Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anniversary of JOCK!!! and the last day of 2013

Hello, hello.

This has been a great 365 days. My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! came out Decemeber 31, 2012. Today it is on sale at Dreamspinner for $5.59. Who out there has NOT read this book??? Don't put it off any longer. Hop over to Dreamspinner today and buy it. Better yet, buy a paperback and I will sign it the next time I see you. I will be at 4 conventions this year! FOUR!

MARCH - We have the RAINBOW BOOK FAIR in New York.
APRIL - RainbowCon in TAMPA
MAY - HUGE ONE…. I'm going to RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans
OCTOBER - and we are back full circle to the conference that kicked it all off… GRL!!!!

This book was a huge hit for me! It showed me that I CAN write something funny and popular and that I can write quickly. I don't know if you follow my blogs and remember what I write, but the latest one I signed a contract for took over a year to finish writing. JOCK took a little over two months. True, it is 87k and NAMES is 118k, but the key is that I CAN write a story in a few months if I put my mind to it! JOCK showed me I have that capability. JOCK also brought readers my direction in a way that When Love is Not Enough did not. Of course, there are a fair number of you readers who bought JOCK and then discovered WLINE. And I am so glad for you!!! 

I tend to be a slow writer. I'm sorry. One of my "New Year's Resolutions" is going to have to be WRITE FASTER!!!!! Writing faster and more consistently is a resolution for my dedicated fans. Thank you for your continued support! As you know, if you are friends with me on Facebook, I live in Maryland. I am open to meeting for coffee or something. I plan to go to Leesburg, VA sometimes soon. And when I am at these conventions I mentioned, please come up and say HI and give me a hug. (If you like.) And IF we are friends on FB and I do not connect your name with your face, it might be because your profile picture is of a flower, or a pile of Dalmatian puppies, or something, and I am not connecting your name with our conversations. Bear with me. I'll catch on.

As far as 2014… What do I hope to do?

MEET MORE PEOPLE. Fans - YES. Other Authors - YES! 
Who do I want to MEET in person??
Tina Marie. She is a wonderful friend, Beta reader, and reviewer.
Cody Kennedy!! Yes. I most definitely want to meet Cody in person and hug him.
Elizabeth North. I would like to meet the person responsible for giving me a chance.
Kage Alan. I think  he is hilarious and very nice. I want to hug him too.
Lisa Hinsley – An author who has battled cancer for so long it is exhausting just to think about it. She has an amazingly tenacious spirit. I respect and admire her.
Jeremy Shipp - A bizarre mind and a fascinating online personality. I'd like to have coffee or a cruller with him ;)
Beth Bellanca - terrific online friend. :)
Paul Richmond. I kind-of met him in like 2012 but I didn’t introduce myself so I want another chance..
Ryan Field. - He is a wise person who seems to have something to say about everything. His blog is very informative! So yeah, I want to meet him.
Zathyn Priest. Although I do not see myself visiting Australia anytime soon, Zathyn seems very nice :) But if I don't fly to AU, then that also rules out meeting Lily Lamb. :(
Ashlyn Kane - One of my all time favorite authors!! (I voted for her in the Goodreads M/M Choice Awards.) I was disappointed that she was in Germany (I think) during GRL.
SJ Frost - Another of my favorite Authors.
Jay Bell - One of my favorite authors and ONE SWEET GUY. I can not imagine is is any less kind in person then he is online. I'd love to give that guy a hug! (But, I'm also not flying to Germany. Oh well.)
Matt Boston- Seems like a terrific guy! He survived jail after all!! I'd love to meet Matt, Brad, Sam and Rick. A great bunch of guys with big hearts!!!
Daisy Harris - She is friends with friends and I don't know how I haven't met her yet. :)
Serena Yates - Large presence online. Book reviewer and writer. Like to meet her but UK is too far!
Margaret George - also in the UK. Unfortunately. I guess a have to plan to join the UK meet up of authors one of these years!
And if and when I do, Ijeoma!! is on the list! Lovely woman with a huge heart for those who are oppressed and hurting in the world.

As well as other who comment often that I'd like to hug: Kazy Reed, Deeze Brown, Tame Anna, Cassandra Carr, Terry Ferris, Pamela Pelaam-One, Macky Holding, Marie Siders, Mika Milette, Meike Durr (Darn Germany), Ashlyn Forge, Helen Jacobsen, Paul Wright, etc…

Melanie Tushmore, Alan Chin, Jayden Brooks…

So … that 's a short list. I realize I needed to include more people but I got tired of typing.

Also on the "wish list" as it were for meeting people. The celebs I'd love to meet include Davy Wavy, Tyler Oakley, Sean Paul Lockhart, and Dan Feuerriegel. (odd combo, I know.)

Anyway… who is on your list for 2014??

What are YOUR resolutions?

I want to write more!

Celebrate JOCK's anniversary by re-reading it, recommending it, buying it (if you haven't), or telling me your FAVORITE SCENE!! Ellis and Cole need the love ;)

And remember, this is the last day to vote on the M/M choice awards on Goodreads. JOCK and The Cost of Loving are in many categories. (And WLINE is up for favorite M/M novel of all time!)

~ Later taters

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best of 2013

On the way home from Christmas Eve service I asked my kids for their favorite memory of 2013, something they really enjoyed. My son said he really enjoyed going to Maine (with his friend) in the summer and hoped that our family could go there in 2014. My oldest daughter (middle child) said she liked going backpacking. And my youngest said she liked going to the beach. My son then had to point out that we went to the beach two years ago and that it didn’t count for this year. (She has no concept of time.) As we got back home I started thinking about all the things that I enjoyed about 2013, so I made a list. (I tried for 10 but settled on 12.)

Number 12...  Going toGRL. This was my first experience with a conference and it gave me confidence that I can go to more on my own. And I plan to hit four conferences in 2014! (See previous BLOG for the list.) Yay!!!

Number 11... Signing a contract for Names Can Never Hurt Me. Especially signing it on the first go-around. ONE submission and it was accepted. This was HUGE!

The 10th most awesome thing of 2013... Being nominated for SEVERAL Choice awards on Goodreads including “Favorite All Time Author: WADE KELLY” that is/was very flattering. 
But also: 
Favorite M/M book of all time: WHEN LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH
Fave Anthology: 50 GAYS OF SHADE
Best Book of the Year: THE COST OF LOVING
Best long Story: THE COST OF LOVING
Best story that SHOULD have a sequel: MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
Best Contemporary: MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
Best Law Enforcement: THE COST OF LOVING
Best medical profession: THE COST OF LOVING
Friends to Lovers: MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
Best Hurt Comfort: THE COST OF LOVING
Best tear Jerker: THE COST OF LOVING

(Note: The winners have not been announced yet, but it is fun to be nominated.)

Number 9… Finishing another novel. Names Can Never Hurt Me took over a year to write. (Sorry.) Completing it felt like a big achievement. I had lots of distractions this year with the flood in my basement and reptile mites, but finishing it made me feel like I haven’t lost my ability to follow through. It was very long, but I think it has a great story. I can’t wait for it to come out in 2014.

Number 8... Signing a contract for The Cost of Loving. I had worked on this one SOOOOOO hard. I spent loads of money on editing and I was nearly going to just self-pub and be done with it, but it was finally good enough for a contract with the same publisher as Book #1 in the series.

Number 7... Winning 3rd place in the Rainbow Awards for Best Romantic Comedy for My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! Very cool indeed given these are not by popularity but by merit, writing, and a point-system done by judges. Very Cool!

Number 6 in the BEST OF list... An “Unmentionable thing” related to JOCK. This was awesome news and exciting and I cannot wait to announce things that are going on. Just know it is fun and very cool! But the e-mail about it ROCKED, so I had to put the thought of it on my list!! I'll give details when I know details.

Number 5... Meeting a fan named Raevyn who said she read When Love is Not Enough 7 times! That sounded insane to subject ones self to THAT book so many times, but it was extremely flattering. Thank you Raevyn :)

Number 4 on my list has to be... MEETING PEOPLE. (In relation to #12, but different.) Meeting authors and fans in the flesh not only on the Internet was very exciting. I went to GRL to meet Eric Arvin and Kade Boehme specifically, but I met so many more!!! It was awesome. I met authors Michael Chulsky, TJ Klune, ZA Maxfield, Eden Winters, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane, Andrew Grey, Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes, Madison Parker, Ken Murphy, Sara York, Tom Webb, Will Parkinson, K-Lee Kline, Piper Vaughn, Rhys Ford, David Warner, Cate Ashwood, Kaje Harper, Jordan Hawk, Ariel Tachna, Poppy Dennison, Anne Tenino, Geoff Knight, Ally Blue, Jade Buchanan, Ben Thomas, Silvia Violet, Lynley Wayne, Jeff Adams, J.P. Barnaby, Rick Reed, Damon Suede, Devon Rhodes, William Cooper, LC Chase, Seymour James, Will Prater, Taylor Vaughn, Kiernan Kelly, Max Vos, Heidi Cullinan, Rachel Haimowitz, Rowan Speedwell, Zarah Owens, and I KNOW there were more but this is off the top of my head. I also met authors Andy Gordon, Treva Harte, Greg Payne, Marguerite L.,  in DC and they were each super fun to meet. Along with AUTHORS, I also met NON-authors. (@ GRL and in DC.) People who are fans or reviewers or other Internet personalities that now are more REAL since I’ve hugged most of them. (I’m a hugger.) Mel Leach, Lena Grey, Lynn S, Monika V., Joyfully Jay, Elisa Rolle, Jackie M., Mary Grzesik (and Thorny), Frances, Becky C., Claudia J., Gwendolyn H., Scott Burkett, Marc W., Nick A., Tinker Teri, Leigh Ann, Kris Jacen, Amy Peterson, Raevyn M., Bev S., Laura P., Tim Faul, Nessa Waren, Shannon Shell, Mary G., Erica Pike, And sooooo many more wonderful people. **Sorry if I forgot your name. Please remind me if I met you. And next time, don’t hesitate to take a picture with me or something for reference. I am going to meet a lot of people next year, I am sure, and I will forget some unfortunately.

Number 3... “Coming out” to my pastor about what I write and hearing a completely different 180 reaction from the previous pastor who wanted to condemn me. His acceptance and support of my vision and passion was not expected in such an understanding way and I am grateful for it. This opened the door for me to be honest with others in my life and I kept “coming out” to others as time moved forward. Learning to be myself was a great achievement for me as I have hid myself for a very long time. 

Number 2... When Mel asked me to sign her book. (WLINE) This was the first time a fan asked me to sign a book and I was overwhelmed and cried. Definitely a lovely memory! I am a crier anyway, but it was the idea that she loved the book so much and wanted me to sign it. GREAT memory!

Drum Roll…. And the NUMBER ONE THING ON MY BEST OF LIST FOR 2013…. When My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! hit #1 on Amazon for Gay Romance and stayed there for 12 days!! Very awesome indeed. I had no clue it would be that popular. JOCK got my name out there. JOCK got me thinking about writing more and being committed as an author. Books that sell definitely give an author something to shout about. It also influence my husband to rethink his support of me. (Money talks I guess.) So THANK YOU to all who bought this book and then looked around for the others I wrote. There will be more to come this year. I promise! Writing is my passion.

As far as non-writer related highs...

#2 - Learning to be myself and making friends who love me AS I AM. That is huge!

#1 in LIFE and not Book-related…. My son told me I would always be his #1 girl. That was seriously great to hear especially since he is adopted as a teenager and I am insecure sometimes in our relationship. I love that boy soooooo much. (and blogged about it on Andrew Gordon's blog HERE.) My son is MY JOY!

Well there you have it. All the highlights I could think of for 2013 that have happened to me. I am sure there are more, but this is what I came up with today. 

Thank you all for being a part of my life!

In 2014… Hmm, you will have to wait until next week's post to see what I think about that. :)

~Wade Kelly

PS: Do not forget to pray for Eric Arvin and Tj Klune today. Eric's surgery is probably taking place RIGHT NOW. Love, joy, peace, and healing to Eric!! We love him dearly.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mini Tour of the USA

Howdy. Now that my mind is clearing I thought I'd write a short blog about where I will be traveling this coming year in case any of you 100 adoring fans would like to say HI. (Or hug me, or get a book signed.) I was looking at my calendar and trying to organize my time, hotels, conference costs etc. I had no idea that I would have to plan so far in advance for things. Hopefully this learning experience will help me to better plan for 2015.

So far, this is what I have planned:

MARCH - We have the RAINBOW BOOK FAIR in New York. Who doesn't love New York?

I am listed on the RBF exhibitors' page HERE. I'll be in NY for the weekend so if you are around, please stop by. You can message me on Facebook and I get the PM on my phone. PLEASE, stop by and give me a hug! ;)

APRIL - RainbowCon in TAMPA…. Hmmm, I am still thinking about this one mainly because I lack the finances. However, I DID put it on my calendar!

What I PLAN to do is access the situation after I get paid in January. I can probably afford the conference and the hotel (maybe), but I also have to figure in airfare. So, fingers crossed I can do this one too. AND, if I can swing it, keep your fingers crossed that there is still space for me as an author. And if I am in Tampa, how close to Sarasota is that?

MAY - HUGE ONE…. I'm going to RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans. Oh wow, I'm going to New Orleans! That is so cool. This is a MAJORLY huge conference with LOADS of people, but a small minority are readers of M/M romance. This is general romance with a growing contingent of M/M authors. Hopefully those of us who are going will continue to influence the larger romance reader section for the better :p

RT will be a lot of fun, but I think this is the one where I all feel very out of place around a very large amount of authors I'v never heard of. I don't normally read straight romance. I have only heard of E.L. James, Nora Roberts, and Joanna Lindsey. I don't even know if those ladies will be there, I only know they are the only ones I can name off the top of my head. And I haven't read anything by any of them except 50 Shades of Grey. But, it's ok. I'm still going. And I am donating a basket of goodies to be raffled off (or something). Maybe one lucky winner will win My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! and discover how awesome M/M romance is! I can only hope.

OCTOBER - and we are back full circle to the conference that kicked it all off… GRL!!!! I plan to be in Chicago in October. As far as I remember, registration ant fast and hotel was hard to get, etc. so I need to think ahead on this one. I need to be ready. Why? BECAUSE I NEED TO GO!!! lol.

I made a lot of wonderful friends besides the fact that I got to MEET friends I already had in person and HUG THEM!!! (I'm a hugger and a cryer, fyi.) So as soon as registration is open you can bet I will be on it.

I will update you all on the conference situation next year sometime when I have my reservations made etc. I am registered for the Rainbow Book Fair already. (Hotel and conference.) As well as RTcon. Rainbow Con I have to wait until January and GRL isn't up and running yet….

Let me know if you'll be at any of these venues I'd love to see you. These are my plans. I wish I could say I had a new release scheduled for March, April, or May, but I don't :( I have one that will probably happen in July. Names Can Never Hurt Me was accepted!!! At least I can say that! What would be nice is if I had a couple more submissions by March, April and May… Right?!??! Fingers Crossed.

I guess that is all for now.

Hugs to you all.


And don't forget to pray for Eric and TJ as they go through this scary time. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. In order to help, they need to know what to do.

*And also for my friend Lena whose mom is VERY ill. :( Hugs to you sweet lady.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Eric and TJ

When did I blog last? Last week probably but I haven't been thinking straight. My mind is filled with thoughts of Eric and TJ. I hate this. I'm an emotional person. It comes out in what I write, blog, talk about, chat, text, etc. My emotions are normally right there, ready to spill forth. I cry easily. When I write tough scenes, I often cry as I write. And my current WIP (Misplaced Affection) has several of those moments in it. I cry, it's what I do.

So of course I've cried often about Eric.

And to be clear, I hardly even know him. A few sentences here and there online, and a three minutes chat at GRL. That doesn't constitute "knowing" a person. So I guess I don't. I stalk and watch videos as many of you do. After a while you begin to feel like you know him. When I met him in real life he was the same as online--sweet, kind, quiet, and had the most beautiful smile. A smile which only got bigger and more beautiful when he was looking at TJ. You could FEEL the love between them. It was so beautiful. Everyone should be so in love.

There is not much I can do as I sit here in my house so I pray. And cry. And pray some more. It is a helpless feeling actually. I sit helplessly here wondering what I could do that is helpful. I ask others to pray. Then I noticed the online fundraiser thingy. THAT WAS AN AWESOME IDEA. (Thank you to the person who did that.) Eric and TJ have some great friends who are closer to them then a person they don't really know. (Me.) I'm more of an outsider who can spread the word about the fundraiser their friends started. I can talk. I have that gift. I talk a LOT actually. On the fundraiser website it says:

Anyone who follows the M/M genre closely will know that one of our own is currently in the hospital in pretty bad shape. Our group of friends immediately deployed, booking hotel rooms pooling money to help defray the costs of hotels, food, and travel. We were working to ensure Tj and the rest of Eric's family will be supported by keeping one or two people at the hospital at all times for the next few days. Additionally, we are trying to ensure Tj has a place to stay near the hospital, as it is not in their hometown.

But we found out today his stay is going to be a lengthy one, and we've realized it's not possible for us to maintain this level of friendship badassery for very long, and we need to keep his family near him to keep his spirits up and aid in his recovery. So many people have sent messages offering to help in any way, we decided to set up a way to do so.

Any funds you donate are appreciated. They will be helping to defray the costs of keeping Tj and their family and friends nearby to help Tj and Eric. Furthermore, all excess will be going directly to Eric and Tj for their use in Eric's recovery.

Thank you all for your outpouring of love and support. It means the world to the guys. All comments left here will be passed along to Eric and Tj.

So I copied it here. If you want to support the cause, go HERE. (http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/eric-arvin-support-fund/116877)

For people like me, this is a tangible way to help. Or share the link. Or pray more. They live too far south for me to be "in" their lives. I can't cat-sit. I can't bring TJ dinner or lunch. But I can talk. PLEASE HELP THEM IF YOU CAN! What I suggested on Facebook was Love, hope, peace,& joy should never stop, so don't stop sharing. Give notes, give messages, give prayers, give money, give shuffle playlists, give photos of random Star Wars items (for laughs), give them your thoughts for the day. Knowing people love you and think about you really helps. It does. 
Because what else does one DO?

All I know is Eric Arvin is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I often "read people" and get a sense about them. (If you've read My Roommate's a Jock that s the characteristic I wrote into Rob McAvoy's character.) When I was around Eric, I felt peaceful. He exudes peace and joy. Like I said, I am not close to him and yet I feel like crying all the time. Because of the feeling I HAVE, I can not imagine how TJ feels. So then I want to cry even more. I know if it were me in the situation I would want the suffering to be on myself. I can handle ME being ill. I can handle ME being in pain etc. But not someone I love. I don't want to WATCH someone I love suffering, or being sick, or in the hospital, or anything! I want my loved one WELL. Part of that is because I'm a controlling person. I want to be in control. When someone you love as deeply as TJ loves Eric (based on videos and watching them at GRL) is sick it takes the "control" right out of your hands. There is no control. Everything is up to someone else. Doctors, nurses, God, everyone other than you. That kind of helplessness is terrifying.

So yeah, I cry for TJ. (to whom I've talked to even less than Eric.) My heart feels for him in a different way than for Eric. I'm scared and very sad for Eric and I wish for nothing less than for him to be well again QUICKLY. I hope the doctor's here are just what he needs. Maybe in this part of the country is where he needs to be for great medical help. So I pray for a speedy recovery. I do. But for TJ, I just feel this huge desire to hug him. He's the emotional one. I often read his posts and listen to things he says online and I think how similar people we are and I guess I empathize with the waiting and wondering he might be going through. IDK. I'm emotional and often convoluted when I speak. I talk more than I should and probably say things that get me into trouble often. But right now, I am writing like a stream of conscienceness … whatever comes out. And whatever I can see to type.

Only like 20 people read my posts anyway so it's not like what I say matters. Right now I'm just sad for the friend (friends) I was just starting to get to know. They are the cutest couple ever. So yeah, please, if you can contribute, then do so. If not, send them notes or playlists or pictures etc. Little things to let them know you are thinking of them. Words matter so shower them with love.

I don't know what else to say. I'll blog again when my head clears. Too many thoughts. Too much worry. Too many tears.


Thursday, December 12, 2013


Sorry… caps lock. LOL

Lets see, highlights? I got an A on my final exam on Wednesday so that means I got an A in my grammar class! Very cool. I will miss the peeps in class so hopefully they will not be strangers in town. And I gave my business card out so maybe they will each stalk me and be reading this now…. muahahhaha.

RAINBOW AWARDS last Sunday. My Roommate's a Jock? Well, crap! got third place for the Best LGBT Romantic Comedy. Very cool!

Then on MONDAY I signed a contract for Names Can Never Hurt Me. Although the date of release will not be until July / August of 2014, but at least we know it is coming!

Monday and Tuesday I cleaned and DECORATED and Christmas shopped. The house is not looking too bad. A little clutter, but easily removed. The tree is decorated. Outside lights up. And all my shopping is done! I wrapped most of the presents on Tuesday, but I am still waiting on a few to arrive in the mail. (Love shopping online.)

I voted in the M/M Romance Group poll yesterday on Goodreads for the M/M Choice Awards for 2013. Some of the categories were very hard to choose from! Now, I don't know exactly who nominated my books for so many categories, but WOW--thank you! Incredible. 16 Categories!!

~Favorite All Time M/M Author ---> ME! Wade Kelly. Now that's cool!
~Favorite All Time M/M Romance Book -For WHEN LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH. That blew me away! Thank you for that :)
~Best Anthology -for 50 Gays of Shade. Did you know I had a short story in that one?? I DO!!!
~Best Book of the Year - for THE COST OF LOVING 
Best long story for  THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Story that Should/Must have a Sequel- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Contemporary (genre)- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Athletes (professions)MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Law Enforcement (Cops/PI/Spies/Secret Agent) (professions) -for THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Medical Professionals (Doctors/Nurses/EMT/Vets) (professions)-for THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Friends to Lovers (themes)- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Humorous (themes)- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Hurt/Comfort (themes) - for THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Tear Jerker (themes)- for THE COST OF LOVING

WOW…. THE LIST WAS LONG.  Thank you so much for the nominations. I appreciate and love you all.

What is going on now? Um, I guess since school is over I have no excuse, I NEED to write my ass off! So when I'm quiet I hope that is what I am doing! :)

TOMORROW- I am featured on Andrew Q. Gordon's blog. 
This is the list of contributors and dates:

December 1  - Andrew Q. Gordon
December 2  - Anne Tenino
December 3  - M.A. Church
December 6  - Anyta Sunday
December 7  - Nephylim
December 8  - Lena Gray
December 9  - JJ (Joyfully Jay)
December 10 – Elizabeth North
December 12 – Lily Velden
December 13 – Wade Kelly
December 14 – Alicia Nordwell
December 15 - Chris T. Cat
December 16 – Cate Ashwood
December 17 – Shira Anthony
December 19 – Amy Lane
December 20 – Melanie Marshall
December 21 – Lorraine Fico White
December 22 – Rick R Reed
December 23 – Festivus Special
December 24- Becky Condit

December 25 – Andrew Q. Gordon

It is a Christmas time and family themed blog hop for authors to describe their experiences. I talk about my son. He is adopted and this time of year reminds me of when I first met him. LOVE that boy!

Anyhow, that is all for now.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Rainbow Awards (2013)

As far as I can fathom, A LOT goes into this. LOTS of time. Lots of effort. Lots of thought. Lots of planning. So, a huge THANK YOU goes out to Elisa Rolle for all her hard work! She is amazing. (Literally, she is pretty amazing. I met her in October. Very kind, very poised, very classy woman.) But these Rainbow Awards are no small task.

From Elisa's FaceBook Post, she says:
2013 Rainbow Awards
Almost 400 books, more than 150 judges, all over the world, and many, many submissions, from indie publishers, from mainstream publishers and a lot of self-published authors. And, to me more important of everything, we raised almost 6500 dollars that are already to the two charities, Ali Forney Center in New York City and Colors in Los Angeles. This is Colors' thank you letter: "I am writing to thank you for your donation in support of the Antioch University Los Angeles LGBTQ Colors program located just west of downtown in the MacArthur Park area. Your support directly impacts the services provided to LGBTQ youth under 25 years of age. The core values of social justice, service to community, and experiential learning comprise the heart of our mission, and the Colors program enables us to provide a valuable service to the community. As you know, Colors is a collaborative program offered by Antioch University Los Angeles and Pueblo Nuevo Development Corporation that provides comprehensive services to combat both the epidemic of suicides by LGBTQ youth and the bullying directed against them. Colors offers this underserved population and their families counseling, psychotherapy, support, and advocacy free of charge. Colors is committed to creating a world where LGBTQ youth are valued, embraced and invited to contribute to their full potential. This program is fully supported by alumni and friends like you. This support enables us to live our mission, and we are truly grateful for your participation. Thank you for your support."

(Copied. If this is wrong to do I'll delete it.)

Elisa has a beautiful heart. These awards serve a purpose and now have become a charitable event to help people. Elisa has vision. Kudos to you!

400 books and 150 judges. And I counted 32 categories … DUDE!!

If you want to view ALL the categories and read who won, please click HERE.

Initially, both The Cost of Loving and My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! were in the running. There are specific dates of publication that qualify entries. Luckily, I had TWO publications in that window! Yay. But then they do some rounds of judging and TCOL didn't make it into the final round. There is a scale. Judges give a book points. (Or something.) And the published work is read by several people to get a "grade". (*Note: I am using my OWN terminology; visit REVIEWS AND RAMBLINGS to find out the rules and the nitty-gritty.) TCOL was out, but JOCK was in.

My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! Made it into the final round of judging. HUGE for me! There is a lot of competition. And in the end… drum roll… JOCK took 3rd place. Not too shabby.

Best LGBT Romantic Comedy1. J.L. Merrow – Slam
2. Barbara Davies - Licensed to Spy / Sandrine Gasq-Dion - A Betting Man, A Marrying Man (2 novellas as 1 submission)

3. Wade Kelly - My Roommate's a Jock

I'm honored to be in such company as JL Merrow. She has 76 distinct works according to Goodreads. Whoa! And then there is little ole me with THREE. (well, 4 with the anthology.) JOCK competed with the big guns and won third. Pretty good. Elisa e-mailed me this image. Should I use it? I guess I am a winner because I was in the competition and WON a spot in the standings. I would take home a bronze medal had this been the writing OLYMPICS.

I am happy. This was a great adventure for me and many frazzled nerves waiting and wondering if my writing was good enough. So one more year of the Rainbow Awards is done. I'll have to think about next year and what might be in the running. Well, I guess it depends on getting something published! I still have not heard a word about Names Can Never Hurt Me. This makes me very nervous. It has been 5 weeks. Last time, it took 5 weeks to hear back about TCOL. I expected 5. But now? As time creeps by I worry my stuff is not good enough. And I worry about the reasons why? Too long? Too boring? Uninteresting? Lack of focus? IDK. The longer the wait, the more reasons I can conjure as to why they wouldn't want it. I'm good at that.

As far as The Rainbow Awards for 2014… I think the only ones that COULD make it in under the deadline would be NAMES and possibly Misplaced Affection if I got that one finished and submitted VERY soon. We'll see.

Happy Sunday. Don't forget to visit 2 Boys in Love. Matt and Brad have very interesting posts and on Sundays there is often a special post by Sam-I-Am. (Sunday's with Sam.) They are a fun bunch of guys!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Reality of Writing, and the scary schedule ahead of me.

Ok. So, I took a peek at the calendar and thought about the reality of publishing more than one book next year. (Since my track record so far is one book per year.) On the table right now is Names Can Never Hurt Me. It is still in submission stage. I have not heard back about NCNHM yet, and it has been 4.5 weeks. (This wait is killing me.) But, maybe, possibly, they will like it and it will come out next year. 2014!! :) In order to have another book come out next year …. assuming it takes 4-8 weeks to get a contract and up to 6 months to produce the final product for publication …. then in theory I have to get everything submitted by around May 1st. Holy guacamole!! That is under 5 months. It is about 21 weeks. Oh wow! So to submit in 21 weeks, I need to crack down and do some serious writing. Not that it matters of I miss that date. Books can still be written and submitted for publication in 2015. But it makes me think about the ones I want to get out there.

I was working on Misplaced Affection because it was easy and partially written for English class. And then I hit a wall and I haven't written anything in a LOOOONG time. So not good. It messes with my mood when I don't write. I get edgy. I get short-tempered. My brain feels scattered and it's from lack of focus on one piece of writing. I definitely need to write!

Misplaced Affection was the next on my slate because I think I can get out 100,000 words and produce something angsty and something the publics will like. I learning to play the game. Part of a writer's job is to write what makes me happy and write because i love it, but the other duty's I have are to the publisher and recognizing what sells. I have to write SOME that will sell well because they pull readers in and then maybe those readers will take a chance on my less-popular stuff. I would LOVE a world where everything I wrote was popular and everyone read it. :D *dreamworld* But reality is not always so. It is HARD getting my name out there. It is HARD marketing and holding my breath when my next "baby" is open for public criticism and ridicule.

When Love is Not Enough rarely gets a bad review. Yay for me! It does GET bad reviews, but they are overlooked more easily because the number is low. Mostly people love it. Mostly people / readers think it is an emotional roller coaster that they were glad they took a chance on. BUT, very few take a chance. The numbers speak to publishers. WLINE is not a highly read book. I WILL keep writing these things, but I have to throw other stuff in there too

My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! - This one was a surprise. I wrote it because the story came on strong in my head and I just needed to get it out. I had characters speaking to me. I was laughing the whole time I wrote it. It was fun and it was a temporary relief from writing things like WLINE and TCOL. I needed a break and JOCK gave it to me. And then it was a Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon. Holy moly. Wow. Insane. Never thought! This lighthearted romp brought readers my way and SOME dared to read WLINE because they liked JOCK. I need this. I need a wider reader base.

The Cost of Loving was a long awaited sequel to WLINE. This, again, was not a popular book if only because I think readers got tired of waiting for it? Or maybe the religious content was too much. IDK. It also gets mixed reviews. Maybe people read the mixed reviews and are not sure about trying it. It is for this reason that book 3 is not finished. I WILL finish it, but realistically I need to get more books out there first that will sell. I can't pitch a third book in a low-selling series and hope to be "accepted". THAT is unrealistic. Book 3 has to wait until I get more books published. Books that sell.

I am not to that point yet where I can write anything and it will get a contract. I'm not. I DO, much to my surprise, have readers who tell me they will read anything I write. THAT IS AWESOME! I need you guys. Knowing I have a small reader base who stands by me is very encouraging. For this reason I will still write the "non popular" books because I have readers and fans who want them.

But you have to help me. Numbers convince publishers. I market as best I can, but I need you all to recommend the books you like. I DO. Although I read very little …. And I feel guilty that I don't read more …. I DO recommend books that I absolutely love. My favorite? American Love Songs by Ashlyn Kane, and The Locker Room by Amy Lane. I bet there are loads more I will like, but these are the ones I've read and keep going back to.

Next up, hopefully, will be Names Can Never Hurt Me. Help me make this a blockbuster! Bigger than Jock! When I know something, I will let you know. I had a beta reader for it and she said she couldn't put it down. I think that is encouraging. I hope it will be a great success. I NEED another huge seller. I need to keep my name alive in order to write more sequels because I know you like them.

I came up with the title for the sequel to NAMES. Only Skin Deep will be on the table for next year. Will I get it written by the May 1 deadline? IDK. I can try. I would LOVE to bring you book 1 and book 2 in the same year!!!! Wouldn't that be neat? I will not spoil who it is about because book 1 isn't out yet. Stay tuned.

And the sequel to JOCK??? Yes, I should do that one as well. I've been asked many times about Rob and Russell so I have been planning their story. My Jock has a New Roommate? Oh F*^#! Was the original title I came up with but perhaps it is too vulgar. IDK. I am thinking and will consider other titles. This one WILL NOT get written by May 1, but I do hope it will get written next year.

I also had a Christmas themed story. Last Minute Shopping. In order to get it published by Christmas, I would more than likely have to submit that by May 1 as well. Hmm, not so sure about that. I can try.

And as we know (if you frequent my website) I have LOADS of ideas for books. I just need to write them!

On the agenda:
1. Finish Misplaced Affection, submit by May.
2. Write Only Skin Deep, submit by May.
3. Attempt to write Last Minute Shopping to submit by May 1??? LOL
4. Work on sequel to JOCK.
5. Work on book 3 and write about Darian.

This is a lot to take on for next year. We shall see how it goes. ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

Later ya'll,


Monday, December 2, 2013

GFY - What does that mean anyway?

Dear Thomas, I know I can be confusing when I answer a post. Heck, I can be confusing while holding a conversation, but bear with me. I read your comment on a previous blog post and it got me thinking about what GFY means. I have found the "GFY" category on Goodreads and a loosely written definition and I get it, GFY = Gay For You. So, in part, I understand what it means. But what does that REALLY mean?

I'm writing a post in hope people will respond with their thoughts on the matter. (*hint, hint. Please comment.) Gay for you. Does that mean that a person is perfectly fine being straight until that one person happens alone and they realize: wait, I'm gay. Because that is what the notion sounds like to me. And, question, does that really happen?

I'm throwing this question out there because I wonder. I question. I think… probably. But I have never actually, in person, MET someone that this happened to. GFY. Did this happen to YOU??? Let me know. Personally I write about a lot of things that I IMAGINE really happen. Given the vastness of the human mind, why not? There are a zillion people out there. If I can THINK IT, I bet there are people who live it.

From a writing perspective… I think I have thought about this theme before I knew there was a real category. I think giving the human experience and the vast emotions and feelings and thoughts we have, that GFY can and does happen. Thomas had expressed a particular fondness for that theme. Actually, I have found from reading books that fall in the GFY theme that I like them too. I like the possibilities that things are not predictable. That lives can change so drastically once you meet that certain someone. I like that LOVE can do crazy things in a person's life.

Have I written GFY. I don't know. Have I? Unintentionally maybe. Not sure. Thomas asked about Names Can Never Hurt Me and it made me think about it. You know Thomas, I think I might have. You will have to let me know. NAMES has some angst, although on the "Wade Kelly" scale it is probably around a 5/10. (Where WLINE would be a 10/10.) NAMES, I think, is more about character development and change. Maturing. And possibly GFY. It's about meeting that "someone" who changes everything and makes you see things differently. About meeting the person you would change FOR.

Yesterday was 4 weeks since I submitted it. Thomas asked if I submitted to Dreamspinner. I didn't say because I didn't know if I should. What if they reject it? Would you want to know DSP rejected it? I didn't want to make them look bad. BUT, who else would I submit to initially? DSP IS my publisher. I always start with them. Perhaps, I will branch out and try other publishers and diversify, as it were. IDK. Maybe. For now, it is Dreamspinner. So yes Thomas, I submitted to them on November 3rd. The last manuscript took 5 weeks to hear back that they wanted it. So I am hoping to hear something soon. I really miss my characters. Nick and RC. I miss them.

I didn't want to reread the MS because I tend to change things and I didn't want to do that too soon. When it is close to the editing date, I will probably reread it and make notes of what I want to change. Then add them in the first edit round. BUT, that all hinges on acceptance and a contract and an actual EDIT. Right now, I got nothin'. Waiting. Continual waiting. I hate waiting.

I was trying to write, but I had an English project to do. I made a power point presentation this weekend. It is the first one I have ever done so GO ME! I've never needed to make one before. I did interviews and collected my data to present to the class. It should be fine. I only have one class today, and the last one on Wednesday and then a final next week. Then grammar class is over. Sadly. I liked the class. I will miss the people. I learned a lot. I hope to use what I have learned and write better. IDK. I'll try.

So Misplaced Affection should be back on track this week. I still have the same word count just over 19k. BIG GOAL is to kick some butt on it this month.

Fingers crossed. I'll blog, or shout out to everyone when I hear back from DSP. In the meantime I will worry and obsess over it. I'll worry NAMES is boring. (Although Thomas told me it isn't possible.) and I'll worry it is too long. (Tina has told me the more words the better. lol) And I'll worry that it is just not good enough. Worry worry worry. It is what I can't stop from doing. Why does waiting have to be so hard to do?

Oh, and btw, A SHOUT OUT TO CODY KENNEDY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it is a super terrific one!!

Laterz ya'll.