Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

Today is the start of what is going to be one heck of a week. For one thing, I had 4 hours of fitful sleep. I am a part of a kids camp this week, so I have to be out the door by 7 a.m. I was up at 4:45 making muffins, tea, and coffee. What does that have to do with kids? … Well, I have the best job there because I am in charge of the "Parent's Cafe." I serve mocha frappachinos (I can't spell that) and muffins to parents while their children go wild. Set up is 7:45 at Codorus State Park in PA and it starts at 8:45, done by around 12:30. It is several hours of intense "play" really. My job is to talk to people and make them feel welcome. Not really a hard job. But it is constant for several hours. Running on four hours of less than restful sleep I am already tired. But it is what it is. My kids LOVE this camp. (Even my 18 yr old) It's a blast! The two oldest are involved with the leadership, and the youngest plays all day in the 4th grade group. I will have fun today but I will also crash later. This happens ALL WEEK.

Release day is next MONDAY!!! Can you believe it?

Also today…. My FIRST STOP in my Blog Tour for Names Can Never Hurt Me on Joyfully Jay. (*Note, the link may or may not take you to the right place. I linked it to Wade kelly posts on Joyfully Jay, but my post for today is not up yet at 6:30 am.) On Joyfully Jay, I share with you WHY THIS TITLE, WHY THIS BOOK. And one of my favorite excerpts from the book. I guess it is like starting out with a bang. (hopefully.) I am also doing a giveaway. but you have to visit Joyfully Jay to see what and enter :p

Later this month I will be all over the place so please come see what I have to share. I just filled out an awesome interview that Jodi wrote for Smoocher's Voice. So stop by Joyfully Jay and leave a comment.

I will appear on:

August 4 - Joyfully Jay
August 7 - Prism Book Alliance
August 11 - The Blogger Girls
August 12 - Rainbow Book Reviews (Review only)
August 13 - Smoocher's Voice
August 14 - The Novel Approach
August 16 - Jeff Adams' Blog
August 17 - FACEBOOK takeover of Dreamspinner's FB page. I will chat in the afternoon with whoever shows up!
August 20 - GGR Reviews
August 22 - Multitasking Momma
August 25 - Rainbow Gold Reviews
August 26 - Tammmy Middleton's blog
August 27 - back at Joyfully Jay

Another cool thing this morning was waking up to a "Quick Bite" on Sinfully Sexy Reviews. JOCK got 5 Stars. What a happy surprise! :) HERE is the link to that review over on Sinfully Sexy Books.

Also up this week, besides Prism Book Alliance, FRIEND FRIDAY features Chris Shirley!

Hope to talk to ya soon.



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  1. What a beautiful song, I'm not really into music so I had to look it up on youtube but that's lovely in it's simplicity.

    1. :) Every time I think of manic mondays, that song comes to mind!

    2. LOL! I mean't Define Me that you mention as inspiration on the blog tour. It really must be a manic Monday!

    3. Oh, duh, sorry!! That makes more sense! :)

  2. WOOHOO :-) Hang in there Wade; sounds like a busy week ahead but that will make the time fly by 'til next Monday!! <3

    1. It is crazy!. I am so exhausted. I'm home finally. I am eating lunch. I'm going to shower and take a nap, but I have so much to do!