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“Go GREEN” is my stolen catch-phrase. It normally stands for an environmentally safe product. Well, dear friends, buying The Cost of Loving in eBook saves trees, right? (Although I’d love you all to buy paperbacks.) My book also has a GREEN cover!! So when you think of or hear the phrase “Go GREEN”, remember ME!!! And buy the eBook. >> The Cost of Loving <<

TCOL is doing well. Hanging in there at #13 today on Dreamspinner Press. Woohoo!! Climbing the charts ever so slowly like a GREEN turtle. Haha. And it is still on the bestseller list on Amazon, only slightly lower than last week at #66. Why do I tell you the details? IDK. I stalk myself. I keep tabs. And I share. I blog about what I am thinking and I am thinking, “Yay, my book is still selling.” This matters. (At least to me.) The more I sell, the less chance people will forget who I am in between books. I am a slow writer. We all know this. If I produce a book a year I DO WORRY that fans will forget me.

In other thoughts… I am writing. I have around 75k in Names Can Never Hurt Me. I have time today to continue writing so I hope to get the count to 77k. (Slow, but sure like a GREEN turtle.) There are times in writing it that I think, “Oh gosh, is this stupid? Will readers think my characters are stupid, or unbelievable?” So, yeah, I don’t know. Matt and Darian (and Cole and Ellis) are so good. I really think they are people I could meet in real life. So sometimes I wonder about Nick and RC. Are they “real” enough? *sigh* I will not know until someone reads the book. I will probably have a beta readers. (I can think of two women who will want that job.) Hopefully they will tell me if the book sucks. I KNOW I like the beginning; my worry is in sustaining the thrill and candor for the duration.

This week has practically been a blur. School has been in for one week and I am already exhausted. The pace of cleaning, cooking, writing, laundry, PR (public relations), homework, filling out paperwork for 3 schools, etc has been very demanding. And soccer hasn’t started yet. (No games anyway.) At this pace, I will not last the year, let alone last to the end of September. I am just plain tired.

Anyway… I’m moving a head one painfully slow step at a time. (Turtle steps. GREEN turtle steps.)

Remember Go GREEN. Buy The Cost of Loving from Dreamspinner Press. (Or Amazon, or All Romance eBooks, or Barnes and Noble, or Rainbow eBooks.) And if you already bought it, and hopefully liked it, then tell your friends. I am no good at marketing. I have little time to breathe let alone saturate the Internet with interesting sales pitches that will make people buy my stuff. Really, I’m relying on word of mouth & REVIEWS.

Speaking of….

Have you seen the newest ones? I discovered today, a review that Amos Lassen did on The Cost of Loving. Although his review stated there was nothing “new” to sink his teeth into (with regard to religion, etc.) he did say that the “book was well written and the character development was excellent.” I think that is pretty awesome to hear! So maybe stop by and give him a comment. Commenting on BLOGS and REVIEWS 1. Lets the reviewer know people READ them, but also 2. Encourages the reviewer to review another book by the same author if what they have to say is of interest. So comment away!

My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! has not been forgotten. GGR-Reviews liked it! Please go check out HIS review and leave a comment :)

And The Cost of Loving was reviewed on Rainbow Book Reviews! So check that one out as well and comment.

Comments make people want to read it, as well as encourage reviewers to review it.

** Also, btw, MARY CALMES has my book listed on her site under Booyah! Books- The Dog Days of Summer! I'm thinking we need to show the love and comment on HER page so she knows it is worth the time to recognize other authors. She is a terrific writer and is very kindly recommending others. I personally am very appreciative! ~Thanks Mary!

Thank you all for stopping by. Please, spread the name of Wade Kelly. I need all the support I can get! And it's #FF (follow Friday), wear GREEN to think of The Cost of Loving, and Wade Kelly! (heehee)


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