Saturday, July 19, 2014

RGR Pride Celebration

Hello! I am posting to let you know I will be a part of the RGR Pride Celebration. As I said in a previous blog: Check-ins and Count-downs,  I will be participating in an online chat with Rainbow Gold Reviews. It is to celebration PRIDE. Marc Fleischhauer is the host and has invited  26 awesome gay fiction authors and one illustrator to CHAT in 30 minute increments with whom ever shows up!

This is the details copied from the event page. EVENT PAGE HERE! (CLICK) 

Rainbow Gold Reviews invites you to celebrate PRIDE with 26 awesome gay fiction authors and one illustrator. You will get 30 minutes to get to know each of them and ask them your burning questions. Think of it as a fun, casual 'speed-dating'. You know those kindles need to be fed regularly :P

Each guest brings a nice prize (most will be received by the lucky winners on the same day) and there will be more than 10 Guest Posts with giveaways on our blog .

Among these are Guestposts by:

We will also post Interviews with:

Prelude to the celebration:
09:00-10:00 am CDT: Brandon Witt
Reprise to the celebration:
11:00-11:59 pm CDT: Toni Griffin

The Prelude and Reprise 1 Hour Chats will be on the Chat Widget on the right sidebar of the Rainbow Gold Reviews blog. Log in normally or with your Twitter account

These are the Chats that will happen in the thread, PINNED to the very top of this Facebook Event:

10:00 am CDT: Jay Northcote
10:30 am CDT: KJ Charles
11:00 am CDT: K-lee Klein
11:30 am CDT: Kay Berrisford
12:00 pm CDT: Patricia Logan
12:30 pm CDT: Raine O'Tierney
01:00 pm CDT: Rj Scott
01:30 pm CDT: Brigham Vaughn
02:00 pm CDT: Alex Morgan
02:30 pm CDT: Dorien Grey
03:00 pm CDT: Wade Kelly
03:30 pm CDT: D.t. Peterson
04:00 pm CDT: Draven St James
04:30 pm CDT: Ashlyn Daube
05:00 pm CDT: Catherine Dair
05:30 pm CDT: Jordan L. Hawk
06:00 pm CDT: Jess Buffett
06:30 pm CDT: Tinnean
07:00 pm CDT: Natsuya Uesugi
07:30 pm CDT: Agnes Merikan + Kat Merikan
08:00 pm CDT: Silvia Violet
08:30 pm CDT: Diana Copland
09:00 pm CDT: LE Franks
09:30 pm CDT: Cody Kennedy
10:00 pm CDT: Ethan Stone
10:30 pm CDT: Mari Evans

10 am CDT (Chicago time) is 5 pm CEST (Central European Standard Time), 4 pm GMT (UK time), 11 am EDT (New York City time), 9 am MDT (Salt Lake City Time) and 8 am PDT (San DIego time). 

or go to to find out the times in YOUR timezone ;)

THERE ARE 1.5K PEOPLE INVITED TO THE EVENT AT THE MOMENT, but feel free to invite more. 

Please stop on by and have a chat with your favorite author, OR with an author you are unfamiliar with and are interested in what they might have to say.


In addition, if you didn't stop by for FRIEND FRIDAY, you missed a cool interview with SUE BROWN. Post: Friend Friday with Sue Brown

Also: Names Can Never Hurt Me is still on sale for Pre-Order at Dreamspinner Press.
Hop on over there now and snag your copy. Release date is 8/11/14.

Next up on Friend Fridays is JEFF ADAMS!!!!

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