Saturday, March 14, 2015

Song Saturdays - All Time Low

If you couldn't guess my top BEST AWESOMEST favorite bands on my previous post, then I will straight out tell you!

1. All Time Low
2. Maroon 5
3. Evanescence

There are other bands I LOVE, but these three have been consistently at the top for YEARS! These are bands that I can listen to ANYTIME! These bands I have all their music, or at the very least MOST of it.

I discovered All Time Low when listening to Pandora and I made a Maroon 5 channel. Other bands got mixed in and I heard Yellow Card, Fall Out Boy, & Panic! At The Disco. But something about ALL TIME LOW stuck with me. I love Alex Gaskarth's voice. I love their sound. I LOVE that they originated in my hometown of BALTIMORE. But what I think stuck out the most was their Lyrics. I really really like a band that can play well, compose great music, and also write some sweeeet lyrics! They done good in my book!

One of my first posts about All Time Low was in January 2013. I am pretty sure my Pandora experience was in the end of 2012 when the song Weightless hit me hard! That is what I wanted to be! Weightless.

"Manage me, I'm a mess,
Turn a page, I'm a book
half unread…"

I STILL refer to it as my theme song!

I refer to All Time Low in several of my books as (ironically) ATL is my character's favorite band! (Flynn and Keith like ATL) HAHA. And Cole Reid heard Maroon 5 playing in the coffee shop in JOCK.

I tweet about All Time Low too. And in May I am going to see them in Baltimore! I am a huge fan! I saw them play at the Filmore in Silver Spring MD in the fall 2013 and it was awesomenicity! When I looked them up on Wikipedia, it says they are a pop punk band. HAHA who knew I listened to Pop Punk! But I guess I do! (and I use too many exclamation marks) Wiki says they have 6 albums, although there are "deluxe" albums and singles and such on iTunes. Their first albums were released before they graduated high school! Now I say THAT is pretty cool! I hope these guys keep going strong because I really like their music!

That is all I have to say for now. I'm sure that All Time Low will make it back to Song Saturdays because I can talk about MANY of their songs! For those who have not seen them or heard of them, here is a OLD video I found on YouTube. Way back in the day when Weightless had just been released. This is from an MTV thing called "Unplugged" and is about 24 minutes long. At the 16:00 minutes mark, Alex sings Weightless! The cool part here is that it is acoustic and live and they are so much younger looking. Fun to see how the band is progressing :)

Thanks for stopping by! More bands and music to come so stop back again!


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