Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tired and Blah

I think I am coming off of an emotional high (good and bad) from last week so that THIS week seems sort of flat. Does that makes sense? I mean Names Can Never Hurt Me came out on Monday the 11th. That started the week with a bang! Then other stuff, good and bad, kept me tense and stressed. IDK, maybe that wasn't a good way to start my release week. The talk about it briefly in the post Roller Coaster Week from Hell.

NAMES has received some really awesome reviews. (As well as some not so great.) I think that it is grabbing readers much like JOCK did in that the range of reaction is all over the board. for example JOCK has 1571 ratings/ reviews on Goodreads and the range is:  5 stars (361)  |  4 stars (655)  |  3 stars (398)  |  2 stars (117)  |  1 star (40)
NAMES has 58 reviews on GR and the ratings are:  5 stars (18)  |  4 stars (25)  |  3 stars (12)  |  2 stars (1)  |  1 star (2)
I think this is a good thing because people all like different books and JOCK has been my biggest seller even if it has 40 1-star ratings.

Today, Scott Burkett reviewed NAMES and gave it 5 stars. Thank you Scott! Please read his review HERE, and see the post I wrote for him about how I write POV. Scott in his review said that the way I wrote 1st person was "fricking Brilliant"!

Multitasking Momma also reviewed my book and gave it 5 stars. HERE.

Don't forget the blog tour. MANY posts have excerpts and giveaways. Thank you to all who have already won things. Congrats. I hope you enjoy them! :)

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August 13 - Smoocher's Voice
August 14 - The Novel Approach INVOKING AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE! :) that's me!
August 16 - Jeff Adams' Blog
August 17 - FACEBOOK takeover of Dreamspinner's FB page. I will chat in the afternoon with whoever shows up! The event invites have been sent, but invite more if you want. over 1k invited to my event :) 2-5 on the Dreamspinner page on FB.
August 20 - GGR Reviews
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August 27 - back at Joyfully Jay

FRIEND FRIDAYS is up again this week August 22 with DS Kenn.
Previously I have hosted Sue BrownJeff AdamsGregory Payne Chris Shirley, and Tammy Middleton.

Names Can Never Hurt Me from Dreamspinner Press is currently #12 on their Best Seller List. It is moving around on the Amazon Best Seller List in the 20's and 30's. It hit the ARe Best Seller List last week. I am sure as people read it and tell their friends it will climb the charts. :) It is a really good book about growth and maturity and learning about one's self.

Today I am going to go out to a friend's house and maybe relax a bit.

I haven't blogged about the Face book chat, but that took a lot out of me. It was confusing and hard to follow where the comments were posted.


The comments were "nested." And when you click on "more replies" then each person has their own nested replies and I was having to refresh the screen every minute just to see them. 

See BELOW where it says 14 replies…..

Then it opens up to a whole LINE!!! 

All these are on the Dreamspinner main FB page. 

Will I chat again? Yes, but I will be prepared to be confused this time. :p

Anyway. That is all for now.

If you are pre-ordering any of my books form Dreamspinner Press for GRL, do it before Sept 21st for free shipping to the event. OR if from me, e-mail me or use the Google doc form and make sure you list your paypal account on your request. Thanks. I have some requests right now, but I have no idea how requested them. Remember, I am not exchanging money at the event in Chicago. PRE PAY ONLY.

(although I will be giving some items away!)

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