Sunday, July 13, 2014

Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed… oh wait, this isn't a wedding.

I have this theory that catchy blog titles catch readers' attention. Or maybe it is iterating stories. Or interesting bloggers. In that case, I normally fail. I'm not all that interesting.


Did you know that My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! is out in German??? It is still selling over on just not as high up on the charts. If you know any German speaking people, or German's in general, pass along the word. I know not everyone speaks English, so it is important to show publishers of the need to translate into other languages. Luckily, Dreamspinner Press does do this! I am privileged to be one of the ones who gets a GERMAN translation. I'm so excited. Wouldn't it be cool to have French or Italian as well??? You never know. Fingers crossed. If sales go well in German, that MIGHT be in their sights. :)

Here is the BUY LINK.


Names Can Never Hurt Me is up for Pre-order. YES!!! I finally have a release date. I said it in the previous post and now here. NAMES has a release date of August 11, 2014. I am very excited about this! I am setting up a blog tour as we speak. The issue is, HOW THE HECK do I think of something unique for every blog? I have no clue.

So far, I have:
July 20 - Online chat with Rainbow Gold Reviews. Not sure what that entails, but I will be online to chat with you. Come join me.
August 4 - starts a blog tour for GRL and my newest release. I am currently thinking of something unique for Jay.
August  7 - Prism Book Alliance
August 11 - The Blogger Girls
August 14 - A Novel Approach
August 16 - Jeff Adams
August 17 - Online chat/FB takeover of Dreamspinner's FB page. Come on by!
August 20 - GGR reviews
August 27 - Joyfully Jay one more time.

My question to you all is, "WHAT THE HECK do I talk about on all these blogs?" What do you want to know? I am thinking of questions, possibly a character interview, but I am not good at thinking outside the box in this regard. Help me think of questions you may want answered.

In the mean time, tell people, spread the word, about my up-coming release on August 11. (Tom's Birthday!) Names Can Never Hurt Me coming soon!!! This is a 340 page read for those who love long books. Dreamspinner also gives a free eBook with the purchase of paperback. It really does! I ordered The Art of Breathing in paperback, and got the eBook free. I wanted TJ's signature. I know that the first 20 (or more) books bought on DSP are signed. I got one! (Thanks TJ.)

SOMETHING BORROWED…. Or rather, they are "borrowing" my blog. I am going to start "Friend Fridays" for other authors to stop by and leave excerpts, interviews, and/ or giveaways. This Friday Sue Brown kicks off the event. Every Friday will have someone new stopping by to share about their books. Sue Brown, Jeff Adams, Gregory Payne, Chris Shirley, TM Smith, DC Kenn, Stephen Del Mar, Sarah Madison, etc… so do not miss out!

I have worked out a schedule for the blog guests on a NOTE on my Facebook page for anyone friends with me there. I'll also post a schedule again here.

I guess that is all for now.

Love you guys.

And just be aware, I am pimping the heck out of this book. I have one release a year so this one has to do well!! PLEASE. Fingers Crossed. I hope people like it!



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