Friday, August 16, 2013

A tribute to Joyfully Jay

I recently met Joyfully Jay in person at a M/M readers/writers group I belong to that gathers every other month or so. When you find people that you interact with online and then realize that they live relatively close enough to visit, it is fun to actually touch them! People become REAL instead of "virtual". Ya know? Does that make sense? And add to that the fact that I will be attending GRL in Atlanta in OCtober. I WILL be meeting people. It is FAR EASIER to meet a small group, at an informal setting of a home, than it is to meet hundreds at once at a hotel! I think it was Jay's idea to form the group so we would all feel more comfortable. She did great!

Sadly, I have only met with the group once. (We meet again next month.) But during that meeting I found that Joyfully Jay is probably one of the most demanded and inquired review sites for the genre. She get HUNDREDS of requests. HUNDREDS! a month. How does one review site handle that? Well, they can't. They have to become picky and turndown people they probably wish they couldn't. She is very gracious, but there is only so much time in the day. Ya know? My respect for her position, job, and leadership has grown immensely. Jay is wonderful!

My own circumstance made me VERY appreciative and thankful and grateful to her for taking the time to review When Love Is Not Enough. I had many places turn me down. And given her volume, she could have. Thankfully, Amy accepted the task and actually liked my book! 4.75 stars! I have stopped requesting reviews for this book. It is too difficult for some, the content is too depressing, and some can't get past the time jumps and POV shifts. I had one reviewer tell me she hated it and could not finish it. So, no more requesting for me. I went out on a limb in desperation with Joyfully Jay because I knew that The Cost of Loving was coming out in a few months and I desired some reviews, namely from Jay, if they would do it. I was so happy to find that not only would they review When Love Is Not Enough, but afterwards, Amy told me she could not wait to review The Cost of Loving. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what she thinks of it!!!

But in the meantime, Joyfully Jay has hosted me on my Blog Tour. Today, she lists an excerpt and a giveaway. Please drop by and leave a comment even if you have the book. I love to read what people are thinking. This excerpt is in my top 5 favorite scenes. (I think. Hard to pick.)

I look forward to October and going to Atlanta. Joyfully Jay is hosting one of the events and I have no doubt that it will be fabulous!

This week has been crazy and exciting. The Cost of Loving is finally OUT!!! DSP has a little app/link thing for authors and you can check sales and stuff. It is only partially accurate because it only links DSP, not Amazon and other 3rd party sites. BUT, when I logged on at midnight to download MY COPY of TCOL, I did peek at the link. 51 copies must have been preordered, so thank you! (I doubt 51 people stayed up until midnight to buy it.

Also, if you didn't see my review from The Novel Approach, it was awesome! She called me ballsy. haha. The highlights are(without spoilers):

 Two years is a long time for a die hard fan to wait for a sequel to a much-loved book. Two years is an even longer time if you are the author trying to get the sequel into the hands of those sometimes rabid fans. Some fans might give up. Some authors might chuck the laptop out a window. This was a unique case though. Those fans, not only didn’t they give up, they supported the author, encouraged her regularly on Goodreads and Facebook. The author in question, she kept in touch with the fans and gave frequent updates regarding her triumphs and frustrations while dealing with the M/M publishing world. Thankfully for all involved, The Cost of Loving, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Wade Kelly’s first novel When Love is not Enough has finally made it through the muck and mire and red tape to arrive on your e-reader or bookshelf. It was well worth the wait. You will not be disappointed. ... A lot of novels tackle difficult subjects. Some are brave enough to take on one or two. In The High Cost of Loving, Wade Kelly is ballsy enough to battle beaucoup painful topics and leave you smiling after all the crying is finished. Any writer who can pack homophobia, self-injuring, drug addiction, depression, dysfunctional parenting, “religion” (the quotes are mine, not hers), guilt and grief (I am probably forgetting some) into one emotionally moving yet satisfying-on-a-gut-level novel has huge cajones and the keyboard to back it up with. Vigorously, firmly recommended.
by: Tina

There is also an interview and a giveaway on The Novel Approach. Please stop by to leave a comment even if you have TCOL. I love reading people's thoughts.

Earlier in the week I was spotlighted on Mrs. Condit and Friends with an interview and giveaway. Visit there too!

Tomorrow I will be visiting Aisling Mancy. There, I will conclude the "Meet Wade Kelly" tour with another interview. Each of these has been a little different and together makes a pretty complete picture of me.

So hop around and leave comments. I love comments!

As far as the "giveaway" I was trying to do myself, which failed. I will give away something. I was thinking a copy of Names Can Never Hurt Me once it comes out. Next time I will run a contest BEFORE there is a pre-order option. You diehard fans are showing me that running a contest is unnecessary to drum up new readers. My readers are all ready to buy the book before it comes out. Thank you. That is humbling. So yeah. leave a comment on the following blogs, or on goodreads and I will randomly pick a winner next week. You may have to wait 8 months, but I won't forget.

Let's Play Twenty Questions, Epic Failure, or Release Week Jump-Started.

Again, thanks to my adoring fans, I love and appreciate you all!


(I'll be blogging again tomorrow.)


  1. I am so glad you are having the week of your life! Happy Release Week!

  2. From what I've seen, your new release is doing great! Keep up the great writing.

  3. Thank you. I'm hoping it will do well. It took long enough to get it out there.