Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm not selling books IN Chicago.

Just an FYI, I will NOT be selling books at GRL or the Boystown event due to pricing and selling restrictions. BUT, let it be known, I FULLY understand the reasons behind the policies that were put in place. To sell in other states you have to get a license and collect taxes, etc. This can be a hassle. At RT in NOLA, the organizers hired a company to over see this and collect the taxes for a fee. I sold books, they took a % of my money and submitted taxes and BOOM! done. But I basically gave the organizing group all my profit. With GRL, the % is higher. In order to sell in Chicago I would have to up my asking prices to cover their fees. It would not be worth while for readers!!

I can however, do a pre-order kind of thing since a couple other people are doing this. If you want to message me and order a paperback I will bring one for you. OR, buy them from DSP or Amazon or wherever and bring one to sign. NAMES comes out TOMORROW, you can get an eBook FREE with the purchase of a paperback. You can even watch for sales.

If you order with me they would be about $15 each for all my titles, but I am not sure how paypal will charge fees. I may have to use a Guinea pig for that to check it out. but anyway, let me know if you want to work out something with me ahead of time. And I know for a fact that mailing ONE book to California costs $5.60 for the flat rate envelope with tracking. It may cost less to mail it closer or more to mail it farther. I can look into mailing costs and add that to this post.

Also, I was toying with the idea of Vellum sheets that I could sign instead and you could stick them IN your book if you had one at home, or maybe stickers? I could have a sticky label that I could write a personal note on that could easily be slapped into a book. IDK. Just my thoughts. Let me know yours. 

Sorry about this, but the cost for selling them in Chicago is quite high and I would have to charge full cover price just to barely break even.

Click on the hyperlink under he picture to take you to the form. This is sort of an experiment as I have never done this. Someone can be a Guinea pig and fill in the form and we can talk about it. I am not out to make a huge profit by charging $17/ book, but I also don't want to pay someone else 25% when I have to buy my own copies of the paperbacks. They cost ME money. Cons are for readers and fans and I will be giving away something at Boystown, but I can not sell them because it is just a hassle. I will consider a giveaway thing and see what I can do. I can GIVE things away and no one charges me a fee! And giveaways are tax deductions.

That is all I have to say about this for now. I need to order some swag for GRL and blog about my BLOG TOUR. BRB.

Wade <3

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