Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Insanity

I don't like repeating myself. Either when someone isn't listening, or forgot what I said. I especially do not like repeating myself as I am TODAY. I feel like I am stuck in a Buffy Episode where she went into the basement for the Mummy Hand and the day repeated itself in an endless loop. (Well, it DID end… but whatever). Today is De Ja Vu (I obviously don't know how to spell that.)

I am actually doing all the same errands I did yesterday and it annoys me. I went to the bank yesterday, WHY do I have to go there again TODAY????? Also, I went to the post office YESTERDAY, why do I have to go today???? Well, obviously because I was not thinking ahead and I didn't balance my check book yesterday or I would have noticed that I had several checks lying around that needed to be deposited. I am made of money so I guess they could have waited -- NOT!! I also forgot the skirt I wanted to return when I went to the post office yesterday and I really wanted to return it because I NEED the refund. I didn't like it at all.

Yesterday I ALSO picked one daughter up from school AND I have to do it again today!!!

What I did NOT do today was write. (YET) This is probably why I am annoyed. Writing relaxes me. I am NOT relaxed. I am stressed. I fly to Boston tomorrow and I am not packed. My child had an ear infection this morning so I had to take her to the doctor with all my extra time. Then I took the prescription to the pharmacy and it was closed for lunch. OMGosh!!! Let me just wait my time waiting around. No! I went to Birdie's. I figure if I am on repeat, then that is where I went yesterday. I got the same sandwich! A BLT on a pretzel roll with avocado. When JOCK 2 comes out, I reference this sandwich. It's my favorite. I think Alonzo gets it for lunch.

If you haven't noticed, I am have absent from Facebook slightly. I mean, I'm on it, but from my phone. My family has had a personal thing that has taken up some time. I think everything is fine now, but it has been stressful. I have been to the hospital several times.

I also started painting rocks yesterday while my kid had friends over so then it wasn't something that would irritate me being interrupted to make dinner to drive kids home. The thing with the stones is that I am not an artist. I am also slow. I have a hard time painting names on them, yet this is the project I decided to take on. I wanted to write the names of all my fans on the rocks and put them in a jar on my desk to remind me of all the people I care about, and who care for me and enjoy my writing. I am seeing some issues with that. I have 175 fans in the Wade Brigade. That should mean that 175 stones need to be done. However, there are people I want to include that are not in my group. So, I painted a couple of those names. But as I look at my list of "friends" on Facebook, there are MANY names of people that I consider my friends and that I think should be on a stone in my jar. So, this could take a while!!!! Here is a pic of the ones so far. If your name isn't there, it may be on my list. Or, hey, comment below and tell me to paint you a stone.

In other news I am writing. So, I'll have to give you an update on all the projects I have going soon. Hugs and kittens (lol. luv ya Jay!)



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