Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I’m a POET, and you don’t know it.

POET? Yes, I like to fool myself and think that I am. I’m okay at it, but I don’t know that “rules” of different styles and stuff. I just wing it and try to make it sound okay.

Missing You  (from When Love IS Not Enough)
“I see the color of the sky today, 
It’s gray; all the orange has seeped away. 
The birds are hushed and the wind stilled, 
Too many sorrows leave the autumn air chilled. 
I long for a sound of joy on my open page— 
Only dry words echo across this empty stage. 
Where were your smiles among the letters? 
Did happiness become harsh fetters? 
—Or did the rain fall and steal that kiss 
Sucking the brilliance from those eyes I miss. 
The water is placid on the lake of my heart, 
Its deep chasm of imagination won’t start. 
The key in my hand, I can’t find the door, 
I close my eyes and cry loneliness once more.” 

Of Love And Sadness  (from My Roommate’s A Jock? Well, Crap!)
And what should I speak to you today,
Of paper flowers and skies of gray?
Or moon-lit nights, sitting alone,
Candles burning with no one home.
Pure sadness falls upon mine ear;
I hear it whisper, because you’re not here.
My cold tears that fall, deafen the night
In ways that can't be found in light.
The shadows cry of a love so dear
That my heart won't beat without him near.
Cupid calls, “Fear not, my friend, for love is a fire;
Which kindles, ignites, and consumes the pyre.”
Love is the flame that banishes dark,
And teaches a tune to the morning lark.
It's love that beats within my breast,
And love that gives each soul true rest.
So when my heart in sadness sighs,
I remember that love is in his brown eyes.

I have more. Will I put them into my books? IDK. Maybe.

The Intangible  (possibly in Names Can Never Hurt Me.)

There’s ‘something’ in the way you speak
Though not through words as such,
A subtle lilt within the letters
A phrase that says so much.

I can’t explain that ‘something’ there
Although I feel it every time,
It makes me smile and laugh out loud
And reply back to you in rhyme.

I love the way it makes me feel
To know, somehow, you missed me,
To ask me where I was today
That’s when the ‘something’ hits me.

That friendship sealed within my heart
Can’t deny the intangible is true,
Without need of words, or sound, or voice
I recognize that ‘something’ is just YOU.

Or maybe this one…

Love’s Sonnet   (remember that I said I don’t know “rules”.)

The intense passion that rages in these eyes
Is only comparable to a savage flame;
Blazing an errant path as it cries
For relief. It searches a torrid plane
But the deep desires only burn white-hot;
Intensified by images shared by a lascivious gaze-
Piercing my soul. A soul that forgot
That need, a need lost in a maze
Of sweltering emotion, now set free.
These ardent dreams shall soon find rest;
For in your strong arms, I shall see
The fruition of a flame of unrest.
If love can be conveyed by a look in one’s eyes,
Than passion can only be quenched by the heart in which it lies.

**What do you think? Can I pull off poetry?

So, I have been writing. I will try to get more done this morning before I get my rear-end working. (Because writing is pleasure!) I start today with a total of 43,661 words on Names Can Never Hurt Me. (NCNHM) Let us see by the end of the day how much I can accomplish! I’d like to say I am half way done, except that my books take their own route sometimes. Word-wise I have enough. If I take this X2 then 87,322 is certainly enough for a novel. I don’t want to hang on word count though. There are plenty of people that wished “Jock” was shorter because they got bored. I’d rather not repeat that. I’m trying to improve my writing, not wallow in stagnation. I want it to be an exciting experience for readers to pick up my books!! Ya know?

POV shifts? Love / Hate them? Because I have them in the WIP. Not bad. Only between two characters. (main ones) IF… still saying “if”… IF The Cost of Loving (TCOL) was out already then you’d kind-of know what I mean because I’m writing NCNHM in the same format. Most of it is in Nick’s POV and some from RC’s. This is tentative because I was considering taking out RC’s thoughts all together. I might leave you in the dark and have you discover things along with Nick. IDK.

No word on TCOL. It’s been two weeks since I sent it to the publisher. I’m on the edge of my seat!

Coming this week on Joyfully Jay, a review of My Roommate’s a Jock. (http://joyfullyjay.com/2013/02/coming-this-week-jock-week.html) I am anxious to read it. I hope they liked it. Hop on over and see what the reviewers said about My JOCK, and others on “JOCK week.” (Is that anything like shark week?)

Laterz ya’ll ;)

oh, and BTW, Jock is still on the bestseller list on DSP at #18, and #78 on Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read.February 20, 2013
This review is from: My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! (Kindle Edition)
WOW!!! This was one of the best books i have read in a while. So loving, so caring and a smile on my face through the whole book, even if a tear slid down my face I still had the smile. I am almost tempted to write the author a thank you letter. In a world of so few smiles this was like a breathe of fresh air. You have to read this.

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