Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reviews Rolling In for NAMES

So….. My new book released yesterday! I woke up yesterday and it was #24 on the Dreamspinner Press Best Seller list. And this morning it is on the Amazon Best Seller List for Gay and Lesbian Romance. I was going to say it was #19, but when I tabbed over to find the link, it is #16 right now. YAY!

This is very exciting. I remember when JOCK was on the Best Seller List. I was totally shocked! I really think it had to do with the title (thank you Deeze) but also GOD. I stumble through life and I think God has purpose. JOCK was such a huge hit and continues to be (i.e. AUDIO and German formats and maybe Another language in the future? who knows.) My point is, JOCK took OFF and that wasn't because people knew me or had heard of me, it was on its own. JOCK was/is a funny book and people like funny. I am thankful for JOCK because it got me noticed.

If you didn't know, gay suicide (topic in When Love Is Not Enough) is not the biggest hook for a Best Seller. I needed to get noticed. And boy did I! You readers out there have been wonderful and supportive and kind.

I AM A SLOW WRITER. Very slow. Like in reverse slow. It took me 14 months to write Names Can Never Hurt Me and another ten to get it published. WOW. I talk about it being "A Long Time Coming" in The Blogger Girls guest blog post that they featured yesterday. If you haven't read the post, please do. There is a giveaway and everything.

I started the blog tour with Joyfully Jay (WHY THIS TITLE, WHY THIS BOOK?), and then Prism Book Alliance with "10 interesting facts" about moi. (Is that the French for ME?) Anyway…. This blog tour is really designed for you the reader to get to know ME as well as get to know all about this book and why I wrote it. Tomorrow I will be on  Smoocher's Voice with an interview I did with Jodi. And Saturday should be extra fun as JEFF & WILL reveal the answers I gave for their list of questions!

But this post is about my reviews.

I was very nervous. I admit it. Tina told me it was a good book. Jeff told me the same thing. Did I believe them? Um, 80% of me did. I am awash with self doubt. I always think I am boring. I worry and I obsess over everything. Why? Because I write so darn slow!!! It is not like I write and publish a book every other month or even every quarter. So far it has been once a year! If I write one once a year then I need it to be spectacular! That ONE BOOK is what will carry me until the next publication. Luckily, JOCK is so popular, it is carrying much of the weight. WLINE and TCOL are not huge sellers. I think the topic turns people off initially. BUT, because JOCK is still selling, I snag other NEW readers who want to know what else I have out there. Thank God for Cole and Ellis. They have been great!!!

And yesterday was release day for my newest "baby." Nervous? COMPLETELY!

First review posted was from Jeff. He told me he liked it, but he hadn't showed me his review. IT IS POSTED HERE. (I'm not posting his review here, or it defeats the purpose of a BLOG HOP TOUR.) One thing he says is, "I love how [Wade] Kelly wrote Nick. He evolves so much over the course of the book from shallow guy to an adult whose ready to settle into the world.…"

And this kind of goes Hand-in-hand with what Lena Grey wrote in HER REVIEW {HERE} when she said, "This book is a character study of two young men finding their way through the complexities of life, coming out and living their lives truthfully and successfully with deliberation and commitment.…" I wanted to present in-depth character development and I think I have succeeded. :) YAY!

And then there was Morgan's review over at The Blogger Girls where one of her main points of contention was length. LENGTH? It is a long book. Agreed. So if she basically only has an issue (and one other thing with it, whatever…) then I can totally be on board with that! It IS FREAKING LONG!  118k/ 320 pages. I am completely okay with that! I want good character development and characterization. If I have achieved that, then go ahead and squawk about anything you like. Because you know what, I KNEW it was a long book to begin with. No Problem! Long because I was setting up for a sequel and I didn't want to cut anything. Could I have? YES. But most of you should know that whenever I edit I ADD words, I rarely remove them! I am freakin' HAPPY with her review and that she liked it so much because I didn't even know who Morgan was. She is completely unbias and neutral. And she gave it 4.5 stars. GO ME!! :) She ends her review with: Overall I loved this book, loved the topics Wade fearlessly tackled and the relationships she allowed to grow and change over the course of the story. It was sweet, sexy, sentimental and an excellent read. I highly recommend it!

Jodi at Smoocher's Voice had also NEVER read anything of mine and I have not seen her review of my book. I hope it is a good one and it will come out soon. And Multitasking Momma also read it and has a review ready for tomorrow. Once I have the links I will edit this post and add them. And then there is Scott Burkett. He has yet to read it and tell me what he thinks. So, we shall see. Oh, and Jackie at The Novel Approach…. She's gonna write something too. eeek.

So far, all reviews have been awesome!!!

I got a TWEET on Twitter yesterday that said:

And I think that is super cool! "Cutest Books Ever" list. heehee!! :)

I have received several messages telling me how much they loved my book! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

FRIEND FRIDAYS is up agin this week with Tammy Middleton. Previously I have hosted Sue BrownJeff AdamsGregory Payne, and Chris Shirley. 


  1. I must disagree with your scale... WLINE is WAY more than a 10+ ;)

    1. But scales are only supposed to go up to 10. LOL…. But I might have to revamp. IDK. Because Misplaced Affection is pretty rough. we'll see.