Monday, January 7, 2013

Ecstatic, Overjoyed, Thrilled, Elated, Jubilant, & Tickled Pink!

Ecstatic, Overjoyed, Thrilled, Elated, Jubilant, & Tickled Pink!

Can I have “Synonyms for Pleased” for two hundred, Alex? HAHHAHAA! Yes, this is me being happy and telling you all about it yet AGAIN! > My Book is #1< I hope I don’t get too awful boring to listen to (or read about.) There is only so much to say at the moment. MY BOOK IS DOING AWESOME! My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! as of  6:50 am, 1/7/13 was:
# 3 on’s Best Selling Gay Fiction List

These stats go up and go down… yada, yada, yada… Amazon’s list changes hourly. And for a brief moment last night was #2 on their list. (I took a screen capture of that!) I’ve been a little obsessed lately with the screen captures but it is my proof positive that MY BOOK really was there at one time. Fame is fleeting and I know I’ll drop soon enough! Speaking of… When Love IS Not Enough made it to #21 once on Dreamspinner’s page and I was thrilled with that! I’m hoping though, with this new novel, that any of you out there who haven’t read my other novel might give it a shot. I know, I know, the “bittersweet” tag has scared people away. It really isn’t that bad. … Okay, maybe it is, but it is worth the tears—trust me! If you read “Jock” (as readers are referring to it) and you want more of my stuff, please give WLINE a shot! (purchase at Dreamspinner) Read other reviews on Goodreads. Most people like it, even if they had theirs hearts ripped out while reading it. I don’t want this to sound like an apology, because I love my “Jock” story, but “Jock” was written out of my need for something lighter. I was writing some deep stuff and needed a break. “Jock” was fun to write. No one died! But to those of you out there who read “Jock” and hated it, or thought it mediocre, I ask that you give WLINE a chance. (When Love is Not Enough) The sum of my writing cannot be seen in one, or the other. I have loads of stories in my head, and many ways to tell them. Humor and Tearjerkers. Laughs & giggles, as well as tragedy.

My goal in everything is to get you to think. If I haven’t achieved that, tell me. Please. If I know what doesn’t work, maybe I can improve in the next novel! I am learning to take criticism much better. Especially constructive criticism. And when I say, “Thanks, very fair review” on your page, I mean it! I don’t always comment. But when I do, I mean what I say. Sometimes a bad review written well makes ME think about what I wrote. If I can grow by a readers words then good on you!!

I’m over the moon that My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! is doing so well. It has an awesome title and a perfect cover, and was published by a terrific publisher. Is it perfect? No. But then, the author of it isn’t perfect either! I am learning. This is publication #2 for good ol’ Wade! I intend to improve with age and experience. Stick around with me and maybe you can be a part of my growing experience. I am happy as can be to have 122 “fans” on Goodreads. I am also pleased as punch to have readers e-mailing to thank me for writing my books. It means something to ME, that they mean something to YOU. I want to write with purpose. Not simply to entertain. My vision is to touch lives with peace, hope, love, joy, grace, and mercy. On my website it says (or said) that I don’t write “cute” stories. I had to change that. “Jock” is cute. But that isn’t my goal. I want to write to make readers think of subjects and situations, and people in a way that maybe they hadn’t before. Maybe that’s why it takes me so freakin’ long to write them, I don’t know. As I strive for meaning in my own life, I translate my musings to the reader. I put to print what I am feeling. I know I can’t be the only one to feel like this. So I write. For some of you out there to “get” my intent perfectly shows that I am NOT alone!

Whether in tears or laughter, I hope we share many more books together! Thank you readers, for helping “Jock” to climb the charts. Recommend it around! Word of mouth is a strong motivator!  In 16 months WLINE has 198 reviews, and in contrast "Jock" has 115 in a WEEK! hahha

And whoever is Karen E. Morrison and iluvEdwardCullen on Amazon, THANK YOU for your reviews! Only two on Amazon so I am thankful they are pleasant ones ;) ….. “This story is so sweet you will get cavities.” LOL!!!

To Vampire66 on All Romance, thank you for posting a review! It is the only one there! ;)
And to Wil, and Dee, Thank you for listing your reviews on DSP!


AND I was reviewed by Amos Lassen! Check out what he said!

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