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Featured in a German Paper

Hey, I am a couple days behind because I am so freaking busy it isn't funny, but on MONDAY I was featured on two online magazines. (I guess they both are magazines, idk.) Most people have heard of the HUFFINGTON POST. Well, I was in the The "DE" is for Germany!

You can visit HERE to read the article by Domenico Sciurti.

I had it translated by a friend and it basically says:

Gay romances written by a woman - a great deal of annoyance for church and fans

A friend's father betrayed her.  Shortly after she had received a warning call, the door bell rang at Wade Kelly's home.
Obviously displeased the preacher declared that no member of his congregation was allowed to publish gay romances.
Wade Kelly had to be stopped. Her husband should control her. Tears are running down from the US-American author when she talks about her first coming out. "I just want to be who I am," she told the news agency dpa.

Pseudonyms as a way of protection from fans and critics

A woman who writes gay romance has many foes. That is the reason why many authors lead a double life and write under a penname. Wade Kelly is one of them.

Disgruntled fans:  "Never write me again"

But there are also fans of the genre who aren't too happy, because they think a woman can't know what a gay man thinks/ feels etc.
"Never write me again" that is how a former fan ended an 1 1/2 year long e-mail exchange when he learned the truth: The author is a woman. That was the second coming out.

A growing market - also in Germany

Gay romances are popular.  At this year's Rainbow Book Fair in NYC, the largest book fair for gay-lesbian literature in the US, more than 100 authors, publishers and booksellers presented their works.
Round about 1500 visitors attended the event. Online the numbers are even more impressive.  "", the self-named world largest online community of readers and book recommendations list 15,000 members in a group for MM romance. The list of the best works covers more than 2000 books.
The fan base in Germany is also big. Publishers like M√§nnerschwarm,  Querverlag und Incubus distribute numerous publications. offers more than 900 ebooks to download.

Church fights against "gay books"

Resistance comes from the church. This year the Catholic publisher "Weltbild" ended its cooperation with the Canadian publisher Icon Empire Press, because they offered "gay books".
The fact that readers don't accept female authors is something which the gay author Kage Allan can't understand. "Fiction is imagination. Men have been writing about women from the beginning of time. Me included. Why ever shouldn't a female author write about gay men?"

Male name as a kind of protection and not for the greed of gain

Wade Kelly went against the wishes of her preacher.  She left the congregation and came to terms with her painful experiences in her book "When love is not enough".
She regrets that she has disappointed her fans. "I lied because I was secretive, but I never wanted to be like the others."
She means the hundreds of female authors, who write under male or androgen pseudonyms, because they think they would be more successful that way.

Fear of social repression

Wade Kelly is also a pseudonym.  Although the third coming-out is not too far away. "I try to overcome my fears."
The faithful Christian offers a lot of personal stuff on her blog. She hasn't published her real name so far, first and for all to protect her three kids. "I live in a little conservative town in Maryland. The people here aren't always open for everything."

Domenico and I talked for about 2 hours on Skype and much more was said, but because of space and word-count restrictions, this is all he could squeeze in. If you want to know more, ask me.

It is a positive article and summarizes many of the things he and I talked about. Both the Huffington Post and STERN magazine have the same article. In STERN, There is a LINK to JOCK in German. Will it boost sales? I have no idea. But the publicity is good and I appreciate Domenico's efforts and his article.

Jock is still selling in the German market and IF you are GERMAN, here is the LINK to to purchase it :) It has 5 ratings so far over in Germany and 4 of them are 5 stars. YAY, for Cole and Ellis! 


In other news, I set up a BLOG TOUR that starts next Monday! I will be on Joyfully Jay. This blog tour is to talk about NAMES CAN NEVER HURT ME>>>my new release coming your way August 11, 2014. Remember, you can PRE-ORDER this book at DREAMSPINNER. During my blog tour, I will reveal different excerpts from the book and talk about why I wrote them and the significance these thoughts have to me. If you want to get to know me more, and see ingot my mind and thought process, then follow the blogs and read what I have to say. Next week I will NOT be reposting them here because then it defeats the point of a TOUR. I will however post links so you can find them. (Sorry for those reading my posts on GOODREADS.) I will also be giving some things away ;)

I will appear on:

August 4 - Joyfully Jay
August 11 - The Blogger Girls
August 12 - Rainbow Book Reviews (Review only)
August 13 - Smoocher's Voice
August 14 - The Novel Approach
August 16 - Jeff Adams' Blog
August 17 - FACEBOOK takeover of Dreamspinner's FB page. I will chat in the afternoon with whoever shows up!
August 20 - GGR Reviews
August 22 - Multitasking Momma
August 26 - Tammmy Middleton's blog
August 27 - back at Joyfully Jay

And September 29th I will appear on Elisa Rolle's page as a part of the GRL tour.


We also have FRIEND FRIDAY coming up this week! On friend Fridays I have been asking for other authors etc to drop by and talk about their books. It gives variety to MY blog and gives more exposure to THEM.

So far, I've hosted Sue Brown, and Jeff Adams. THIS Friday, stop by and see what GREGORY PAYNE has to say! :)

This list for several weeks is:
August 1 - Gregory Payne
August - 8 Christ Shirley
August 15 - Tammy Middleton
August 22 - DS Kenn
August 29 - Stephen Del Mar
September 5 - Whitley Gray
September 12 - Felicia Stevens
September 19 - Hans Hirschi
September 26 - Sarah Madison
October 3 - Michael Kudo
October 10 - Will Freshwater
October 17 - Ally Editorial Services
October 24 - BJ Sheppard
November 7 - Lynley Wayne

November 14 - Bronwyn Heeley

LOTS of things going on around here! So you know you need to stop back often! :)

For NOW, I'm OUT! 
Got so much to do it isn't funny! Plus, I need to WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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