Saturday, April 12, 2014

For those at RAINBOW CON 2014

Just a quick note to those lovely folks who will be traveling to Tampa, FL next week to attend RAINBOW CON. Hi! I will be giving away another audiobook download code for My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! The drawing is random and open to anyone who fills in an entry slip. I ask for basic information. Name, e-mail address, whether to not you would like to be included on current events e-mails (which is basically my blog), and if you have read a Wade Kelly book before. Easy. For those who do NOT want to be on mailing lists, I do NOT enter your address into my "subscribe" box on the side of my blog. For those who are interested, the blog post actually appears in your e-mail and i=you don't even have to visit the blog to read the whole thing. I like that option personally :)

So to win your copy of the AUDIO of My Roommate's a Jock, stop by my table at the conference. All are welcome to enter. (authors included)

I hope to see you there. :)


  1. I've got the Kindle version, and THIS IS A GREAT BOOK!!!!! Buy it!!!!!
    Don't wait for a give-away! Just spend a few bucks and get it NOW!!!

    Peace <3

  2. The winner was Anthony Kudo, btw ;)