Monday, August 12, 2013

Epic failure

I tried to make life interesting and make a “contest” with a give-away, but that did not work out. Either 25 questions was too much, the questions were too hard, or people were not interested. I don’t know. So, NO ONE won the give-away from last week’s blog post because NO ONE ENTERED to win. No one. Zip. Zilch.

SO I will give one more chance this week. How about list your favorite quotes from When Love Is Not Enough below? Tell me your favorite scene, or moment. I am trying to make a way to give away a book, but I have to have entries.

One thing that was good that happened, (since the “contest” was a huge disappointment,) was a cool e-mail from a fan. Max thanked me for writing My Roommate’s A Jock? Well, Crap! He also posted his review on

5.0 out of 5 stars
Format:Kindle Edition
Rating: 5 strs--more if I could!

This is a wonderful story, a delightful read, satisfying in every way. It rings very true, with completely believable characters, event he not so nice ones. And the two main characters...well, who wouldn't want to be in love like they are? The tone is often light and even a little caustic, especially when we're seeing things from Cole's point of view, and that just adds to the enjoyment of the whole novel. There's plenty of humour throughout and that's not easy to write, so kudos to the author for that, too.

At first we see Cole as being the complex one but as things continue we learn that Ellis simply doesn't share much of how he feels to it takes longer to get to know him. The story is set at the beginning of Cole's senior year at university. He's losing his roommate and best friend of the past 3 years because of graduation and now he faces his last year dreading the assignment of a new roommate. Cole is openly gay but he's developed a shell of sarcasm to protect himself and as a result he has no real friends nor does he really know how to make friends. And then in walks Ellis.

Ellis is a soccer god who is also working on a degree in English so he can teach...and coach soccer, of course. Ellis is everything that Cole isn't and Cole is horrified when Ellis's teammates and friends pile into their digs and take over with boisterous, typically university-aged jock behaviour. What makes everything worse is that Ellis is gorgeous and Cole can't keep his eyes off him. And so the two muddle on until something happens to change both of their lives. They kiss. And now what?

Lets just say that bit by bit they work out a relationship that's new for both of them. Ellis never knew he was gay and, being a virgin in every way, he finds it all new and frightening. But with some outside help they persevere and when they say the L word it's an amazing feeling for both.

This is one of those books that's almost impossible to put down. I might have stayed up all night if it wasn't that I finally fell asleep with the light on and the reader by my side. Wht an amazing love story and what a wonderful way to spend some hours in reading. It's interesting to see the world through various shifting points of view as the author moves from major to minor and back to major characters. It definitely makes for greater interest and explains why who does what. Yes, there's some explicit sex and it fits the situation perfectly. When the two young guys are coupling for the first time it's just that and when they are more used to various activities the focus shifts from physical sex to the emotions of making love. It's very well done.

I loved this book. I liked the characters and perhaps because I identified more with Cole I took to Ellis in a big way, just as Cole did. Their story is tender and caring, the kind of thing everyone would like to have but doesn't always get. I'll definitely be looking for more by this author. I definitely recommend this story. You won't be disappointed.

So, this was really cool and I enjoyed getting an e-mail from a fan. It has been a while.

Remember I am on Mrs. Condit Reads tomorrow in her segment on “Meet Wade Kelly.”

And Lisa posted a teaser for the week on The Novel Approach, which lists my upcoming interview.

Things are coming up. The Cost of Loving will be released on Friday. And I continue to write Names Can Never Hurt me, WHICH I just discovered I have been working on for a YEAR! I am so sorry. I didn’t realize that all the “breaks” I took in between writing made this novel drag out way too long! I apologize. I am going to work hard on finishing this one soon!

Anyway… Talk to you all laterz.


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  1. I'll cop to being one of the lazy ones, but in my defense I already preordered your book. I mean, you know you're good if people are buying your books when they haven't even been published yet...Right?

  2. I could not coment on the last post since I haven't read the book. It's on my to read list.

    1. Then you are the perfect person to win! Go to the blurb or read the reviews and pick what appeals to you the most and use that!

  3. Well, I have all your books already and I don't need to win one, but I hope someone else does!

  4. I couldn't post as I haven't read anything of yours yet - mind you that will change as soon as funds permit!

  5. Ok, I guess people already bought them, or haven't read them... ok.

    And Melissa, you made me smile :)

  6. I'll pick someone, and I'll give away SOMETHING!

  7. My favorite scene was the church scene at the funeral. I cried my way through it, but I was so touched I didn't mind.

  8. Hi, I really love your writing especially WLINE, I tried to answer the 25 questions you posted, but could not remember most of them :( so I didn't bother emailing the answers that I knew.

    One of favourite quote in WLINE

    "Matt felt himself falling, yearning, becoming
    victim to all the reasons he gave before as to why he never
    kissed. It was too intimate. But with Darian, he yearned for
    intimacy. He just didn't understand why."

    One of my favourite scenes is when Matt describes about Darian to Jason and asks his advice.

    Overall I love how Matt and Darian are drawn towards each other. How intense Matt's feelings are for Darian that he would do things that he had never done with (or for) anyone else.

    Thank you for writiing such wonderful books and I can't wait for 16th August.

    1. Thank you very much. I LOVE hearing what people enjoyed about it!!!

  9. There are not many books out there which have a good story line, characters who the readers can connect to. Your book (WLINE) is such a good book that I couldn't stop reading it. It has a great flow, characters whose emotion you can feel (when they are happy, I am happy and when they are sad I am sad). It’s very hard to select the favourite scenes, as the whole book grabs you in. All I can say is this one of the best books I have read in a long time.

    1. wow! Thank you. I guess I worry and obsess too much. Sometimes it is hard when I can't see the readers. I don't know who likes the books I write and who hates them. (Unless you or they say something.) I sit and write and have very little idea how it will impact readers unless I hear about it. So that you for saying something.

      The sequel is out in 2 days!

    2. I would like to say you don't need to worry because so are such a talented writer, I don't think many writers can pull off what you can, so Thank you.

      I know about the sequel :) I follow your blog and frequently visit your website for things like news about any new book or book release dates. I am very excited that the sequel will be out on 16th of this month.