Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anniversary of JOCK!!! and the last day of 2013

Hello, hello.

This has been a great 365 days. My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! came out Decemeber 31, 2012. Today it is on sale at Dreamspinner for $5.59. Who out there has NOT read this book??? Don't put it off any longer. Hop over to Dreamspinner today and buy it. Better yet, buy a paperback and I will sign it the next time I see you. I will be at 4 conventions this year! FOUR!

MARCH - We have the RAINBOW BOOK FAIR in New York.
APRIL - RainbowCon in TAMPA
MAY - HUGE ONE…. I'm going to RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans
OCTOBER - and we are back full circle to the conference that kicked it all off… GRL!!!!

This book was a huge hit for me! It showed me that I CAN write something funny and popular and that I can write quickly. I don't know if you follow my blogs and remember what I write, but the latest one I signed a contract for took over a year to finish writing. JOCK took a little over two months. True, it is 87k and NAMES is 118k, but the key is that I CAN write a story in a few months if I put my mind to it! JOCK showed me I have that capability. JOCK also brought readers my direction in a way that When Love is Not Enough did not. Of course, there are a fair number of you readers who bought JOCK and then discovered WLINE. And I am so glad for you!!! 

I tend to be a slow writer. I'm sorry. One of my "New Year's Resolutions" is going to have to be WRITE FASTER!!!!! Writing faster and more consistently is a resolution for my dedicated fans. Thank you for your continued support! As you know, if you are friends with me on Facebook, I live in Maryland. I am open to meeting for coffee or something. I plan to go to Leesburg, VA sometimes soon. And when I am at these conventions I mentioned, please come up and say HI and give me a hug. (If you like.) And IF we are friends on FB and I do not connect your name with your face, it might be because your profile picture is of a flower, or a pile of Dalmatian puppies, or something, and I am not connecting your name with our conversations. Bear with me. I'll catch on.

As far as 2014… What do I hope to do?

MEET MORE PEOPLE. Fans - YES. Other Authors - YES! 
Who do I want to MEET in person??
Tina Marie. She is a wonderful friend, Beta reader, and reviewer.
Cody Kennedy!! Yes. I most definitely want to meet Cody in person and hug him.
Elizabeth North. I would like to meet the person responsible for giving me a chance.
Kage Alan. I think  he is hilarious and very nice. I want to hug him too.
Lisa Hinsley – An author who has battled cancer for so long it is exhausting just to think about it. She has an amazingly tenacious spirit. I respect and admire her.
Jeremy Shipp - A bizarre mind and a fascinating online personality. I'd like to have coffee or a cruller with him ;)
Beth Bellanca - terrific online friend. :)
Paul Richmond. I kind-of met him in like 2012 but I didn’t introduce myself so I want another chance..
Ryan Field. - He is a wise person who seems to have something to say about everything. His blog is very informative! So yeah, I want to meet him.
Zathyn Priest. Although I do not see myself visiting Australia anytime soon, Zathyn seems very nice :) But if I don't fly to AU, then that also rules out meeting Lily Lamb. :(
Ashlyn Kane - One of my all time favorite authors!! (I voted for her in the Goodreads M/M Choice Awards.) I was disappointed that she was in Germany (I think) during GRL.
SJ Frost - Another of my favorite Authors.
Jay Bell - One of my favorite authors and ONE SWEET GUY. I can not imagine is is any less kind in person then he is online. I'd love to give that guy a hug! (But, I'm also not flying to Germany. Oh well.)
Matt Boston- Seems like a terrific guy! He survived jail after all!! I'd love to meet Matt, Brad, Sam and Rick. A great bunch of guys with big hearts!!!
Daisy Harris - She is friends with friends and I don't know how I haven't met her yet. :)
Serena Yates - Large presence online. Book reviewer and writer. Like to meet her but UK is too far!
Margaret George - also in the UK. Unfortunately. I guess a have to plan to join the UK meet up of authors one of these years!
And if and when I do, Ijeoma!! is on the list! Lovely woman with a huge heart for those who are oppressed and hurting in the world.

As well as other who comment often that I'd like to hug: Kazy Reed, Deeze Brown, Tame Anna, Cassandra Carr, Terry Ferris, Pamela Pelaam-One, Macky Holding, Marie Siders, Mika Milette, Meike Durr (Darn Germany), Ashlyn Forge, Helen Jacobsen, Paul Wright, etc…

Melanie Tushmore, Alan Chin, Jayden Brooks…

So … that 's a short list. I realize I needed to include more people but I got tired of typing.

Also on the "wish list" as it were for meeting people. The celebs I'd love to meet include Davy Wavy, Tyler Oakley, Sean Paul Lockhart, and Dan Feuerriegel. (odd combo, I know.)

Anyway… who is on your list for 2014??

What are YOUR resolutions?

I want to write more!

Celebrate JOCK's anniversary by re-reading it, recommending it, buying it (if you haven't), or telling me your FAVORITE SCENE!! Ellis and Cole need the love ;)

And remember, this is the last day to vote on the M/M choice awards on Goodreads. JOCK and The Cost of Loving are in many categories. (And WLINE is up for favorite M/M novel of all time!)

~ Later taters


  1. I am honored to know you Wade. It has been an emotional, but ultimately a deeply satisfying journey to success for you! I couldn't be more proud if you were my own sister. Keep up the excellent work and please remember that quality takes time. Don't rush on our account. We love your work and although we bitch about waiting, that doesn't stop us from pouncing as soon as you release something new! Happy New year and congratulations on a super 2013!

    1. Thank you so much. I'll do my best. That is what a sister would do, right? I gotta make you proud!

  2. *hugs* Happy New Year! I loved Jock and I may have to re-read it.

    It'll be a couple of years before I can make it to a convention (gotta wait until my teenager graduates high school) but I am looking forward to meeting you in person when I do.

    I have no problems waiting for one of your books since its such great quality writing and I know your other fans don't mind waiting either...we just may grumble about it. :-)

    1. "Quality Writing"… *blushes*
      Thank you. I'll meet you one day!


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