Friday, April 12, 2013

Branching out

So, tomorrow I will be branching out and posting a blog that is NOT about me. Another author asked me to do an interview so I will be talking to Cody Kennedy. It is Cody's 1-yr anniversary of the release of the novella SAFE. I read it, and ask questions about it. I am posting this today because often people do not seem to tune in on weekends. This way you are prepared to come back tomorrow and have a look.

This might be a good way for me to meet new people and (again I use the term) branch out. Perhaps I should list blog about other authors on occasion. It would give my readers variety. Plus, sometimes I have nothing to say. Ya know? So, for other authors out there who have something to say and would like to write a blog for the future, let me know. Comment. I can keep you posted on  a time when I need to post something but have nothing in my head interesting to write about. OR if you have an "anniversary" like Cody, feel free to ask me to post something. No promises, but I am open to suggestions.

Love, Trust, and Learning to Live Again... (LTLTA)

Other news, my WIP is up to 29k. Happy about that! I hope to write today and move that word count up. I think I mentioned before that it is a puzzle. Normally I sit down and write off the top of my head and let the story dictate where is goes. Can't this time. I mapped out the necessary elements and I am filling in the puzzle pieces one event at a time. Certain things have already happened in Darian's life, so I don't want to get the information wrong. I am also concerned about restating the same events but from a different POV. I don't want to bore the reader so I am trying NOT to restate information you already read and should remember.

This is also a story structured much like MY PERSONAL STYLE ends up being: disjointed, yet with a pattern. Make sense? I have time jumps! YAY! But they have dates, you can follow them! I have faith in the reader. One thing I am seriously trying to stick to is one POV!!! Did you hear me? ONE! So far the entire book, (excluding prologue and journal entries,) is written from Darian's point of view. This will be a pleasant change as the reader will not get confused as to who is talking, thinking, or wondering, or musing... etc... lol Easy, breezy.

I also worked on the blurb yesterday. I am dying to list it. When is appropriate to do that? When the book is finished? After I submit it? I also have a cover, but I don't want to unveil that until it is either (1) accepted with Dreamspinner, or (2) rejected and I am in the process of self-publishing it. Don't want to jump the gun with the cover. I just love it. It is my favorite cover yet, so it is very difficult to keep it all to myself. Enny Kraft designed it! THANK YOU ENNY!!!! :)

So this is a short blog. Written to remind everyone to tune in tomorrow and read my interview with Cody.

My personal interview is coming soon. Sorry if I seem like a tease, but my desire was really not to distract myself with an interview until LTLTA was finished (1st draft). Keep asking questions, though, they are fun.


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