Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet Wade Kelly

On The Novel Approach this morning, Lisa H interviews me about my book, but also asks a little ABOUT ME! Many people asks questions here and there about why I write what I write, so here is a chance to read a little more than you have before about me. Visit The Novel Approach Reviews to read more!

There is also a giveaway. And An excerpt online.

There is more to know about me, but I have another interview with Aisling Mancy on Saturday. Stay tuned!

And if you missed the first segment of my interview with Lady McNeil, hop over to Mrs. Condit reads to read the beginning of my thoughts.

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I'm excited. I will probably stay up until midnight so I can download my copy. (Yes, even I have to download my eCopy.) The Cost of Loving is on its way and I hope you like it. It has been a long wait.



(Shortest Blog Ever!) Oh, and although "Names" was at 59k when I did the interview, it is over 65k now. :)

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