Saturday, August 16, 2014

Odds and Ends

I am trying to post my thoughts as there are lots of things going through my head right now. It has been a crazy week and on top of thinking about zillions of things I need to do, I am in a hotel and I have to post when I have little bits of time to log on.

First: Today I have an interview with Jeff Adams. He and Will asked me a bunch of questions and it was really fun answering them. Michael Chulsky Kudo even added a question at the end. As in other posts I've done for the NAMES blog tour, there is an excerpt. Click HERE to see the interview.

Second: I have an author CHAT tomorrow on the DREAMSPINNER Facebook page. HERE. They gave me a coupon code to give out that will be good for 2 days if you buy my books at DSP. I think this is a good deal!!! For the chat, feel free to ask me anything. If it is a long answer, or something too personal, perhaps we could PM on FB sometime. I am online from 2-5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Third: With the PRE-Orders for GRL…. Dreamspinner is actually having a sort of "sale" where they are offering ZERO shipping if you order for the GRL event. They will sell you the book and take it TO GRL, thereby skirting the shipping costs. This COULD work out really well if combined with the coupon code for MY BOOKS.

Example: If my book (NAMES) costs $17.99 - 25% ($4.50) = $13.49. If you can do this, THAT IS THE BEST FOR YOU READERS AND FANS!!! I'm telling you. Act now. If it works, that is. Because DSP is eating the shipping. I can not do better than that. You order through DSP for GRL and then pick it up from DSP in Chicago. They will have some titles THERE to buy, but I am not sure how they will charge for them as there is a 25% surcharge at the event. My advice, BUY NOW.

I DO have a form online for you to buy with, but since I am not very familiar with Google Docs I did not have a place to add a Paypal address, nor a place to have your name. I received a few order, but I have no idea who wanted them. I have now updated the form. HERE.

I have to charge $14.50 per book to cover their cost to me plus shipping they charge me. My shipping is less than $5.00 per book, but I still get charged. If you can pre-order through Dreamspinner AND use the coupon, in theory you could get my books for $13.49. This is your best deal by far. DO IT. Do it NOW while they have the sale.

If you ordered from ME, let me know please. Otherwise I have books that I don't know who to charge and who to give them to. PM of FB or e-mail ( work great!

Coming up:
August 20 - GGR Reviews
August 22 - Multitasking Momma
August 25 - Rainbow Gold Reviews
August 26 - Tammmy Middleton's blog
August 27 - back at Joyfully Jay

Names Can Never Hurt Me from Dreamspinner Press is currently #14 on their Best Seller List. It is moving around on the Amazon Best Seller List in the 20's and 30's. It hit the ARe Best Seller List this week and is around #37.


FRIEND FRIDAYS is up again this week August 22 with DS Kenn.
Previously I have hosted Sue BrownJeff AdamsGregory Payne,  Chris Shirley, and Tammy Middleton.

That is all I can think of for now. Thank you for all the encouraging thoughts and posts. I truly have wonderful fans, friends, and readers.



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