Sunday, July 29, 2012


I always seem to get distracted at the most inconvenient times. I need to be writing!!! Seriously, I DO! But this whole thing that is going on with my friend has just taken over my thoughts. I hate what is and has happened to him and if I were a famous author with loads of cash, he’d never have to worry again. BUT, I’m not. The best I can do is help with a fundraiser and ASK people to help. Please help!

Other than that…. I DO seem to get distracted when writing. WHY? Maybe because part of me KNOWS I need to write and that devilish wicked part whispers, “no you don’t. Just take a break. Ten minutes, what can it hurt?” And then I’m off doing some other project and my writing suffers. Sometimes though, it is deliberate distractions. I think, “No I don’t have time to write because I need to do laundry! I can only wear this same shirt so many times!” Eating, showering, sleeping etc are all valid things that a person needs to do and often I see them as the easy way to skip what seems daunting.

Writing 100,000 words can be daunting!

I was writing Darian’s tale and it is draining. But I can’t use that as an excuse not to write it. It is also difficult and multi layered and overlaps with other information so I can’t get the events, dates, and scenes wrong! It takes a lot of thinking. So sometimes I just don’t feel like thinking. Ya know?

Then… recently… I keep thinking of this other book I started. (Started in my head, not on paper.) I’ve taken notes on it. I have a general idea of how the two MCs meet and where. Jobs for both etc… And then this morning I woke up thinking about one pivotal scene near the end to tie up the “traumatic” part of the story. I have not decided on a HEA yet. Although I know you all want one! I don’t know the name of the story and I can’t make my mind up on serious or comedy. I can visualize the two MCs, I see then together. I see what makes them click. Names though…. Argh! Stuck on names.

I am seriously thinking of Nick for one. Nick is the perfect name for the guy but I know a “Nick” so I was leaning against it because I try to steer clear of using names of friends and family. Sometimes people get weird and think you are writing about THEM and not creating a character. Odd, but it happens. My dilemma comes with the other dude. Elliot keeps jumping in! It irritates me. He IS an Elliot! When I write in my head I call him Elliot. BUT my comedy (My Roommate’s a Jock…) has a lead MC named Ellis Montgomery. Ellis… Elliot… WAY TOO SIMILAR! Don’t you think?

Although the description of the two characters is totally different. In my mind I DO NOT get them confused. But will readers? This is my question to YOU OUT THERE! Does that bother you? If I picked a name similar to another character of mine would that confuse you as a reader? Or does the fact that the stories are so different separate the characters for you?

I have read a number of books where the lead guy is named Jake. I keep them separate. BUT I didn’t write then AND they are by different authors. Is it the fact that these characters would BOTH be by ME. IF I had a character named Ellis in a college kid comedy and later wrote one with a guy named Elliot, would you readers get confused, upset, or bewildered?

AND if I need a new name, what is a good replacement for Elliot? I’m asking. I want comments!

So, this is what is on my mind today. Hope you all had a grand weekend!!

Wade Kelly

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rally Around a Gay College Student who NEEDS YOU!!

HI. You may "know" me. I write what I think and I think out loud before my brain catches up! I react and I leap before I look. So here it goes. I'm trying to help a friend of mine and I am asking for your consideration to help him too!

Go HERE! and HELP a gay college student. PLEASE!

Hi. I'm Wade. I am hosting a fundraising page for a college student friend of mine who was kicked out for being GAY. His parents withdrew support! I find this outrageous and awful. My parents love and support me in all things. I HATE to think of being in his position!! He has been hit (today) with LOADS semester fees, as well as having NO PLACE to live. (besides his car!) He needs to pay for tuition and a security deposit for an apartment. A month's rent would be nice too. He has a job and will be able to buy food to some extent.

His parents took all his savings because they thought he owed them money for living in their house and took his clothes because he didn't pay for them. He owns a laptop, an 2008 car, a pair of flip flops, and a cat.

It may not sound desperate to some, but imagine where you would be if your parents just up and kicked you out one day? If you had nothing. All the books on your shelves, the photos on your desk. GONE! No clothes, but what you are wearing. And your "friends" who used to talk to you decide "GAY" is contagious. You are a leper and not welcome anymore. Where would you go? Where would you sleep? Sleep in your car for a night or two and feel what my friend feels.

This is my desperate attempt to help him. PLEASE HELP HIM! No one should be treated like this. So to be treated in this fashion because he is GAY, and his family's church deems it an abomination, is just down right despicably wrong!

This page has a fee. Apparently 5% goes to GoFUNDme. Everything else goes to help my friend get out of his car and into an apartment and back in school. He wants to get his Masters of Fine Art in Costume Design. (Already has a BA in History/English. dbl major!) He is smart, he is good and my friend is important! I refuse to leave him struggle alone!

Thank you for considering this need,

Wade :)

donate at:


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Updates and what I’m READING

This is just an update type of blog because I’m in between thoughts and can’t write a full one yet. BUT some people worry if I disappear and don’t blog like I normally do so that is the purpose of a short one.

As you can see on my “currently reading” shelf I’m under going the task of reading several VERY DIFFERENT books. The “writing” books are more like when I get a chance and are on my nightstand and next to my computer and I WILL finish them eventually. Wicked is difficult and odd and although I WANT to finish it, I’m in no hurry.

The other two...

I was reading No Fear because I got in a “Rocker” mood and wanted to revisit some great characters written by SJ Frost. I started it (and yes it’s good) but then I got distracted. My friend lent me 50 Shades of Grey some time ago and told me I should read it. I am seeing her again soon and wanted to return the book so I thought I’d pick it up for a quick read and get it over with. NOT SO MUCH WHAT HAPPENED. I don’t want to go too in depth with my feelings on the book because I have only read half and it is not fair to give a “review” without reading the entire thing. (Unless it is one of those books I can’t stand to finish and then I may not even review it.) A LOT of thoughts going on in my head with this one.

I will have to refer you to the blog I posted several weeks ago talking about 50 Shades of Grey and my thoughts on it being shelved in Walmart. ( Click HERE )  There are loads of comments at the bottom and it seemed to spark some good conversation. On point brought up by a reader was that where she lives 50 Shades was listed in a local porn shop with a huge sign out front. She mentioned the disturbing factor that a book advertized so prominently in a porn shop should not be a title you can also by at Walmart! That is just weird. And sick. Go read the comments! There are more about a woman and her 6 year old.

So far, what I can comment is that this is much more than erotica. I have read erotica. Maybe not so much Het erotica as M/M but still… This is more than that. Even though I am only half way through, this is looking like BDSM to me. Another subject I have not read many books with. So far, I am thinking, “This is what women want? Holy shit!” It is an interesting prospect to say the least. I’m not going to talk more about the book until I’m done.

What I DO want to do is finish reading No Fear and then another title. The “other title” I would like some recommendations on. What I want is M/M BDSM. Why? For comparison. I already have some great thoughts on a blog about “sexual characters” involving Christian Grey and Evan Arden (Possibly Johnnie Heaven) and what I feel is a strong (and great) example of a walking sexual predator that can make you c*** with a glance. ;)  *note: I do not think Mr. Grey would fit that description* Anyway… Recommend some books to me! I can go to the “lists” on Goodreads and find what everyone rated as the top m/m BDSM book, but I’d rather hear from readers/fans/followers! I want this so I can compare a m/m book of the same genre to 50 shades before I blog about it.

Extra info… I’m not writing. Sorry. I was sick for a little while. Then I was reading. Now I am thinking of how this “famous” book was written and why it is so damn popular?? Lots of thoughts in my head!

Talk laterz J


Monday, July 16, 2012


People tend to have a favorite "theme" in the genre of their choice. Whether it is "cowboys" or "shifters" or "cops" or "rockers" or "you name it!" For me personally, I LOVE rockers! There is something about a bad boy playing guitar that makes me hot. (Sorry, carried away there. Don't mean to give tmi by saying HOT. hehehe) I used to date a guitarist a while ago and there was something in the way he held that thing low on his hips and moved his fingers... *pant pant*

So I guess it is no surprise that my favorite "theme" as it were is ROCKERS!!! It MAY stem from the fact that I can't play worth sh**. I am not musical but I have always wished I was. I would love to play guitar. Or bass, or drums. (I like a hot drummer!) So maybe when I read I am imagining all the things I wished I could do? Reasonable, right? In one way or another we read to escape our own little world and experience a different one. Maybe in MY imagination I'm a Rock Star? (LOL, yeah, okay...)

But I love Rock Stars. I HAVE voted on the list of best Rockers!  I have not read all the ones on the list, obviously, but I will update my personal opinions as I read through the list. I have said this countless times: I LOVE LISTS! Why? I use them! I check out Goodreads list of lists often to think about what to read. YES, I take recommendations from friends. I also add books that "friends" have enjoyed. I ALSO add books that friends have hated just so I can see for myself. I read books sometimes just for the experience of saying I read it! (ie. 50 Shades of Grey on my list now.) But time and time again I go to Goodreads lists because OFTEN, the lists are really accurate with my personal opinion! Of course there are those times where When Love is Not Enough is #30 on a LIST and I disagree! (It should be WAY higher! *hint*) But I look at the lists to motivate me to pick something.

Do you read the lists? Do you VOTE on lists?

With ROCKERS I have only read 6 and am currently reading the one. No Fear more than likely will be on my list so I added it anyway even though I'm not done.

#1 - Conquest. I really liked this book. I would give it more stars if I could. (You can read my review here.) Hot, sexy, and just an all around F*****' good read! And the SONGS SJ Frost wrote into it- excellent!!

#2 - American Love Songs. Just over the weekend the story popped into my head again and I was thinking, "Maybe I should read it again?" I have the paperback. AND I have an eBook. I am drawn tot the innocence and sweetness (can I say that) of Jake and Parker.

#3 - The Curtis Reincarnation. Alec/Tyler is endearing and sweet and I liked the plot a lot. Definitey a book I will reread! Very good story!

#4 - Heaven. Jet Mykles is something else when it comes to writing sex. Johnnie is a very sexy character and I liked the way he came after Tyler.

#5 - No Fear. Well, I haven't finished this one YET so It may move up on the list once I'm done. So far, lots of sex. I don't read a book just for the sex. I like it, of course I like it, but there HAS to be more to the book than that. So far, the plot isn't developing but I am only on chapter 4 or something. We shall see.... brb on this one!

#6 - The Missing Butterfly. Good plot. I liked Cassidy a lot! It was short and there was some cheesiness to the band name but I still could not put the book down.

#7 - Purgatory - Luc was not as strong a character as Johnnie. I guess I just couldn't get passed that.

I will have to read all the Jet Mykles series. I own a couple more (Hell and Faith) but haven't gotten to them. I can't ONLY read Rocker books. That would be boring. I mix them up. I also have Keys to Love in my TBR file so I will be reading more of SJ Frost as well.

What do YOU like about Rockers? What are YOUR favorite ones? I have Adder on my tbr list. As well as Moonlight Becomes You. If you have any suggestions, send me a book recommendation on Goodreads!

I will probably have to WRITE a rocker book eventually! The only problem is I know squat about musicians. Maybe I can find one to hang with and learn some of the ins and outs! (Research is essential!)


>At the moment I am TRYING to write an EPIC love story as I work through Darian's part of my trilogy. The Cost of Loving is still out there hoping to be picked up. I have it submitted to one publisher with an "unofficial" submission to another. There MAY be another publisher who is willing to take it. Not sure. I will HOPEFULLY know where the sequel to WLINE is going in a month or two!

>My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! is still waiting on edits and cover and whatever else before publication. I guess it's in the "queue" and all. I think I dreamt about Cole and Ellis last night. Hmmm. Is that telling me I need to write MORE of them? Maybe I just need to read MRJWC again and refresh my memory of how much I liked it? CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT THIS YEAR!!!

>Other news.... Not a lot going on. I am writing. I am trying to read. Life is crazy and I don't always have time for either. i normally do a blog twice a week but I didn't have much to say last friday so I missed blogging. I WANTED to finish No Fear before I did this blog but that didn't happen. Oh well.

I hope all my readers and fans are doing well =D


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Irritable Me

It's kind of like Despicable Me, but without stealing the moon. :p   (Kidding)

I haven't written this morning because I'm writing a blog first, but Darian's story is over 10k now. I'm excited about that! I am seeing the structure and visualizing some scenes. It's all about knowing how to get from point A to point B without it being boring. We all know I doubt myself! I was looking over some quotes on reviews of WLINE and I started worrying about living up to expectations. ESPECIALLY when The Cost of Loving is taking so long to find a publisher! I seriously should have self-pub'ed. Kinda of regretting that I didn't. I have a few options and they need to get sussed out in the next couple months! My personal goal is to know where TCOL is going by the end of August. August will mark a YEAR from when WLINE came out and that is ridiculously long to wait for the sequel.

I worry about The Cost of Loving being over looked because WLINE was published so long ago but I DO have my current fans who have read the first one and seem to want to read more about Matt. Plus, in the really long interim, I had two readers of WLINE beta-read TCOL and they both liked it! In MY OPINION, The Cost of Loving CAN be read without reading When Love is Not Enough. It is just BETTER if you read it as a sequel. That said, the third book probably can't be read as a stand-alone. It follows right after TCOL and the events that take place in it.

The third one is titled: Love, Trust, And Learning To Live Again
I was going to consider changing the title but the more I write, the more it seems to fit. Darian's life is about all those things. I wrote the "blurb" yesterday. That was actually challenging. After a couple drafts I realized that some of what I wrote would be giving away the story in TCOL and the ending. Can't have that! I mean, YES I want to write a blurb that encompasses the plot but I didn't want to give away ALL the events in the previous book. Not when the second one hasn't come out. Matt coming out at the end of WLINE is giving away in the blurb of TCOL but I don't think that is as significant as giving away the end of TCOL. I want to keep you all in the dark. SO, I rewrote the blurb of LTLTA. It is intense and I will post it on my website as soon as TCOL gets published. (Or at least has a date!) Too soon and it just makes everyone frustrated in the waiting! Well, I'm frustrated anyway. Maybe I'll post it when I have 50k written for LTLTA because at least then it is almost a novel.

I am shooting for 100k. WLINE was 97k, and TCOL is 120k. LTLTA can be in the middle somewhere. I have a tab on my website for current news and I will update that frequently. Plus I have a word count listed in the TEARJERKERS tab where LTLTA is listed on the bottom right. I'll update that every few days to let you in on the progress!!!

About my IRRITATIONS....

Goodreads irritates me sometimes! Like when I see that someone else "rated" my book. I like to read their review or at the very least see what they rated it. I admit, I'm slightly obsessed but what readers have to say is significant to me. My frustration is that I CAN'T always see them. Like today: I notice another 5 star (which is awesome because I haven't gotten a 5 star in a long time) but I don't know who gave it! I can't see it listed. I search for "newest" and for "5 stars" and I only see the ones that were there before. It has been like this for a while. The last few 4-stars I couldn't see. The number went up and I couldn't thank anyone for liking my book. So it that was you, THANK YOU for the 4 stars, and for the 5 star! I am glad I wrote something you liked. I will continue to write and I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much! I normally like to say "Thank you" and "like" the review (ya know, if I like it and all) but Goodreads has not allowed me to see the latest ratings. WHY? don't know. So I will just have to say THANK YOU here on my blog and if you rated it and I didn't say anything just leave me a comment. I also like to "friend" people who like my writing. I "friend" other people too, don't get me wrong. I like networking. I "friend" people with similar taste in books and friends of mutual friends. Or if you read a book I WANT to read I may friend you if I like your review etc... Goodreads is good for networking over books! I like that! And now that I like to read, it helps me find more interesting titles.

Any other irritations? Not sure. Mainly frustrated over the above GR issue, and that TCOL is still not published.

The "sequel" issue... Found out that publishers don't generally like sequels about the same characters. They don't mind if the first one sells gazillions, then they might consider it. But generally, the sequel needs to be about "other" characters. Like the same setting (or town) but another set of people. Like if I chose to write a sequel about someone other than Matt and Darian. THEN it MIGHT have coaxed a publisher to want it faster. Just some information. Needed information because I was planning a sequel to My Roommate's A Jock? Well, Crap! But now that is on hold. Cole and Ellis are the characters in MRJWC and I was planning to continue with them. Now I am rethinking it. I have to figure out how I can continue their tale as a side thing and write a novel involving another couple. What couple? Dilemmas, Dilemmas!!

So, what are YOUR thoughts?

Are you excited that I'm writing a third book in the Unconditional Love Series? (LTLTA)

Are you excited about my m/m contemporary (comedy) romance coming out in December? (MRJWC)

Do you like reading sequels about the same characters or completely NEW ones?

If you "rate" on GR's, do you like it when the author takes the time to comment?

Let me know how you feel.

:)  Wade   xoxo

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Illegal To Be Me?

I've been contemplating this question with reference to the Kaleidoscope Trust campaign for WORLD PRIDE that happens Saturday. Their statement "It should never be a crime to be gay" is something I'm not sure WE in the US of A are even aware of most of the time. Sure, gays get persecuted. People are mean and stupid and things get out of hand and bashings happen, but so far it is not a CRIME to be gay. It is not ILLEGAL to be who you are. (And please believe me I am NOT making light of gay bashing! Don't hear that.)

In other countries, homosexuality is looked at on a whole other level. It's a crime. A crime punishable by imprisonment or even DEATH! I can imagine and understand hiding the fact you are gay because of a job, because of the people in your neighborhood, because of ridicule from family or friends or whatever; but to hide the fact that you are gay because it might cost you your LIFE is not a position I can wrap my head around yet this happens! And it's wrong!!

YOUTUBE video from Kaleidoscope Trust  (I had issues inserting a video) What if it was illegal to be you?

People should not have to fear for their lives because of the way God created them. They are people! WE are people!! We love, we hate, we work, we laugh, we want to share these things with another human being. Everyone deserves the chance to live their lives free of the fear of death, especially when the fear is focused on one's sexuality. The LGBT community needs to have the same rights as others. This includes the right to LIVE without fear. In 78 countries around the world it is not safe to be yourself. (If you are gay.) In 5 countries you could be put to death! Read This Article in the Huffington Post and think about how it could be YOU, it could be ME.

What if it WAS illegal to be me? (or you?) And for the smallest things. You have blue eyes so they need to be poked out. You have blond hair so we need to pull it out! You are under 5'5" so you need to be shot. You weigh over 150 lbs and therefore must got to jail. These sound stupid but what if they were true? How would you feel? How would I feel?

I hide. People in my town don't know ME for the most part. (Some do, I'm getting braver and letting people inside my wall.) I pretend to be Joe Schmoe (no offense if your name is Joe) and live my life as though I'm NOT a published author. I hate this. It kills me to keep my successes a secret. (I'm writing MY STORY and eventually it will all be out in the open!) My parents know about me and that is not my issue. For some it is! For some people they hide for fear of their family's reaction. Not me for the most part. I fear persecution from the town I live in. (And don't tell me to move, it's not as easy as you think.) But what I go though is NOTHING compared to living in fear of my life!! I can't imagine that.

What do YOU live through? What are YOUR fears? Is there something you keep a secret because of the possible reaction of others? What would it be like if that secret could cost you your life? Or get you thrown in jail? How would that make you feel? How would it change how you live?

Things to think about.

Spread the word about the need for freedom. Take part in WORLD PRIDE.

Over and out,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A writer "rating" other authors.

I thought I'd write a blog about my thoughts on rating other authors. As my "followers" will know, I read. In fact, in the last year or so I've read more than in the whole rest of my life!!! That may not seem so amazing for some of you given the short number of books I've read, but it is huge for me. As a writer, I spend my "free time" WRITING. Reading (sometimes) seemed like a waste of my time. Then I read On Writing (still reading it) and Stephen King emphasizes the need for writers to read. ALL THE TIME! I scoffed at first, thinking myself better than that. But the stupidity of my arrogance soon passed and I realized how much I needed to read. So I have been. Not that I read lots, but I'm trying. I'm also trying to branch out and read outside the genre I write. (so far I haven't stepped far but I intend to.) Anyhow.... In reading, and being a part of Goodreads, I also RATE the books I read and I normally write a review.

This can be dangerous.

For one, as a writer you can piss off another author. I seriously DO NOT wish to do that. I really strive to be fair and write about the strengths of a book. I'm not a professional critic. You all know this. I barely know enough about the English language to write an entire novel myself. But since I read, and I have people who comment and find my opinion interesting on occasion, I write reviews of what I read. When I do this, it is just my opinion. I like what I like. I try to point out strengths. I try hard not to rip anything apart. If a book is bad I more than likely will not write anything about it. I can't see myself trashing some one eles's writing. I know how hard it is to write to begin with! I don't even remember rating a book less than three stars. I may have, I can't remember. In general, I probably will not rate a book less than three stars because I don't want to be rude.

How I rate:
5 stars are books that basically blow me away. Either by the stunning ability of the author to write the tale, or the emotion it provokes from me while reading, 5 star books are ones I could not get enough of. I would read these again. I may even have two copies. (e book & paperback) I would also recommend the "5 stars" to anyone who enjoys the same genre.
4 star books are really good books. Not "blow-me-away" good, but books a thoroughly enjoyed reading and ones that held my interest all the way through. I still recommend these books! Just because I couldn't rate it 5, I still liked it a lot. Sometimes the 4 comes from being able to predict things. I like surprise and I'd I can figure the plot out before reading it, I can't give it 5 stars. Sorry. And I don't think that is unfair. I'd you read MY BOOK and you can predict it, by all means don't give it 5 stars. I want to keep readers guessing just as much as I like the feeling myself. 4 stars are books you really like but there just wasn't enough of that something-something to rate it a 5! Ya know?
3 stars... Yes, there are some of those. These are books I had minor problems with. Maybe a plot point, maybe an over use of sex, maybe bad morals I could not get passed, whatever it is I could not being myself to rate the book higher. Hopefully the 3 stars have positive things to review and I will do my best.
2 stars or less... I probably won't rate these. Books in this category I couldn't get into. And maybe couldn't finish. But as an author, I don't want to seem "high and mighty" by saying anything about it. Rude. Plus, I'm not good with grammar and critiquing and plot summarizations etc so what gives me the right to bad mouth someone else? right?

So... There you go. I spelled out how I rate books and how I review them. I review because there are people (maybe six) who actually like my opinion and may wasn't to know what I think about a book THEY read. So I give my opinion. My opinion is just that-MY OPINION. I'm not a professional critic, I just write about what I liked about the book and I normally point out at least one flaw. Feel feet to call me out on anything that seems rude, or is uncalled for. I don't set it to offend anyone. I try my hardest to be fair.