Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guessing game (with a prize!)

In the interest of trying not to pull my hair out waiting for a release date, let's have a little fun.


I can't pick it. My publisher does. I will get a pre-order link approximately 4 weeks out, but that is not an exact science either. I was told it is on schedule for release any time between August 1st and August 22. There are a great number of days in there. So PICK ONE.

Like a football pool or a roulette, YOU pick the day you think will be the release date for Names Can Never Hurt Me and let me know your guess. Comment below, PM me on FB, comment on my post on FB, or in the Wade Brigade, or e-mail me.

I will collect the dates you guess. As soon as Dreamspinner tells me the date, or if the buy-link is posted, we will all know the date and thereby know who is the winner. In the event more than one person picks the same release date, I will randomly pick some one from the list of entries. Fair enough?

What do you win? Either a eBook copy of Names Can Never Hurt Me, or something from my back list that you want to read and haven't yet. This way, you'll know if you won or not and can then pre-order my book if you like. Remember, Dreamspinner also offers a free eBook with the purchase of a paperback. And more than likely, the first 20 or so paperbacks ordered are signed on inserted velum sheets.

Remember, the contest is on NOW, July 2nd 2:05pm EST, until I see the posted date or DSP e-mails me. THEY pick the date, I do not, therefore any and all guesses are valid and stand as good a chance as any. Ready. Set. Go.

Make you guess.