Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick Check In and count downs

Hello all you wonderful people. The count down is on for my newest release. August 11 is only 26 days away. There are also only 40 days left of summer vacation before school starts here, and 90 days until GRL. Did yo know that? 90 days people. Oh. My. Gosh. I am nervous. There is so little time to prepare for that. I need to buy stuff. I need to plan stuff. Eeek. Time is short!

But my new release is the most exciting at present. It has been a long time coming! LONG!!!!

Names Can Never Hurt Me is up for Pre-order. YES!!! The date is August 11, If you didn't hear it before. I am very excited about this! I have set up a blog tour for NAMES. I am going to try and do a different entry per blog and talk about the book etc.

So far, I have:
July 20 - Online chat with Rainbow Gold Reviews. Not sure what that entails, but I will be online to chat with you. Come join me.
August 4 - starts a blog tour for GRL and my newest release. I am currently thinking of something unique for Jay.
August  7 - Prism Book Alliance
August 11 - The Blogger Girls
August 13 - Smoocher's Voice
August 14 - A Novel Approach
August 16 - Jeff Adams
August 17 - Online chat/FB takeover of Dreamspinner's FB page. Come on by!
August 20 - GGR reviews
August 22 - Multi Tasking Mamma
August 25 - Rainbow Gold Reviews
August 27 - Joyfully Jay one more time.
September 29 - Elisa Rolle

In the mean time, I have come up with something new. FRIEND FRIDAYS. Starting this Friday I will host other authors (etc) on my blog. It is a marketing thing. I like people. I am willing to host them here. It gives them different exposure and possibly draws others over to my site. IDK. Whatever. The idea is to host those who would like to talk about their books etc because frankly, I run out of things to talk about. This way, you get to read more!

Come back THIS Friday for Sue Brown!

On schedule: Sue Brown, Jeff Adams, Gregory Payne, Chris Shirley, TM Smith, DC Kenn, Stephen Del Mar, Sarah Madison, Michael Kudo, Will Freshwater, etc… so do not miss out!

And when you think of it…. Pre-order Names Can Never Hurt Me.

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