Sunday, August 24, 2014

Faded Glory

Yes, my moment in the sun is coming to a close and I haven't even finish my blog tour yet. It's slightly depressing actually. What I can see, and have heard before, is that the big BOOM! for an author is in the first couple weeks of a release. After the first month of sales, things trail off. And with NAMES in mind, it is now slipping back down the charts after 2 weeks. #10 on Dreamspinner, but no more sales than yesterday which will mean it will drop again soon. #97 on Amazon, which is depressing to me. I know it is not about sales and is about the quality of what I write, but there is that part of me that wants to make a living doing this. Sales do matter at the end of the day because I do have to feed my family.

Bottom line, I write too slow. I write slow, and I don't write what the masses want and it is painfully clear that I am not that popular an author. And, because I am human, I get depressed over it. I thought this one would do better. I did a blog tour, which I thought would gain more exposure and with it more readers. I guess not. I have a few more stops on the tour and the book is already fading from the spotlight. The reviewers mostly liked it. I only know of one that didn't rave. And on Goodreads it is doing pretty well.   5 stars (26)  |  4 stars (29)  |  3 stars (16)  |  2 stars (1)  |  1 star (2)

I TWEETED my fingers off the last couple days too. I rarely tweet. Sometimes I forget I have Twitter. I was trying to tweet all the cool things people have said about my book. Does that help? Does that catch new readers attention? IDK. I think the author chat on Dreamspinner's Facebook page grabbed a few new people who hadn't heard of me before, but has the blog tour done anything? I'm not sure it has. It has been exhausting, that's for sure. Thinking up and writing blog posts that are all unique and all about my new book is mentally taxing. I'll have to list all the stops on my website (which needs updating!) because I think all the aspects about this book were cool. To me anyway.

I tweeted what readers said:

Wade Kelly’s “Names Can Never Hurt Me” Challenges Labels 

#NAMES sincere, funny, sweet, hot, and has some features that I really wasn’t expecting….

#NAMES If you want an excellent “Coming to Know One’s Self” book, this is it.

#NAMES I really liked the book and I thought that writing it in the 1st person was briliant, well I actually said “fricking brilliant”.

#NAMES Have you ever read one of those books that just made you smile and laugh? Names Can Never Hurt Me is one such book.

#NAMES I recom'd this insightful, original story 2 evry1, especially 2 those who R conflicted about who they R & what they want out of life. (shortened because Twitter only takes so many characters)

#NAMES  Sexy, romantic, endearing and realistic are just a few words to describe this book. Definitely a must read.

#NAMES This is such a beautiful story of love, companionship, getting to know oneself and maturation.

I hash-tagged in hopes of setting a trend, but I don't think anyone else got that :p

One of the coolest things I think I will highlight is what Scott Burkett did. He started this "Misfits" link on his blog for books that represent a positive affirmation on sexuality to help youth (or anyone) who might be struggling with "doors in their lives."

The actual explanation on Scott's page says: "This Page has been created for anyone within or supporting the LGBT community. We are all unique in our own way, Misfits trying to do our best in this crazy world. The books that make it to this page are all recommended reads for anyone that is struggling with their own sexuality. The books that are represented here provide a Positive Affirmation on Sexuality.

Reading opens doors, sometimes they can be doors in your mind and other times they can be literal doors. Each of us is different and we each have different doors that need to be opened and even doors that need to be closed. By reading these stories it may help with the doors in your life.

So far he listed Names Can Never Hurt Me, Pray the Gay Away by Sara York, and Turning 16 by Perie Wolford. You should visit this page! And if you have any more examples of the books he describes, please message him!

It is easy to get caught up in the "fame" of it all. HOPING something I write will take off and help my name get out there is all a part of being an author with dreams. I would like to be somewhat successful. Is that wrong? So part of me has a hard time realizing that things like what Scott said and did make more of a difference than hitting #1! What Scott did was tell me I make a difference on the individuals, not the masses. Thinking about that actually brings tears to my eyes. Bear with me, I'm a work in progress. I still sometimes want BOTH  the masses and the individuals. I know I make a difference to some people out there, and I have to hold on to that when it just seems futile to write. I HAVE to write or I would go inane, so don't think I am giving up because I'm not. I just get frustrated and need to vent. How the heck do authors get their names out there? How do they become popular and best sellers? It CAN'T only be from writing fluffy stories with lots of sex. It can't. 

I guess I have to go back and write another JOCK book because that is what sells. I wish I had time for that! I need to find time for that! Misplaced Affection is complicated and over 90k. I have to finish that first. I was thinking to self-pub it to get it out there faster, but that takes MONEY. Well, I don't have money. I would have to pay and editor and pay a cover artist. I don't have any money. And NAMES isn't doing as well as I thought so whatever I make will probably not cover the costs of the conferences I have already been to this year. Sadly. So I will probably take the easier, albeit LONGER, route and submit to Dreamspinner. I kind of have to. I don't WANT this to be out NEXT YEAR, but I really don't have much of a choice. Producing a book myself isn't free. And this also depresses me because I WANTED to get another book out this year! I guess I can't.

For now I will focus on WRITING the novel and when it is done I will reassess the funds. School starts tomorrow so maybe I will have time during the day again to get into a writing pattern. I hope. I've been dry. Wrote 2554 words yesterday and discovered all the chapters I have to REWRITE because I changed the plot and some details. So frustrating. I just want this one DONE already!

I guess that's all for now…..


Names Can Never Hurt Me from Dreamspinner Press is currently #10 on their Best Seller List.
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