
I also did one that is "Ellis's". Referenced in the book! "I'm not messy, I'm demonstrating Chaos Theory." This one can also be found on Cafe Press. (Click here!) The pic is of a white T-shirt, but again this logo comes on everything that Cafe Press offers! And I also uploaded it in Blue letters. 

I plan on having a section on my website of my favorite T-shirts. Ones I OWN, ones I created, ones I like. SOON! Everything just takes time!

If you haven't read reviews of "Jock" and are thinking of buying it, here are just a few:

What a great read this was.
Wades characters were so believable especially Cole and his snarky ways.
Now I'm anxious to read Wades other books.
One of the lines in the book I liked the most:

Meredith looked at him. “That’s a quote from Airplane. Surely, you’re too young to know that movie.” “Airplane II, actually. I watch a lot of movies and I memorize dialogue easily. It’s a gift.” Cole shrugged casually. “And please, don’t call me Shirley.”

Kelly, Wade (2012-12-30). My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! (Kindle Locations 3608-3611). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition.

by Dee H.Date Added: Thursday 03 January, 2013
I couldn't put this book down reading it one sitting. I was laughing and crying and wanted to slap Cole (the nerd) to wake up and smell the jock (Ellis). How an intelligent, soccer dude could put up with his roommate's OCD was beyond me. However the development of a relationship that lead to a long courtship was the charm of the novel. Secondary crazy ass characters brought charm and lightness into the picture. A laid back hot jock and controlling nerd mixed with romance and a little sex: A great formula. I loved it...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

5.0 out of 5 stars LOVED THIS BOOK January 10, 2013
By Chris
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
LOVED this book....a very nice read with plenty of romance. This writer has a lot of heart and it!

More to come! Thank you all for reading it!

~Wade oxox

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