Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spreadsheets!!! I love them.

Spreadsheets!!! I love them… hahaha. I am home! Long wait for my bags, but way better than Angel had with her delays. I'm going out to dinner in a minute, but I thought I would post what I wrote.

On the plane, I made a spreadsheet! HAHAHA. I thought it would help keep me on track with all the things I need to do. It seems many people limit their time on different social media, like 10 minutes or 30 minutes or something, and limiting it keeps them on track and focused. This translates into everything I do really. I need to be organized in everything! So I made the spreadsheet with all the social media things I do, but also things like laundry and cleaning because these need to be done everyday and when done everyday then they are fast!

One of my HUGEST goals this year is to purge my house of all the crap I have piling up everywhere because I never throw anything away. I am trending toward being a hoarder and that is not what I want to be. I want to purge! So, cleaning is on my checklist as a way of working toward that end-goal. I want a clean and organized house!

Poppy mentioned being consistent in social media and not cross posting. Fresh new content or a variation of another post, but it shouldn’t be the same or people gloss over and don’t read it. The author becomes white noise because everyone has seen it and therefore they stop reading. Just like if I only ever talk about the same things. This would get boring, right? So I am coming up with a plan and a blog post schedule to make it more interesting for all of you! I will post my weekly blog schedule later this week.

Oddly, I have written several blog posts on the plane back from Orlando! YAY

ONE VERY LARGE GOAL AND ONE I NEED TO KEEP IS WRITING EVERYDAY. My daily goal is 1500 words. I think it is doable if the story is flowing. Rick R Reed says he gets up at 4:30 in the morning and is done writing by 10 so he has all day for everything else. I intend on doing that as well. My dogs get me up at 4:30 anyway! I will get up and stay up and write while everyone else in the house is sleeping! I think it is also doable.

I don’t have much control over many other things in my life. Kids and dogs and cooking happen, but I AM ABLE to get my butt out of bed and write when people are sleeping. I am also able to take a nap on some days if getting up at 4:30 is hard on me that day. I can do it!

I want to bring my readers more stories and the only way to do that is to WRITE WRITE WRITE! Beth even does a hash tag of #writewadewrite when she comments on facebook. I have cheerleaders so I need to listen to them.

So, anyway, that is all for today.
I will think about my trip and post about Orlando, but really, I have already posted about the highlights. On TWITTER I will talk about marketing. Facebook has pictures so you can connect with me there. Pinterest will have pins of things I like. Visit me on all social media for a broader idea of what is going on with me.

Thanks for stopping by! As Jason says, Hugs and Kittens <3



  1. Plan the work and work the plan...I like it!!

  2. That is the essence of the plan, "to stick to it!"