Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The OTHER Wade Kelly

So, I was poking around Google because another thing that was brought up over the week end was using YOUR NAME for an e-mail address. Not sleepynija27@____ or TurtleLover99@____, but claiming YOUR name in e-mail and domain name. I mentioned that I use Writer Wade Kelly. ( The comment was made, "Huh. So you're a writer, are you?" Yes, I am. But WHY have that in my title when people who visit my already know I am a writer? VALID POINT.

When I originally chose the name I did google it and found out there is some guy with that name. So, MEETWade Kelly….

I found this picture and a link to a blog called "The Noteworthy" … You can find it HERE. On this page I read all about a guy named Wade, but I am still not sure WHO he is and where he can be found. If he is truly "noteworthy" shouldn't I be able to find him somewhere? I THINK he is a part of the educational system in South Wales, but IDK.

Anyway… All that to say I found another interesting tidbit. I have mentioned previously that my name originated with a TV show called SLIDERS. It was a sci-fi show in the 90's and the girl character on the show was named Wade Wells. See below :)

What I found super cool and unexpected is that when I was searching pictures of "Wade Kelly" and this one showed up, the description that went with it was even better!


This was an interesting fact to me as I thought I picked "Kelly" because I liked the name. Perhaps it was a subconscious decision based on knowledge I'd gained from watching the show for so many years??? I don't know. I just thought that was fun! Wade Wells + Kelly Wells = Wade Kelly!! hahaha.

Back to the original comment from the weekend…. WRITER is a part of my e-mail and web address because when searching for Wade Kelly I could have sworn a football player came up 5 years ago. Maybe I was wrong, but the reason I put "Writer" in the title was to distinguish myself apart from that guy. Now, maybe I am set apart front he Education guy from Wales. Either way, the "writer" part of the title is staying because it does make sense in the context. If you look up Wade Kelly you find me anyway.

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