Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To the Fans, By the Fans, and For the Fans!

As some readers (on goodreads AND on blogspot) may know, I get e-mails from fans now and then. I like “fan mail” as it helps me connect a little bit with the people that read my books, and what they say means something to me. Now, I realize that I am more likely to get an e-mail from a reader who LIKES my books. Rarely, if ever, does a reader e-mail an author to say, “You lousy scumbag, I can’t believe I read that trash!” Personally, I have read books over the years that I didn’t like but I don’t slam the author like that, and the world at large has also been kind to me when they dislike my books. Thank you. If I got “hate mail” I probably wouldn’t mention it on a forum like this anyway. In THIS forum, on the ever popular “blog” as it were, I am posting my delight over my “fan mail”.

A reader wrote this to me today: “I read your book in 24 hours and the beauty and the intensity of the emotions your writing evoked in me was such an amazing gift. I just wanted to thank you.” This is not the first time I’ve heard this. What threw me, was that this e-mail was titled: “Just finished your book- My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap!” I sat staring at the e-mail for a minute or two and responded as I normally would, but included my shock that it was over THIS book. “Jock” is not one that I have heard comments such as “intensity of emotions” mentioned. No.  With “Jock” I hear words like funny, cute story, Cole is snarky… (I’ll write more about compliments on Jock in a bit.) But I was not prepared to hear how deeply I touched a reader, and even invoked tears – WITH MY ROOMMATE’S A JOCK!!!!! How cool is that?!?

This reader told me that she and her husband (yes, the reader was a woman) have a relationship much like Cole and Ellis. She in fact is almost exactly like Cole, and his character - with his quirks and insecurities - resonated deeply with her. Her husband is like Ellis, and he calms her OCD and abrupt sarcasm with his patience and love. The reader also said: “He saved me when I was a hostile and angry 18 year old, and made me feel safe and loved. That scene at the party when Cole realized he could trust in Ellis to make it ok and he could let go of his stress, hit home to me. I rely on my husband daily to do that same thing. I close my eyes and know it will be ok, because he said so. So the love that developed and a lot of Cole's feelings and insights and especially all the loneliness and alienation that he went through in his childhood, I really connected with all of that.

I asked of I could share this. She said yes.

This is just one e-mail. I get several here and there, but this one stood out to me because this type of thing happens to me a lot. I write something, it comes out of MY HEAD, I use aspects about myself, I write characters…. AND THEN I meet people exactly like I wrote! Or an even happens… EXACTLY LIKE I WROTE!! Way back when I wrote WLINE (When Love is Not Enough) in 2009/10, I had JUST finished writing it, and submitting it (the first time) and 6 suicides happened in September. I freaked out. I thought, OMG I just wrote about that! (As a side note, this event is mentioned in TCOL)… Anyway….

I say all that to say this…. My one reader who e-mailed today validates my thoughts, feelings, and characters. There are people who will come along, read one of my stories, and say “This would never happen in real life! No one ever acts like that.” Or whatever. Well, here you go! At least ONE PERSON can relate to Cole and Ellis on a very deep personal level. And for that, I’m glad! So thank you reader for telling me that!

Jock MAY have dropped to #2 in sales on Amazon, but it is #1 with my fans! They are the greatest! And because of “Jock”, WLINE is getting a little residual attention. (which I love.) Readers are also begging for more and badgering me to finish edits on TCOL! (which I love.)

So, announcing here first, the first round of edits are done! WHOOHOO! And to re-cap: 1. Grammar and word corrections from editor throughout original document, 2. Second run through to rewrite bits (4 chapters in all) that are not up to snuff and, 3. Read back through for consistency after all edits are in. But getting this far is exciting. It is one step closer!

More from the fans:
Mack's review:
Wade Kelly, who I've never read before, really has a quirky way of putting a story together. Each character has his own voice in a way that I've never come across before but it really works.

Monika: Cole is my kind of character he’s snarky and a bit neurotic but sweet as pie he made me smile and chuckle more than once and Ellis was a perfect match for him one balancing out the other.

SueM:It's basically a sweet story that is saved from being overly so by some funny, snarky dialogue - particularly from Cole - as well as a small but healthy dose of drama.

Hans: (I had to include this because I rarely hear someone comment about the sex in this way.) “Oh btw, if you find sex descriptions offensive, don't do there... If you do, you'll find them oddly well written, not tacky or distasteful at all...”

Paul: What can I say? I loved this!! Wonderfully funny and touching characters that I couldn't help adoring.

Hrtnsoul28 I was expecting a funny silly book. What I got was a funny enlightening book.

Anyway… that is all for now. If you read Jock, and haven’t read WLINE, maybe give it a try. It’s emotional, YES, but worth the tears. So I hear.  ;-)

Thanks for dropping by. And thank you to ALL the fans who e-mail me. I love it! You’re the best.


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