Thursday, February 28, 2013


To Pinterest or NOT to Pinterest, that is the question...

So, what is the deal with Pinterest? I got people telling me I need one and I'm like, "Seriously? What could I possibly use it for?" Out of curiosity opened the Pinterest home page amidst the links was a chicken recipe. I like chicken. I like to eat. I like to cook so I can eat! I like to find new ways to cook the chicken I like to eat. Pinterest? Hmmm, looking good so far. But the question still sits there - what is the point and do I really need one?

I am blogging with the desire to hear what YOU ALL have to say! Hello, anyone listening? (I know some of you are.) Tell me what you think? Is Pinterest where it's at? Is Pinterest the next BIG THING? Is it a must have, gotta, do it, social network, that an AUTHOR can utilize? More than likely I will set one up. (I give in too easily.) But if I don't find the need it might sit with no activity. IDK.

Another glance and I saw a tattoo. I like tattoos. Hmm, another plus for the Pinterest "yes" column. Question, can you tell I am a verbal processor? I am literally researching this as I write a blog!! LOL. I might even open a Pinterest as I write, but I think I lack the time. I have a long day. I will not have internet on my computer today (traveling) so it will only be on my phone. Hard to Pinterest, or anything else on my phone. I DO check e-mail, and I comment on Goodreads (sometimes) from my phone, but little else.

I see Pinterest as just ONE MORE THING to keep up with.

I have TWITTER. I have  FACEBOOK. I have GOODREADS. I have a FAN PAGE on Facebook (with 400 likes). I have a WEBSITE. And I have GOOGLE+... Do I need Pinterest?

I'll consider it.

On a different note, I got a nice review from TopTwoBottomReviews.

4.5 Kisses

My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! is my first story by author Wade Kelly and after reading this one it won’t be my last. While the main characters are similar to many others in the various geek/jock stories out there, they do have some unique qualities that help set them, and this story, apart from the others. The author did a wonderful job bringing these two men alive and in no time I found myself caring about them and could not wait to see how their story would unfold.

Cole is our geek in this story and while his many issues are serious, and challenging for those who live with similar conditions, at times Cole and his reactions had me laughing. Cole has faced the usual trauma involving jocks that most geeks do so his distrust of them is understandable. His reaction to finding out his new roommate is a jock was to be expected, but the way in which Ellis handled Cole was well done. Ellis is, of course, the jock. Unlike some of the jocks we have seen in the past, Ellis isn’t the super confident all rounded individual. He’s actually unsure of himself, which in many ways puts him on even footing with Cole.

While there is an attraction from the beginning, their relationship starts out as friendship and later builds into more. I liked watching the way their relationship shifted from one level to the other. The way in which Ellis goes out of the way trying to understand Cole, and to help him adjust to the changes occurring in his live because of Ellis’ arrival, shows the caring that exists between the two men. `

With both men being college students the majority of the secondary characters in this story are as well. While most are friends of one or the other of the men, they aren’t all good. The twist the story takes, and the effect it has on the men, especially Cole, had me worried about the way the story would end.

My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! was an entertaining story and I can’t wait to see what future stories the author has planned.

Reviewed By: Lydia

Check it out!!!



  1. I don't think that Pinterest is all that helpful when it comes to promoting books but it's useful for remembering sites you might want to check out at some later point.

    Since I do lots of creative projects, I love Pinterest although it should come with a warning: " May be suck up hours of your free time without you even noticing".

    Here's a link to one of my boards when you may find something you already know:

    When it comes to recipes, I prefer this site:

    And congrats to getting another great review for Jock :)

  2. Pinterest for creative ideas? Yeah, noooot so much. Creativity and me don't mix. I do like Perhaps Pinterest is a nice thing for those who use it, but i don't see myself as one of those people. Idk. If other authors have one i might. Thanks for commenting, Enny!! :)

  3. Based on my, admittedly limited, Pinterest experience, it is mainly for creative, artistic, design oriented people who love new ideas. Since my creativity couldn't even fill a pinky-sized thimble, let alone a thumb-sized thimble, I may not be the best person to offer advice but hey, you asked. :-)

  4. Ha ha. Yeah, I'm not an idea person. I mean that in general. I am a writer and i have some creative juice, but not crafty and not to make things (unless that is to make a mess) .

  5. You need's why...yes, awesome recipes, tattoos are good but you could pin hot guys for writing inspiration! Take a look at JP Barnaby's Pinterest site -- it's nothing to "keep up with" just a place to tag stuff you want to keep.

  6. posting guys for inspiration, eh? Not a bad thought. i don't tend to need that but I do enjoy the posts that Kei posts on Facebook. I'll check out JP