Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Spontaneity can be good, but wow it can cause stress too. The family is going on a spontaneous mini vacation to NC. It was unexpected and a huge blessing. We've been having difficulty and a vacation was probably not going to happen again this year and the children were disappointed but understood. Then a cousin calls late Tuesday night. "Hey, do you want to go to the outer banks? Our beach house is sitting there this week with no renters because of the hurricane." Um, Yeah! But dropping everything last minute and going right then wasn't happening. My husband has a job. And my youngest had a commitment I was not going to cancel because it would hurt her feelings. So, we plan to leave tonight after the commitment. She is doing an Irish Dancing demonstration at a local restaurant. It is exciting. We will drive all night and get down to NC by the break of dawn. YAY! No sleep and children who will want to swim. I guess my son is going to watch them while I sleep. So, ta-da, we are going to go to  the beach. Of course for me that means loads of preparation because it is not a vacation if I have to cook while I'm down there. I was to relax. I want to write! I want to walk on the beach and smell the salt air. I do not want to be stuck in the kitchen. That is like being at home.

Yesterday I planned the drive. I have a map and directions. (Because sometimes the GPS says "Lost satellite signal.") I researched the restaurants in the area. I fed all the animals. Paid some bills. Packed blankets and sheets. AND… I FOUND a HOUSE/DOG SITTER! I'm so glad! She is making me less tense about leaving my dogs. All the other animals are self-sufficient. As long as the house isn't burning down, they are good. This girl I know, and she lives very close. It is easy for her and relieving for me. She is only a text away.

Today I need to cook a few things to take. I have a plan. I find that planning in my head first makes everything fall together easier. Sometimes it might seem like I'm doing nothing, but as I sit and think, I can visualize what needs to be done. I'm doing this with the food. I want it to be easy. I want to make one meal ahead of time. I need to pack things to take because we will get down there at like 4 am. Unless the stores are 24hour things aren't open yet. We will be tire from driving. I need something kids can cook or make while I sleep. PLANNING!!!! So I am going to pack the rest today.

Of course, this is AFTER I go to lunch with some friends! LOL (Priorities) My friends had wanted to take me out for my birthday a few weeks ago, but not everyone could go. Today was a good date and we are all going out. This is the core crowd that I love so deeply that I sometimes cry just being near them. Yes, that woulds terribly mushy, but having LOST ALL my friends 4 years ago when they all stopped talking to me at once, it makes me appreciate the ones I have now even more. THEY LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM! They know more about me than most. I love this group of women so very much! So YES I am going out to lunch! Not canceling that for a little vacation 7+ hours south which takes place in about 14 hours. lol. Why would I do that? I am going to throw some rice on while I write, and make a list of the items  I need to buy.

I totally need to write. I am getting depressed over how long it is taking. I keep thinking of details which only make the book more complicated. I think they are necessary but still! More stuff to add. More things to write. And no time to write it! Or I waste my time, That could be too. I know I have only been writing this one since November (I think) and in the scheme of things that is relatively short compared to the ones that took 14 months or whatever, but I want it done. I have such plans, but they won't happen if one book isn't finished so I can write the next.

You know I struggle with envy and jealousy, right? I am so jealous of people who can write prolifically. I envy the constant flow of publications that keep them in the public eye. I worry so much I'll be forgotten. It might be ridiculous to think that, but I feel it all the time. And then I think, "I just need to write. One word at a time and get my book finished!" But it is easier said than done. I am not like everyone else and I struggle so much. The story is in my head, but getting stout is not easy. And then I think, maybe I'm making this one TOO complicated! I don't know. I think I have to try and write it as I feel it and see what the beta reader thinks. (If Tina is up for it in a few months.) If she says NO! then I'll reconsider how it is written.

So, yeah, I'm a little stressed over getting everything done to leave TONIGHT. I need to cook and pack and write and go to lunch. AND my dog's ear is inflamed and he might need to go to the vet. I cleaned it, but it is still red. I'll see. Never ending here.

I hope all my fans are still hanging on. Names Can Never Hurt Me has to be published sometime! I have done all the stages. I am only waiting at this point. Edits done weeks ago! Galley Proof back TWO weeks ago. Anytime now I should get vellum sheets to sign for the paperback copies. Any time now I should get a pre-buy link and a release date. WHEN??? I don't know.

So the game is still on until I receive the date. It is neat to see people are still guessing a date. The guessing game LINK is HERE. So far, 10 contestants! :) And very few people I recognize the name of. Some are randomly new and that is fun. I never know if anyone reads this blog. lol.

My book is still selling in the German market. JOCK in German is slipping on the chart, but still selling. If you know any German speakers, please recommend it around and have them check it out. There are 4 reviews in German online. :)

The Eric Arvin fund has raised over $80k but I am pretty sure that money is getting sucked away fast from the bills. He will always need our continued support and love. Pray. Donate. Stop by and leave messages on his FB.

I guess that is all for now. Love to you all!


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  1. *hugs* Hope you and your family have a fantastic vacation. Safe travels!