Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Playing Catch-up

Hello all you lovely, PATIENT, people. I am thankful for that patience as I have not had anyone show up at my house and throttle me for new material, or remind me that I haven't blogged forever! I have no excuses you haven't already heard before a hundred times. We'll just chalk it up to being a terrible blogger and feeling as if I have nothing interesting to say.

What's Been Going On:

I went to San Diego for the GayRomLit conference. THAT WAS FUN! It was so nice to see so many people I love and also make new friends. Meeting people in person whom I have only known online is a thrill! I love to hug. Not that I HAVE to hug because there are people who are not as "touchy" as I am, and I'm okay with that. I just like people. I find this funny because I often say I "don't like people," but I suppose that has to do with the crappy things people do to each other. People backstab and judge. People cut others down. People complain and bitch. I am sure I've been in those categories, because hey--I'm a person! And while I might hate the things people do sometimes, I DO like to be around MY PEOPLE. I love so many of the fans I've met. I love so many of the other authors I've met. I love so many of the bloggers, and reviewers, and actors, and such I've met. So I can't just say I hate people. Not really. I have made some wonderful friends. Even friends who drive 9 hours to come visit me!!!! That's the kind of thing that makes a person feel pretty special!

I didn't see as much of San Diego as I would have liked, but I hope to go back again in the future! I also didn't get to meet Beth in person, so I HAVE to go back! I tried tagging all the people I talked to and had fun with in SD, but Facebook kept UN-tagging them as I typed. It was probably my internet. IDK. I also kept forgetting names until someone commented, and then I was like "OH YEAH! I forgot to mention that person!" I'm sorry of I didn't name you specifically. It wasn't intentional. So many wonderful people and so few brain cells.

Mailing List:

At the moment, I DO NOT HAVE a mailing letter, per se. What I have is a "Subscribe" section on my blog and this allows for blog posts to be delivered right to your inbox. (Normally the next day.) I subscribe to Matt & Brad's blog this way and I don't miss any posts. I don't always have time or internet to go online and read the post when Matt shares the link on Facebook, but I CAN open my mail and see the exact post in my inbox and read what one of the guys had to say. I think it is a handy feature. The down side is that I can not respond to the post/ email because it is not FROM Matt or Brad, but from FEEDBURNER. If I want to respond, I have to go TO their post and write a comment. (Not hard.) You all can do the same thing with MY BLOG! Just go to the right and find the spot that says "Follow by Email" and type in you e-mail address. I WILL eventually get a MAIL CHIMP newsletter mailing list, but until then, this is not a bad way to keep up with what is going on with me. If you would rather me get my tail moving on the Mail Chimp style newsletter, then please comment below and tell me! :)

Latest News:

I have contracted CHRIS PATTON to do the narration on the audiobook of Misplaced Affection. Things have just not worked out for the past year to get this AUDIO made, but I am very optimistic that it will happen by December! He is the voice behind the Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon, for those who don't know. He auditioned for my production last week and made me weep. He IS the voice of Flynn Brewer! In the past year while trying to get Misplaced Affection produced as an audiobook, I have met some really cool people. Everything is a learning experience and I hope (and see) that this has been a positive thing overall. Was it frustrating? YES! Do I think it was for the best? YES! And now I have the amazingly talented Chris Patton. I am grateful for the way things have turned out. I'll update you with the progress of this project and reveal the "cover" when we get closer to a release date. Thank you all for your patience! And if you like to cry and have your heart ripped out, Misplaced Affection will do that, and the AUDIO might just feel even more like it is all happening to you! IDK. Just guessing. For me audiobooks suck me in. I love them. I've listened to the AUDIO of JOCK 8 times because I love t, even though I wrote it. Jason Lovett does such a great job he has me laughing out loud often! My hope is that Chris Patton will deliver a killer performance that will make listeners crumble to their knees. :)

Planning Ahead:

I have a HUGE list of things to do and characters to write! The next 12 months will test me as an author and either kick-start a huge jump in my career or show me I am not cut out for this and I need to get a "day job." My hope is that THIS is my day job. My HOPE is that I can keep up the writing schedule that will help me be productive and successful. Part fo success is writing well, and part of it is understanding what sells. I don't want to give-in to popularity, and yet I have to understand as an author that some subjects are not going to have as many sales as others. --i.e. suicide is NOT a huge selling point! If ALL my books were like When Love is Not Enough then I cannot rightfully expect to make writing a career anytime soon. Am I glad I wrote it? You're damn right I'm glad. For those who have read it, I can not tell you how many e-mails of personal thank yous from fans/readers I've gotten explaining the significance and impact it had on them. For those people, I am glad I wrote it. I hope to always write meaningful things and write about gay culture and social issues that impact people on a personal level. Names Can Never Hurt Me has some really good concepts that readers have appreciated, yet that book too hasn't been very popular at all. Why? I don't know. Some books sell, some don't. I did say in the beginning that I see myself as a slow burn. My writing is fairly new to the scene and for the most part My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! is holding my entire career together. Why? Because it's fun! People like fun. People like light. People like and escape that makes them feel good. As an author who wants to WRITE as a career and not a hobby, I need to keep this in mind as I move forward. Will I write more stories like When Love is Not Enough? You bet I will! The final installment of the Unconditional Love Series is in my writing queue. (I have one of those now!) Darian's story has been a long time coming, but it WILL get written! I promise. But then next few publications will be light and fun and cute. I need to build my audience!

Next Up:

The next novel to be published will be the second book in the JOCK series. No! Jocks Don't Date Guys is the sequel (if you will) to My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! It is not about the same couple. JOCK 2 has a new couple of guys to fall in love with, but the older characters from book 1 do make an appearance! I don't have a publication date yet, but when I do I'll reveal the cover and attach a link for those who like to pre-order. I expect the galley proof soon and once I "okay" it, the link will go live on Dreamspinner's "coming soon" page about two weeks later. The pre-order link is about 4 weeks from the pub date. It should come out in December! Let's have a survey! Post to me below YOUR GUESS for the pub date. I'll keep guessing open until November 6th. Closest to the pub-date gets a free eCopy of JOCK 2. How's that? If two people guess the same date, then I'll give a copy to the first person who chose it. I realize this limits the amount of participants, but my blog doesn't get lots of traffic anyway and I'm only going to do this here for those who are loyal fans. :) I may do other contests in a blog tour, but I don't have any planned right now.

What is a sexy soccer stud supposed to do when “following family tradition” falls 180 degrees opposite his closeted ideal?

From birth, Chris Jackson has been schooled on how to land a cheerleader. After all, his father married one, and his father’s father before him. Heck, even his older brother married a stereotypical cheerleader the summer before Chris went off to college. For two years, Chris dodges invasive questions about relationships by blaming his lack of female companionship on grueling practices and heavy course loads. But his lack of interest in girls should’ve given his family a clue. It isn’t until Chris mentions meeting a boy that his father’s synapses short-circuit.

Alonzo Martin is anything but a buxom blond. From his black hair, combat boots, and trench coat to his nail polish and guyliner, the mysterious introvert isn’t easily persuaded to date. Alonzo’s insecurities keep Chris at arm’s length, but Alonzo’s painful past might meet its match in the charismatic jock’s winning smile and sense of humor.

When opposites attract, only cheerleaders and gummy bears can help overcome fear and family tradition.

PLUS, as an added bonus, I am giving away copies of a new short story I wrote for GRL (GayRomLit). JOCK 1.5 - Oh, Crap! This Jock's Getting Married. I wrote it for my fans and I wrote it FAST because I can never think of these things well in advance. I have it available online at ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS, or e-mail me for a copy, OR post a comment below and tell me what file type you'd like. Mobi (for Kindle), ePub (for Nook), or PDF. I ALSO LISTED it on Barnes & Noble AND iTunes, however the link hasn't shown up yet. Sorry.

On The Horizon:

As I said, I'm trying to make writing my career. With that in mind, I have a writing QUEUE for the first time in my life. I also have deadlines!!!!!! This is both exciting and scary! They say that busy people get things done, well I hope that is true. As I have particular stories to write because of deadlines, I also have new character yapping in my head. Great! Thank you, random characters, for making my life harder! (I say this with a note of sarcasm) I'm glad I have new characters yapping as I don't want that moment when they all dry up and go silent. A day of silence is more terrifying than one where I have too many things to write and too little hours in the day to write them.

What's coming up:

December 2015 - No! Jocks Don't Date Guys - from Dreamspinner Press
March / April 2016 - Banker's Hours - from Dreamspinner Press

In the writing queue:

Back Off! That's My Jock - JOCK 3 (I'm half way done)
His Boyfriend's a Jock? Oh, Phooey! - JOCK 4 (Next in line after JOCK 3 is submitted!)
Seducing His Secretary (a Dreamspun Desires novel I promised to Poppy.) 50k. It's like half a novel. Lol. 
My Lover Sucks! (Vampire horror comedy)
Love, Trust, and Learning to Live Again (book#3 of the Unconditional Love series.)
How I Became a Groupie (my rocker novel! I am finally going to write one!!!)
The Honorary Tooth Fayrie (The dental hygienist / dentist story) 
Only Skin Deep (book#2 of the Self Esteem series. Comes after Names Can Never Hurt Me)

And somewhere in there I am writing a novel with Jeff Adams!

Plus, the new characters who are yapping are a part of a new series I am planning to write about a group of artists at an all Jock school. (Sort-of) *wink, wink, Amelia Vaughn*

So yeah! I have my work cut out for me. If I'm not online I HOPE to tell you I am writing because I better darn well be writing! Too many stories and too little time!

So please, comment below or e-mail me. writerwadekelly@gmail.com

1) Tell me your guess for the pub date for JOCK 2 to enter to win a free copy. Contest runs Today - November 6, 2015.
2) Comment below for a free copy of JOCK 1.5! Written to gear you up for the release of JOCK 2. Email address and file type.
3) Comment about a "real" newsletter via Mail Chimp.
4) Tell me if you are as excited as I am about CHRIS PATTON!

And as always, refer to the "Wade Kelly Scale" of angst before reading one of my books. You need to prepare yourself!

As Jason says,
Hugs and Kittens!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Dirty Dozen Blog Hop - A.E. Via

Hello All!!

(*That's A.E. Speaking and taking over the blog today for the Dirty Dozen Blog Hop! I, Wade - WK-, will make commentary inbetween ;) )

Wow! I can’t express how excited I am to be on Wade Kelly’s blog to talk a little about me and to introduce a couple of my two hottest trouble makers in my bestselling series, Nothing Special.

Please meet, Detective Mark Ruxsberg and Detective Chris Green from best-selling gay romance novel, Here Comes Trouble. This is an installment in the series, however you do not have to have read the priors to enjoy this book. I hope you all love the stories of these very intense alphas. It’s filled with entertaining humor, fast police action, unexpected twist, and lots of hot man on man sex!


Author A.E. Via
Edited by: Tina Adamski
Cover Artist – Jay Aheer 
Release Date: November 28, 2014

WK- During the hop, each author has been given the same 12 interview questions to answer.

Do you fully outline a book? Or do you sit and let the thoughts flow as you type?

No, I don’t outline. I tried that on my second book but I ended up straying so far away from it, I figured why waste my time doing that again.

Describe your writing style in five words and what about that style sets you apart from other authors in your genre(s)?

Sexy; Exhilarating; Romantic; Intense; Alpha.

I don’t know if anything about my writing really sets me apart. All I can say is that I put my heart and soul into each title. It’s not about making the sales or climbing the charts over others. I just want my stories to be enjoyed. I hope that makes me a little different.

What are you currently working on, and what can we expect from you in 2016?

Right now I’m working on a spinoff of the Nothing Special series entitled ‘The Bounty Hunters’. It’s the stories of men that own one of the largest bail bond businesses in Atlanta and how these men find their love amongst their crime-ridden, dangerous lives. The first book is about the two owners and is broken into two parts.

There will be at least three more books to that series in 2016 along with some continuing stories from my other two series: ‘Nothing Special’ and ‘Blue Moon’.

Most excitingly, I started my own publishing company a little while back – called Via Star Wings Books - and I’ve contracted my first author already! It’s a new MM author and I’m looking forward to putting out her first work in the New Year.

What's the answer to the one question no interviewer has ever asked? (You don't have to supply the question.)

Most of my loving or sweet lines that my characters say to each other come directly from my husband’s mouth. He’s a hopeless romantic. 

WK- Wow, that's really cool. What a great husband :)

When you're stuck on a story, what do you do to get the words flowing again?

Putting on a love story usually works. And I don’t mean like ‘The Notebook’. I’m thinking movies that are only available with a monthly fee and a subscription. *winking*

WK- *snorts*
What is your favorite genre to read?

I only read MM. I don’t even venture into MMF. My favorite categories within MM are: Alphas, Western, and Paranormal as long as there’s no Mpreg or kids.

Least favorite?
My least favorite is FF (surprise!!, lol)

Tell us about your writing environment and where your writing time fits into your daily or weekly schedule.

I have a ‘writing room’ is actually what I call it. But it’s a bedroom on the lower level of my home that’s been converted into my space. There’s lots of book shelves. A television. Music equipment and a large PC and a laptop. A queen-sized sleeper and decorations that consist mostly of plants, nature-themed knick knacks and wolves. All things that I love.

How do you manage all of your new plot bunnies and what is your process to work on one?

I’m a stickler about working on one project at a time. I don’t like even the idea of having ten to twelve partial stories in the making. I start a book and I finish it. I’ve only got to one stopping point on a book and after nothing came for a while. I finally had to go to the story that was in my head banging to get out. Only once, though. If I do come up with an idea while I’m in the middle of writing something else, I just jot down my notes in my journal and explore those thoughts again after I’ve finished my current WIP.

What keeps you focused when writing?

Sounds cliché… but my characters. They won’t be quiet long enough for me to focus on other things. I do have other hobbies. I love gardening and shopping with my sisters, but those hobbies are second to writing.

In a perfect world, would you write full time? If so, would it be mm/LGBT or would there be some mf in there too? (I love a mix for reading, personally.)

Wow…do I live in a perfect world? I closed my business a year ago and became a full time writer. It’s what I do just about every day. I’d like to start putting out books a little faster, but I’m fairly happy with what I’m able to produce now, and roughly, that’s a book every three months. Trying to bring that gap down to two, but I won’t put out anything that I’m not one hundred percent satisfied with.

NO MF!! I’m pretty sure of it. Now, don’t mistake my tone. I don’t knock it. I used to read it constantly, but as soon as I discovered my first gay novel… I was done.

What influenced your decision to write in this genre?

I always rearrange this question. The first influence I had to fall in love with the genre was reading ELynn Harris’ Invisible Life. I consistently read MM after that for ten years straight. Always looking for the male writers too. *sighs* I knew so little back then.
But, my first influence on me to write my own MM novel was my discovery of Author GA Hauser. The women is phenomenal! She made me realize that one: women wrote these types of books and two: they make it sexy as fuck!

Then it was my turn.

WK- Love GA Hauser. 

Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are very good at their jobs. Being the enforcers for God and Day's notorious Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force causes the crazy duo to get into more trouble than they can often get out of. The pair never misses out on an opportunity to drive their Lieutenants crazy with their dangerous, reckless, and costly stunts, landing them in the hot seat in front God... often.

Ruxs and Green love their jobs and they don't mind the very demanding schedule that leaves them little time for socializing or dating. It was fine with them, they enjoyed hanging out with each other anyway. 

However, most of the men in their close circle of friends and colleagues are pairing off and settling down. God has Day, Ro has Johnson, and their Sergeant Syn has Furious. 

For the past several years, Ruxs has only sought out the advice and company of one person, his partner and best friend Green, and vice versa. Both of these alpha males are presumed straight, but neither can deny the heat that's building in their once 'just friends' relationship.


     At the first touch of Green’s hands to Ruxs’ lower back had him jumping against it. “Shh. Relax, Mark. It’s okay,” Green whispered. He could see the frown-line between Ruxs’ closed eyes.

     “Just breathe in deep,” he said while smoothing his palms in an outward motion against the firm muscles. His touch was light at first. Simply letting the aromas permeate through his system to relax him. When he saw the creases began to smooth out on Ruxs’ handsome face, Green began to use his palm over palm technique, rotating in circular motions on one side of his spine and then over to the other. When he started driving out the strain by using a palm on either side of his spine and driving up to his neck. Ruxs began to moan quietly.

     Oh god. He’d never heard him sound so relieved.

     “Chris,” Ruxs groaned.

     “I know it feels good. Relax, I got you,” Green said softly against Ruxs’ ear. He felt Ruxs’ hips flex under him and he wondered for a second if he was putting too much weight on his thighs. So he rose up some and rubbed more oil and began to focus on Ruxs’ broad shoulders. He worked his palms and knuckles into the knots until he couldn’t feel them anymore. Ruxs’ breathing was heavy, almost panting. He should be more relaxed by now. He’d been massaging for over thirty minutes. If it was him, he’d probably be sleep already, but Ruxs seemed to be getting even more anxious. Damnit.

     “Come on, man. Try to calm down.” Green leaned in again. He pressed his chest against Ruxs’ slick back and felt him take a stuttering breath. He spoke in the most calming tone his deep voice could muster. “Hey. Shhh. Breathe deep for me. You’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna get through this, man. I’m not going to ever let you go through anything alone. You have me, always.”


     Oh my fuckin’ god. He’s killing me. Ruxs tried to take a deep breath but he couldn’t. Green probably thought he was losing his mind or still freaking out about his mom. But Ruxs was struggling with the enormous amount of passion coursing through his body. Green was all over him, pressing that solid chest into his back, pushing him deliciously into the plush mattress with all that brawn, and oh god, it felt so good – too good. He struggled to breathe, not because he was stressed, it was because his sensitive nipples were hard and aching to be flicked, and his cock was like steel trapped beneath him, throbbing and pulsing with every strong stroke Green pushed into his muscles.

     Green’s voice was deep and soothing as he tried – to no avail – to calm him. Only thing that would work is if Ruxs flipped over and Green let him rut against him like a wild beast until he came with a roar.

A.E. Via is still a fairly new author in the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.
When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children, her two pets, a Maltese dog and her white Siamese cat, ELynn, named after the late, great gay romance author E. Lynn Harris.
While this is only her sixth novel, she has plenty more to come. So stalk her – she loves that - because the male on male action is just heating up!
Go to A.E. Via’s official website http://authoraevia.com for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, and where she’ll appear next.


Dirty Dozen blog Hop!

The schedule is as follows:
Schedule - 
Sept 24th                      A.E. Via                      hosts                Wade Kelly 
Sept 25th                      Aisling Mancy            hosts                Tempe O’Riley
Sept 28th                     Alexa Land                 hosts                T.M. Smith
Sept 29th                      Carter Quinn               hosts                Nicole Dennis
Sept 30th                      Jeff Adams                 hosts                 Nic Starr
Oct 1st                         L.E. Franks                 hosts                Morticia Knight
Oct 2nd                        Morticia Knight          hosts                L.E. Franks
Oct 5th                         Nic Starr                     hosts                Jeff Adams
Oct 6th                         Nicole Dennis             hosts                Carter Quinn
Oct 7th                         T.M. Smith                 hosts                Alexa Land
Oct 8th                         Tempe O’Riley           hosts                Aisling Mancy
Oct 9th                         Wade Kelly                 hosts                A.E. Via

ONE lucky winner will receive an e-book from each Author on the hop. Most Authors have submitted winner’s choice from their backlist, but a few have listed a specific title.

AE Via: Winner’s choice, one book from the Nothing Special series
Aisling Mancy: Joyeaux Noel by Aisling Mancy (adult) or Safe by C. Kennedy (young adult)
Alexa Land: One ebook copy from the  ‘Coming Home’ series, or Winner’s choice from my backlist.
Carter Quinn: Winner’s choice, one book from Carter’s backlist
Jeff Adams: Winner’s choice, one book from Jeff’s backlist
LE Franks: Winner’s choice, copy of 6 Days to Valentine or Can This be Real
Morticia Knight: Winner’s choice, one book from Morticia’s backlist
Nic Starr: Winner’s choice, copy of Andrew’s Promise or More Than a Friend
Nicole Dennis: Winner’s choice, one book from Nicole’s backlist
TM Smith: Winner’s choice, one book from TM’s backlist
Tempeste O’Riley: Winner’s choice, one book from Tempeste’s backlist

Wade Kelly: Winner’s choice, one book from Wade’s backlist

**** to enter the giveaway leave a comment below – you can visit EACH stop on the hop via the links above by their name, and leave a comment at EACH stop for additional entries. At the end of the hop I will put EVERY comment from EACH stop into a hat and draw ONE lucky winner ****